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I’m so in the mood for coloring and finish this faster than I thought thanks to magnificent story of Nobubu’s event route :D

Chibi of my beloved lord Oda Nobunaga from Samurai Love Ballad: Party (////▽////)

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PS: I’m trying to draw his sword but… I turned out so bad so I decide to discard it LOL ;A;


I found sketchedatrocities’ Steven Universe Momswap AU comics a while back, and they inspired me to think of something similar for Transformers Animated.

And so I present: An AU where Sari befriends the Decepticons instead of the Autobots.

  • Megatron getting his body back a lot sooner because his followers have connections with the Sumdac family
  • Everybody except for Blackarachnia having to practically crawl to get through the warehouse entrance
  • Sari in a Megatron costume for Halloween
  • Sari hanging out with Blackarachnia, gradually convincing her that her organic side isn’t necessarily a terrible thing
  • The sheer magnitude of Sari and Blitzwing’s shenanigans
  • Sari knowing exactly which compliments to use on Starscream to get him to do what she wants (and it working every single time because Starscream)
  • Responsible Adult Figure Blackarachnia (for when Responsible Adult Figure Megatron is busy)
  • Powell kicking Sari and her dad out of Sumdac Tower (instead of Isaac getting kidnapped, it’s because unleashing Decepticons on Detroit would be seen as grounds for legal removal) and the ‘Cons subsequently shooting him into space
  • Blackarachnia becoming entirely too worried when Sari gets upgraded, because holy slag you haven’t been vaccinated for Cybertronian diseases do you even realize how many of them you are now susceptible to Sari do you??
  • Basically seeing the one group of people who are least qualified to supervise a child actually doing a half-decent job at caring for said child
  • Also Optimus is probably dead forever


What if Wrench actually is Defalt ? :’)
- Both wear Hoodies.
- Both are Emoji-Bastards.
- Both seem to be swearing trolls. (right, dipshits ?)
- Both are Dedsec-Obssessed.
- Both seem to be excellent Hackers & High-Tech-Freak0s.
- Both wear similar Clothes.
- Both wear Masks and speak through synthesizers. (Yeeah.. we’ve heared Defalts actual Voice.. maybe ? But not Wrenches so far :p)
- Wrenches Shirt says “I am Dedsec” while, when you encountered Defalt at the Ambrose Theater, it said “I am Defalt”.. oh and nevermind he’s carrying his name/brand whatever, around his hoodie also.

Defalt survived it all, Defalt moved to San Francisco after losing to both, Aiden & T-Boner, Defalt is not being a DJ any longer, Defalt made his new Alter-Ego aka WRENCH, Dedsec has no need to deny him anymore. HELLo WoRLD!

… -cough- well, at least this bullshit would make a great AU, wouldn’t it ? ~(8:> tw0plustw0isf1ve, b1tches <3!

(All complaints go to @piratekingvaas for forcing me to post this damn idea~ -throws hearts and glitter-)

I’m honestly just so astounded by the sheer number of ridiculously talented people that somehow came across my blog & deemed it worth a follow. I came from a crazy busy blog wanting something different – a change in tempo with the intention of shifting the focus more to my writing so I opted for something simpler than I’m used to & you guys have been so welcoming it’s just been astoundingThank you. Really & truly just thank you – for allowing me to write characters I have loved endlessly, who’s muses either never died ( though their blogs did ) or who’s voices were so loud I didn’t know what to do because I am the worst at juggling things ( as I’m sure you’ve all noticed! ) until a friend suggested a multi. Thank you for loving these characters with me. I honestly never thought that this blog would gain any interest save for close friends yet here you are. Each & every one of the names below were individually typed by me so just know that I mean it when I say that I am in love with everything each of you do, what every single one of you brings to the table/dash, ooc or otherwise. Both make me happy, you make me happy. If we haven’t written or spoken, please don’t hesitate to im/drop me a message to change that because I honestly just really appreciate you guys okay? I want to talk, I want to interact but if we don’t & I’m just loving from afar? That’s cool too. I just sgfdgkdf thank you again, thank you a million times – you guys are all stars & no matter how long & rambly this message gets I can’t tell you guys enough how absolutely fantastic you are & how much I appreciate you all.

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