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Character Moodboard Aedion Ashryver.

“Whatever you had to do to survive, whatever you did from spite or rage or selfishness… I don’t give a damn. You’re here and you’re perfect. You always were and you always will be.”

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The 4 love songs of Act 1

Alt title: what if I made animatics 

It was a fortnight’s hard ride, in hot weather. The skin had lost all the freshness that youth had once lent it. The blue eyes, always his best feature, were gone. But his tumbled brown hair was dressed with star-like pearls, and from the shape of his face, you could see that he had been beautiful.

Damen remembered him stabbing a fork into his thigh, remembered him insulting Laurent, blue eyes bright with invective. Remembered him standing alone and uncertain in a hallway dressed in bedclothes, a young boy poised on the edge of adolescence, fearing it, dreading it.
Don’t tell him I came, he’d said.

—  Prince’s Gambit by C. S. Pacat
Glitched: Part 2 - Save Him

Author’s Note: Going to say exactly what I said on my last post - this entire fanfiction is going to be quite dark. This chapter in particular is dark and does contain a bit of a disturbing part near the ending. This is an angst-filled horror story. So if you’re looking to have a happy fun time, this is not for you. There WILL be feels. You have been warned…..Enjoy!

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Was he alive? Was he truly actually alive?

His heart was beating at a slow, stuttering pace; the rush of stale blood deafening to his ears. Raspy labored breathing – inhaling and exhaling, struggling to get the air he so desperately needed.

Yes, he was alive. Just barely.

He was growing weak, he knew this. It seemed the longer he remained here in this prison, the more drained and dead he felt. He didn’t know what it was that was causing this. Was this all a result of that wretched demon trying to take control of him? One thing he was certain of: if he didn’t get out of here soon, he would die, whether it by Anti’s own hands or by suffocation of this hell.

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hc: damian's touch-starved. bruce's not too much of a hugger and we all know how talia was. so he's hesitant but then it's "you gonna let me go" 'no' "do you have to be touching me all the time" 'yea'

Dick always gives him hugs which is pretty much fine.

Then he meets Jon, and all the hugs and cuddles he could receive. And all he had to was practically run into Jon’s arms