i'm so proud to be your fan

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I'm grateful to be a fan of someone who makes people all around the world happy and smile. Who puts so much work into the videos they display. I'm just grateful to a fan of you. You do so much for us. Gosh my world would be a little dark without your positivity/silliness. You say youre proud of us. Well I'm super PROUD of you. On another note: I'm glad your mums surgery went well and hope the next and recovery goes well. Lots of love from me to y'all - Jc

I’m drifting off to bed, and this lovely message just made me tear up. You all don’t know how happy it makes me to be able to create these videos and hopefully entertain and support. It’s an absolute dream come true that I didn’t think was gonna be possible, and it’s such an honor. If I’ve managed to make you feel better or smile, it’s a blessing. I’m gonna try and sleep now, thank you so much for taking time to write this.

The first night not spend in the palace … Is that really what the young princess wanted? 
… again … Yukine what that face do? xD Wonder what he is dreamig about. 

  • me, standing in the living room of Darth Vader's Humble Mustafar Abode: wow anakin i love you you're my hero i'm your biggest fan i'm so proud of u wow the way you killed those rebels?? Iconic the way you just *inhales* *exhales* breathe really fkcing loudly?? iconic. everything you do is iconic will you please step on me with your prada boots?? please sign my forehead with your lightsaber. you got wifi in this place?
  • darth vader: literally how did you get in my house

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Hey Cassie. This isn't a question, it's just me finding the most efficient way to let you know this. I honestly appreciate everything you've done in all of your books. The Shadow World is so wonderful and brilliant. I'm a proud fan of both the books and the show and I know people that are the same. We know that while they're both very different, the show wouldn't happen without you and the books. You're so loved and appreciated by so many. Much love ❤ Ignus aurum probat, miseria fortes homines.

Much love back, and so much love to everyone who sent such wonderful messages. I’m still going through them – I woke up to over 200 – and thank you for sharing so many sweet thoughts and kind and personal remembrances. The greatest thing about being a writer is sharing your inner world with the outer world, and it’s always wonderful to talk to people who’ve lived in your imagination with you.


G-Eazy on his song Everything Will Be OK that will be on When It’s Dark Out (x)

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Hi Cassy, with all the shitty stuff around Malec going on I just want to take my time to thank you for them. I read the books at a time where I was still insecure about my own sexuality. And this loving, wonderful couple gave me so much strength. Your books are up there with Harry Potter for me and I'm excited for any work you ever write. Stay strong in the face of the haters. Xoxo a female, gay fan

Thank you for your incredible message. I send you tons of love and am so proud to have such fans and readers.

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Your latest sketch had my jaw on the floor! I'm in awe of how awesome the new technique you're using looks; the colors are subtle and muted--everything seems to have a soft "glow" in quality. I get the feeling that they're tangibly delicate, these pictures you're creating. This is mushy, but what can I say? I'm a fan!

Oh my gosh, thank you so much. I love your mush! This is such a sweet note, I’m so happy you like the sketch. I was proud of this picture, so I’m glad to hear you enjoy the work I put into it! :) Now, I don’t know if you’re an artist, but I thought I’d share my technique of how I achieve the look you’re describing in case it helps you or anyone else.

For the muted colors, I set my color layer under the sketch layer to a low opacity before I start coloring. That way whatever I put on it has a muted palette naturally. Later I can adjust my colors with hue/saturation layers on top just to finish it off, but the base starts out at a low transparency and that way there’s a sort of forced softness. I think it helps me out because it restrains my palette in a way I might not normally operate. Here’s what it would look like if I turned the character color layer (which is at 49% opacity) up to 100%:

You can tell that I didn’t color with it on 100% because I wouldn’t have made those color choices for Grantaire’s hair or robe, for example, if I had seen it like that. However, when it’s forcibly muted it looks quite natural.

