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Early morning comes too soon; soft light fading in through the open window. The breeze feels good against still warm skin, but it only causes steve to venture closer to the warmth that lays at his side.  The still snoring, messy hair, loud mouth jersey native that is tucked by his side with an arm lazily draped over the seal’s chest. He can still feel the way Danny’s mouth felt against his, fevered and needy for more as he dug his fingers into steve’s scalp, his shoulders, his back; but also how sweet, how calming, how much it felt like home; two lips coming together with nothing but their names ghosting across their lips. His fingers brush some of those loose strands of blonde from the other’s forehead, a soft whisper of Danny’s name leaving his lips but he doesn’t stir.

Well, it was still early.

“Kiss me,” Steve breathes; knows it’s a nimble request in the morning. “Just once,” he urges, but it seems to get the job done, because Danny’s gravelly voice is heard bouncing off the four walls of that room; and it sounds marvelous first thing in the morning… like steve could wake up to it, every day; still drenched in sleep.  He grins because already his partner is starting; but its all for love. The good kind. The real kind, where they didn’t matter if they were still soaked to the bone of sweat from what they’ve done. Danny looks good like that too, messy hair and skin flushed right against his own … and it doesn’t matter how often or not it’s happen, Steve will always have a hard time looking way.

Part of him wonders why he took so long to letting Danny know exactly how he felt.

He’s startled by the shift in the mattress, the small dip as the weight is being adjusted.  His lips part, eager, awaiting a kiss that never comes because Danny’s got other ideas; and Steve never lets those hazel eyes look away. Danny over him? Possibly one of his favorite sights. But his head dips, right over the still sensitive and war kissed skin that is covered in scars; and his whole body tenses under the tentative touch.

He trusts Danny with his life, and he is his life now; but he’s not used to being so vulnerable to anyone… just makes that jersey native special.

The SEAL sucks in a breath, fingers twisting in the sheets as he lets his partner take control; to kiss away all the bad parts that he wished no one could see; to remember how every time, every single time – danny was there by his side, faithfully. He guesses he never really thanked him for any of it, he guesses he can start now.

“Mmn,” a soft murmur when he’s finally met with his good morning kiss. How good it feels to finally be loved like this, and he only hopes that Danny never has to doubt again in his life is Steve is there to stay. Because he won’t be like Rachel, like Melissa, like anyone else who has came in and left. He promises to stay, couldn’t even dare to think of another moment without him. He cards his fingers through Danny’s hair and presses their lips together, savoring the feeling and warmth that it brings; and when his head is tucked under the seal’s chin, he wastes no time in letting those strong arms ghost around his partner and hold him tight.

“Oh, is it?”  He hums; expectant, as if he really has to contemplate if he can dare move to make them. Running his fingers across Danny’s shoulders, he plants a small kiss to the top of his head, a soft purr in his chest.  “A little later?  You still tired, babe?”  And who wouldn’t be; it feels like they’re still running on adrenaline and taut lust. His hands continue their pursuit, across shoulder blades and down the middle of his back; to his sides, where he feels warm skin begin to goosebump under his touch.

“I don’t really feel like getting out of bed right now, anyway.”  He says after another moment, letting his eyes close when Danny shifts atop him and gets comfortable again.  This, right here, is what he’s realized he’s lacked in other relationships. This feeling of being completely open and vulnerable, of being loved, appreciated, of having some one there would wouldn’t leave just when things got hard. This is the family he’s wanted, the one he’s never had until Danny came guns blazing into that garage. “Danny,”  it comes out soft again, nestled somewhere in that mane of unkempt bedhead. “Thank you —-“ for loving me. For never leaving. For staying.

“—  I love you.”  


Here’s some drift-angst. Really want more Newt/Hermann drift scenes in the sequel, as well as an emphasis on their drift compatibility.