i'm so pumped for season 4

Guys I canNOT wait for the bellarke reunion in Season 5 it’s gonna be so good because first their expressions are gonna be priceless I mean I can’t even physically fathom what Bellamy’s face will look like and then they’re gonna be standing yards apart just staring at each other for a full minute just soaking in the fact that the other is there and this is not a dream this is really happening before they break into a sprint towards each other while the “I See You” track starts playing and their hug is gonna be like their first one back in season 2 but this time they boTH CRASH INTO EACH OTHER AND THEY’RE GONNA BE CRYING AND LAUGHING AND CLINGING ONTO THE OTHER SO TIGHT AND THEY CAN’T EVEN FORMULATE THOSE WORDS LEFT UNSPOKEN SO LONG AGO THEY’RE JUST SO HAPPY ALL THEY CAN DO IS LAUGH AND CRY AND GRIP TIGHTER OMG IT’S GONNA BE AMAZING

the legend of korra fandom is definitely not for those that like stability and continuity because  you’ll wait like two years for one season and then two seconds for the next one with some leaks mixed in and a platform change mid season airing from a messy company obsessed with talking sponges