i'm so so so so sick

SO weird to suddenly find myself living with someone who doesn’t mock me and/or get mad at me for every little thing i literally ever do, say, or think????? surely this must be a ruse, when will The Explosion happen


and like always solace >>>>>>>>>>>>>>hernia (+ her wishes and welfare)

he’s like okay you might get hurt if you keep tryin to save ppl by risking ur own life but if that’s what you truly want I respect your wishes because I messed things up last time trying to protec you but know that I’ll be always be w you

and everybody else knows abt this and they say hernia stop u don’t need to do this anymore we got ur back now which is… rly nice

Soooo a looong time ago @ignipotens72 made a request for some young sleepy hh on night watch and I sort of forgot about it… oops ( I’m so sorry. I honestly didn’t mean to)
So I know this isn’t entirely what you wanted but I made I made some sleepy HH post TWS. I’m going with they’re exhausted from the jail break ;)

(By which i mean Jack snuck in broke his sweetheart out. Because honestly. What fun is it being on the run when your bed is cold :P)

I piled up my bills in the best way, to show only prices and not my personal info, except for one spot . These are the most important bills out of the bunch. I have two more that’s under 15 cause it’s just check ups.

Added up it’s around 1500

Do I except that much, no. But what I can get will help me.

This is me giving proof to my word that what I get donated will go to these bills.

In order is my Doctor
And Ultrasound I had to do to check my ovaries
My dentist, (severe gum disease)
My lady doctor (they were trying to figure out what’s wrong with me but they never found out)
This is the one I was able to pay off already because of those who donated and it was for a full run through of my blood because I’m often sick for many reasons thanks to my odd body.

My medical bills always pile up because of my health, and I used to be able to pay them off with my two jobs but now it’s become more frequent and I can’t pay them because of my home bills and the little I have left over to eat.

Getting help with these help me so much. More than you know and more than I can explain.

((This post was made for clarity of my reasons and why I asked for help. This was not made to be pushing you guys to donate. I just want to be up front and honest with you and show you proof. I will even show my statements when I pay something off. ))


Sam’s POV

I stared him down for a good minute, eyes narrowed. I scoffed as I held my hand up. “You honestly think I wouldn’t keep track of Kyle?”

“No,” he replied without hesitation. “You’re just that disturbed.”

“I know he’s pregnant,” I said as I looked back at him, ignoring his comment. “You must be so happy.” He stepped back, glowering at me like a mutt. I knew from his reaction then that K.C was not happy about the father of that child.

“You know everything, so you tell me if I’m happy.”

I clicked my tongue and grinned. “Oh, this is rich.”

He clenched his fists at his side. “What is your problem? Why are you this way? If you loved him like you declare so vigorously, then why didn’t you fight for him like a man instead of like a coward?”

“I don’t need to tell you anything.” I glared at him intently. “I came here after I heard Kyle was in distress. I’m here for him only, so keep your remarks to yourself.”

“And if it had been mine? Or did you just hope it was yours?”

I crossed my arms and looked away. “I wasn’t thinking about the baby. Just because I knew it was there, doesn’t mean I cared.” I let a grin return to my lips. “Although, knowing now that it is mine, I’m very concerned for the child’s well being.”

“I’m sure you are,” he said before pushing past me and up to the front desk. “Excuse me, I’m Kyle’s husband. Where can I find him?”

“Husband?” I asked with wide eyes.

He looked to me out of the corner of his eye, a Cheshire-like grin spreading over his lips. “That’s right. I guess you don’t see everything then. Kyle and I are married now, so whatever chance you thought you may have had with this baby is gone. Kyle’s not going to be with you when he’s with me.”


Blue Lion: Welcome, Princess Allura. I’m glad you are my paladin and together we will strengthen our bond in order to take down the Galra.

Allura: Thank you, Blue. I look forward to piloting you.

Red Lion: so, Lance, do you have a crush on Keith? you think he’s hot? if you don’t tell me i’ll throw you out of the cockpit

Lance: what the hell? i’m not telling you anything

Red Lion opening door: yeet i guess

A part of me wants to get better.
The other part wants to die.

Got a pins order from the beautiful @aminoscribbles recently and I simply had to draw a little something to thank her for all the extra love she sent along! <3
Thank you for everything, my dear! <3

Oh what was that? Matt and Harry are scared of physical intimacy? Sorry I couldn’t hear you over the sound of Alec and Magnus MAKING OUT ON MAGNUS’S BED