i'm so sexist

I’m so tired of people pitting Dany against Cersei. 😒😒😒 Why do you all want two powerful women to fight each other??? 😧😧😧 Fucking M I S O G Y N Y 😡😡😡

They have so much in common (fire 🔥, burning down places of worship ⛪💥, blond hair 👱, being queens 👑, dead husbands 💀 and other stuff), they would admire each other for defying the patriarchy ♂🖕 and coming this far ♀✊. Stop talking about their differences 👎, start celebrating their similarities 👍 !!! 

You 📣 don’t 📣 have 📣 to 📣 hate 📣 on 📣 Cersei 📣 just 📣 because 📣 you 📣 like 📣 Dany!!! We finally have two(2) Queens 2✖👸 and you want them to go to war 🗡?!?! Just stop 🚫 . 

👏👏👏 It’s 2k17, stop perpetuating this idea that women can’t get along. 👏👏👏

Stop pretending that Cersei and Dany would hate each other for some reason, it’s just because you’re some salty D*nrion shipper or whatever. 😤😤😤 We see right through you. 




One of the most infuriating things about how Drew Tanaka was written is that she wasn’t even a well written evil character. She was so utterly 2-dimensional whereas in tlo the side characters like Ethan were given far more complex stories and it differed from the other antagonists in the series. Hell even Octavian was given an even more complex background. Like Drew was literally just described as shallow and that was supposed to convey how truly evil she was smh (sounds like every other /evil/ female character in books, truly original)

i know i’m in the minority on this site, but i’m actually happy about the disney remakes

Robin!Steph: Enough


Bruce narrowed his eyes at Stephanie. It was their fifth night out together, and they still couldn’t figure out how to work with each other. But… this was new. This was the first time she refused him like this. Like he was wrong, and she had statistics to back it up.


“No. You walk through that door and I’m not gunna be here waitin’ for you to come back out. I will not be left behind because you think I’ll hold you back-”

“You aren’t yet skilled enou-”

“Stop.” She cut him off, took a deep breath.

“I get that I’m not Tim,” he held back a wince, and Stephanie pushed on, eyeing him like she knew he’d done it. “But you don’t get to devalue me ‘cause I’m not someone else. Because it’s never been like that. I’m not meant to be my predecessor, right? Because Robins aren’t replaceable. I’m not supposed to be Tim’s Robin. I’m meant to change Robin to fit me.”

Stephanie was staring at him now. Intensely, straight on, like she was putting every ounce of emotion she had into her words. All of the pain, the anger, the longing and the the insecurity, but mostly the limitless determination.

Bruce thought she probably was.

“I’m not Tim’s replacement. I’m me. And you can’t leave me out here. Got that, Bats?”

She forced him to meet her eyes, and neither of them spoke for a minute.

“Got it?”

He looked at her, took everything in, and nodded. “Come on, Robin.”

Isn’t it so cute how people like to pretend they’re these super feminist equality heroes for hating Vision but then will turn around and love characters who are actually super misogynistic? Like I won’t lie and say Vision is a perfect character, none of these characters are largely due to the time period they were written, but these people will LOVE on say, Pietro, when he is WAY more misognynistic, especially in how he treats Wanda.

Just say you dislike Vision. You’re entitled to dislike a character, that’s your opinion. But don’t act like you’re some feminist hero because you hate them. It’s pathetic bullshit and you know it.

I decided to draw Sam in the delinquent au so here some quick sketch things. First her horrible middle school hair, then her forced to be in the school uniform she absolutely detests, and then her revision of said uniform (spray painted black top, cut mid riff, black short skirt, and combat boots regardless of what ppl think). She helps out Danny sometimes and loves invoking fear

I don’t even like William, but from what Noora said he really struggled with the Nico stuff. While he shouldn’t have abandoned her and worked all the time, effectively ending their communication, it’s important to remember his side. SKAM is all about people learning and changing for the better, and it teaches us not to judge people based on their mistakes and their prejudices. At the end of the day, he was a teenager who couldn’t handle the weight of that relationship, but to say he’s abusive to Noora and that he’s an inherently bad person is, in my opinion, unfair.

SKAM is all about how people aren’t what they seem, and William may seem like a fuckboy who messes with Noora’s heart but just remember that Even screwed with Isak’s feelings but redeemed himself, and Jonas was a pretty shitty boyfriend but redeemed himself.

I mean, as a character, William reminds me a lot of my sister’s boyfriend. Sure he’s an idiot, and he’s a freakin’ mess but he’s also the same age (19/20) and he’s still young. And I know he loves my sister a lot despite his idiocy and the fact that she deserves better. She loves him, the same way Noora loves William. It’s irrational but it’s uncontrollable.

I just think everyone needs to calm down on the William hating and either ignore him (if you hate the Noorhelm stuff that much just don’t let it bother you) or simply wait and see how the story pans out for Noora and Noorhelm.

If women were oppressed here, they couldn’t get proper jobs, go to school, or even have the chance to become president. They wouldn’t have access to birth control, abortion, or tampons/pads. They couldn’t vote, or they’d have their vote only count by some percent. Women can be whatever they want over here. They can be neurosurgeons, architects, or intelligence agents.

Yeah treatment towards women still ain’t perfect, but we’re sure as hell not on Saudi’s level.

Point is: we’re not the best country in the world, but at least women are treated like people over here for the most part.

Women's education in Hogwarts (before the first wizarding war)

This is a question that was submitted to me by someone, for the sake of convenience, I’m going to paraphrase their question(s) and assumptions to make them as short as possible:

Question: What are your thoughts on the education of women in the wizarding world?

Authorial assumption: Possibly antiquated, similar in nature to education of non-magical British women in the 1800s or so - most conservative people with the least contact with muggle world did not develop that much when women are concerned - given that the wizarding world separated from the muggle world in 1689-1693.

Assumptions that hold up the questioner’s assumed answer:

1) Law of primogeniture - male inheritance (as shown with the Black family line) indicating a certain amount of backwardness.

2) Ratio of female to male fighters among the Death Eaters versus the Order - pureblood influence versus muggle influence

3) The lower visibility of women from the older pureblood families in places of power - Narcissa Malfoy being seen only at a match, versus Lucius Malfoy being seen swanning around the Ministry.

4) The First Death Eaters being entirely male.

5) The treatment of Merope Gaunt.

I’m going to play the devil’s advocate here and first critically examine the assumptions placed here and then go on to elucidate my own thoughts on the matter. All of this goes under a cut because this is ridiculously long.

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a rap I thought up







Wanna know what should be number 1 on the charts? A biracial man’s song about mental illness that has actual meaning behind it instead of a pop song made by a white fake feminist, who says she’s “getting back at her enemies” 🤷🏽‍♀️

I’d like to point out that if you think a female character is a show’s problem, you’re unfollowed, blocked and never heard of again.

in girl meets sludge I can just picture the way maya will react to getting lucas as her science partner. like she’ll probably scowl at him or roll her eyes and he’ll just be looking at her with a shit eating grin and say something corny and cowboy-esque like “howdy partner”

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V or B

Well there’s nothing for V, but…


Someday I will finish the video that this is from, and lo it will be glorious.