i'm so sick of exams


In which Billy promises not to tell anyone the truth… as long as Clark swears to give him all of his Halloween candy forever and ever.

the ultimate dilemma of wanting to talk to someone in RL about suicide because you’re open minded about coping mechanisms and trying to get better but also don’t want to self sabotage any attempts to kill yourself so you can’t really be honest with anyone.

doctor: so have you planned for anything?

me: haha of course not. 

also me: yes keep me on that superannuation plan health insurance because my sister will get a better payout when i die. 

anonymous asked:

I'm writing a Math exam in 45 Min and I feel so sick and nervous eventhough I think I understand everything that will come up in the exam T^Tchelp

Try to take deep breaths, hold it for a few seconds and breathe in and out. Shake your hands, fingers, arms if you have to.

If you understand the material enough, you’ll do well so don’t worry. People usually fret before they get the paper but if you’re confident enough, that anxiety will come to pass soon.

I don’t know if it might help for you but personally, I like to count to 10 in order to calm down my nerves.

You’ll be okay anon~  I have faith in you!୧(๑•̀∀•́)૭