As for what you might be describing as the glow look: this is super important for everything I do, and that is I color my linework. It really, really helps bring a picture to life. So here’s what you do if you want to color a pencil sketch. You’ve got your grey pencil lines, and then you create a new layer above and make it a clipping mask to the sketch, and set that layer to Color, like so (this is Photoshop btw):

Then you fill the layer with an appropriate color. I chose purple, although I added bits of gold where Grantaire’s robe design was in this case to make that stand out a little. I actually put purple on the linework before I started coloring the rest of the picture underneath, so I wouldn’t have to look at a greyscale sketch and could have an overall color feel to begin with. Now here’s what happens if I turn off that layer (on the left), as compared to the final one (on the right):

See the difference the color lines make? It’s much more vibrant, and it really brings the whole piece together. It makes a huge visual difference with just one single layer. 

I’ve used this technique quite a few times now (examples 1, 2, 3) and I think in general it’s going to stick with me going forward since it’s fairly simple.

Anyway, thank you so much, and hopefully this info will be helpful for someone!

Link to the actual pic post for those who might want it.

I want to thank you all for follow me !! :D
KatsuDeku is my OTP so i’m really proud if you like my drawings ~~~
Errr… That’s all !! \(>//w//<)9

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Hello Everybody ! 

It was a long time !

But I found the path of reason and here I am again on Tumblr!
(Joy in your souls and your heart I know!)

As you know I’m an (obsessive) fan of BTS. (They won yesterday I’m SO proud of them T^T)
And here is a series finally finished of our little one in hybrid!

So we are : Kookie : Bunny (OF COURSE)

Hoseok : Puppy

Yoongi : Cat

Jin : Panther

Namjoon : Bear

Jimin : Cat

Taehyung : Fox


“For many years I was her constant companion. I witnessed a young girl with very few friends, become a young women with many. Being brave enough to explore her musical curiosity, having a voice against those who hate and giving of herself to those who need and many of you out there with children tonight of your own. I’m a very proud mom. So I’d like to thank the ACM to honor her this way but I also like to thank the entire music community for taking such good care of her. To the fans, I know you love her as I love her and for that I thank you eternally.” — Mama Swift presenting Taylor Swift the ACM Milestone Award

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Did you read her letter on Instagram? God i love her and her kind heart. It was so beautifully written and I'm so glad I'm a fan of someone who cares and loves as much as Ari 💜💜💜

I’m so so so proud of her, we would have understood if she was tired, spent

I extend my hand and heart, and everything I can possibly give to you and yours, should you want or need my help in any way

we would have understood if she wanted to take the year;

I don’t want to go the rest of the year without being able to see and hold and uplift my fans, the same way they continue to uplift me

We would have understood if she was taking a break from media, from people;

 I have been thinking of my fans, and all of you, non-stop over the past week

we would have understood if singing was painful;

I’ll be returning to the incredibly brave city of Manchester to spend time with my fans and to have a benefit concert

We would have understood. 

But what we now understand is that Ariana Grande is the bravest and strongest soul, and can and will pull herself through anything. Can get her fans through anything. She can do anything.

We will not quit or operate in fear
We wont let this divide us
We wont let hate win

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I saw one of your answers to what makes you happy was "reading really, really good fic" so I was wondering what some of your faves are? sorry if you've already answered this before! ^^ I know you've said you're a taekook fan, so I'm curious! :)

i don’t read much scenario fic anymore but i really loved mystline / btswriter’s work (she deactivated tho), but i highly recommend @jespere-hope not only bc she’s my buddy but also her writing style has gone through a lot of changes and i’m loving what’s she written lately! she’s definitely improved a lot from when she first started and now im proud to call her one of my favourite writers :) 

specifically for scenario fic tho i love @versigny‘s ceo!yoongi, @imaginethisbtslust and errors, @jeonseok’s spellbound and unsaid and @baeseoul‘s a friendly favour

for ship fic i really love anything and everything by @uziregar, particularly beta tau sigma and a sociolinguistic analysis of epenthesis in academic convergence (i actually loved the prof!namjin one so much i made a graphic for it….)

