i'm so silly i'm sorry

hello pls ignore the terrible picture lol graphic design is Not my passion. but anyways, i hit my first hundred followers on this blog so i figured i may as well do a ff! i’ve met some really great people ever since i got into kpop and made this blog! even though i’ve only had it since may, i’ve come to really treasure the friendships i’ve made and i also really appreciate every single one of my mutuals, whether they’ve been following me since the beginning or if they’re brand new!

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How I first imagined the opening of "Say No to This"
  • Aaron Burr: There's nothing like summer in the city.
  • Aaron Burr: Someone under stress meets someone looking pretty~
  • Aaron Burr: *straightens his cravat*
  • Aaron Burr: *leans seductively against a lamp post*
  • Aaron Burr: *bats eyelashes*