i'm so short 4 my age

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Name: Richard

Nicknames: Richie, Bench/Bonch, shorty

Gender: BOY

Age: a smol 13 yr old

Sign: Capricorn

Height: 4′11 or 5′

Sexuality: Pansexual

Favorite Animals: DOGGOS, BIRDS, CATS

Cats or dogs: BOTH

Number of blankets I sleep in: 4

Dream trip: All of the Hogwarts and Harry Potter themed things in the world

Dream job: Acting or visual arts

When did I make this account?: A while back but I only started to use it earlier this year

Why I made this account: Cartoons! But now I mostly post IT and ST and musicals

How many followers: 81 as of today!

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anonymous asked:

Hi, saw that zootopia gif set with the fox & bunny and first thing come to mind sterek+picnic+ preserve, that scene happen and BAM soft kisses and whispers of love and of corse cuddling! just them and it's like the world with all the complication vanish: no paranoia or drama,just them Stiles relaxed and truly happy for a first since his mother and Derek open sweet carefree(just with Stiles) cause he finally has someone who understand him. I'm almost in tears!!! I'm such a trash 4 sterek!!!!!!

so, this was sent to me ages ago, and I had actually written points for it, but never published it… I am, so, really sorry.

Okay so ages ago, I thinks you were referring to this gifset, and that picture you described is the most beautiful thing, cuz yes! I want both of my angsty babies to happy and not think, at least for a short while, about all the bad stuff.

Not when they’re together and in love and just lucky enough to be spending time like this, just enjoying the fact that they’re alive and together.

So, yes, picnic in the woods:

They just got together and they’re trying all this dating thing for the first time, after Stiles tripped Derek in love.

Cuz, y'know Derek thought  he’d never, ever, do it again, would never fall in love again, he’s been hurt too bad. But Stiles is different and maybe for the first time in a long time he’s not afraid of being hurt, no, he knows he can trust Stiles.

Stiles is the one that always comes back for him,

  •  the one that keeps him floating
  • the one that he knos he can count on in the worst circumstances,
  • EVEN if they are mad at each other, Derek knows Stiles will never turn his back on him.

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winsissy-deactivated20151227  asked:

Do you believe that there is an age limit to great writing? I'm almost 16 and I started writing at the age of 4. I'm working on my first serious, non-school essay, (already almost) novel-length book and I love it. I've had two English teachers edit it and my aunt, an author herself, is also helping me. Lately, though, I've been getting told things like I'll look back on it later and laugh at myself. Should I give up? Thanks and sorry for the paragraph!

I have v strong feelings about this message.

Here is my short answer: Don’t give up, you are so obviously awesome it is crazy, and please learn to begin now disregarding everyone who tells you otherwise.

If I were at my mom’s house, I could take a photo of my sixth grade yearbook. Everyone was asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. I was offended to be asked what I wanted to be. I knew what I was going to be.

I wrote: “I am going to be a writer and illustrator of popular fantasy novels.”

So, that’s not exactly what I’m doing, or not right now, but it’s something close.

I had a period after college where I was like, “Be more realistic, Tim. Get a job, you hippie.”

But the strange thing is: The older I get, the more I realize how much I knew who I was when I was a teenager better than I do now.

(Do I cringe at everything I’ve ever written before? Yes. Doesn’t matter if it’s when I was sixteen or twenty-six. But if you look back in ten years on what you write tonight and cringe, that should only further affirm that you are a writer.)

Keep writing the stuff you believe in, if only cuz I’d love to read it. That quiet part somewhere inside you that knows who you are? That part is correct.

Apologies for any over-enthusiasm here. I’m feeling dangerously full of life tonight and naive-hearted in the best way. Someone please send me a baby goat to cuddle with.


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My goal for 2015 was to write at least 200 poems. In 4 days I've written 45. Recently, my sister has been encouraging me to publish them, even if it's just a chapbook, but I'm not even 18 yet, so how would I publish my poetry?


  • Edit your poems first. Don’t put all of them into one book. Not all poems will fit together in the same book.
  • If you don’t want to wait until you’re 18 to publish them, you need someone over the age of 18 to help you out (the specifics of what they do depends on what site you use to publish).
  • Look here for how to publish short stories and poems.