specifically taekook fics tho i can rec u a TON but my ult fave is pour up (drank) by mindheist (i think she has a joint tumblr with a few other really amazing writers? check them out @nikkmonoxyls), i also love pick me up, buttercup by vppa, some killer king you are and hit the lights by lethallergic, comeback kids and hickory by rix aka @crossfilth, king of the library, knight of his trade by madigraye (who i believe is @homoterrors), and finally, maybe we found love (right where we are) by wowoashley (she’s @that-jeon-guy on tumblr)

but yeah coolios check ‘em out! i read a lot more ship fics these days cuz i find most scenario fics aren’t written very well (sorry) but ofc there are many talented scenario fic writers as well!!!! appreciate yo writers guys!!!! also pls lemme know if some of the links dont work lol i was in a rush

As a European ARMY I want my US ARMY who are attending the BBMA’s to hype my boys up!!! I want y'all to be screaming JHOOOPEE when hobi pops up, I want y'all to be saying the fan chants out of no where!! I want all of you guys to lose your voices by the end of the night ok?? I want these western artists to know whats up and retire early ok?????

“I’ve never gotten an acknowledgment like that before. It’s thrilling, it’s an amazing feeling and the fans are the ones who did it. All we can do is making music, all we can do is put out a music video and see what happens and then the fans are what make up that « see what happens » part and the fact that they’ve taken it this far… just blows me away” 

5 years later, I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS Taylor on reaching 100 MILLION VIEWS in three days for your new music video. It’s mind-blowing and you’re incredible. ♕

You know what? This is the Real Liam Payne! This is the boy that had a dream of singing for the rest of his life and look at him now? He is smashing it in front of 80,000 people and conquering the world with his voice, his movements and his warm personality. 5 years ago this is the boy that i chose to be a fan of and I couldn’t be more proud of what he has become and what he has accomplished in such a little time. Honestly, I’m just a little person here on this fandom but I hope he knows that the real fans have his back! We are here for you Liams and we love you a lot… Keep showing them what you can do and making us proud because we will forever be by your side ❤️   

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Hi,I'm a fan from Hong Kong,sorry if my English was poor...I met my girlfriend because of your blog,she used to be my classmate,and she loves Rowlet,we start talk to each other more while chatting about your art,and finally she become my girlfriend,and here the question-will you draw a Rowlet holding a card that written my girlfriend name on it(Yumi).Finally,BLESS

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Hi! I just wanna say that this is gonna sound a little weird. But I'm just so very happy and proud for you that your art is getting noticed! You're doing so great and you are just a blessing to the WidowTracer (TracerMaker) fandom! Hope you continue having a great day!

Hi there! What you wrote isn’t weird at all and in fact I appreciate it very much! ^^ <3 Thank you!

I’m so happy that Ms. Hollings and Ms. Theobold saw the artwork, but it’s not just happiness about my art alone - it’s happiness that they had such a positive experience interacting with the fans of Widow & Tracer at Geekedfest! (We all gotta thank @queerpuff for telling us what it was like!) I drew that art because I was inspired to celebrate the appreciation going back and forth between the fans and the VAs. So I think like it’s just one big positive circle going around!・゚: *✧

I also wouldn’t have gotten this far with my art if it wasn’t for the consistent support from fellow Widowtracer fans like yourself. ;u; WT is…not an easy ship, for many reasons (that you all know XD), in fact, many fans & content creators completely left..but the fact that there are still people out there who continue to create fanwork inspired by Widowtracer, who continue to talk to each other and to me about them, who continued to headcanon/dream for Widowtracer…all of this inspired me and kept me drawing! ^^

tbh, I was pretty worried about Geekedfest. Widowtracer is important to me personally, but it is not canon and there was recently an instance were a fan pairing from a certain tv show was rudely shot down, and I didn’t know how the VAs felt about it. I worried that it would be brought up and might make them feel uncomfortable and I was scared of that ‘shot down’ situation. But it turned out so much better than I could have ever hoped for! ✧・゚: *✧ I appreciate Ms. Hollings and Ms. Theobold‘s friendliness and openness about Widowtracer and I’m just filled with so much gratitude, happiness, and inspiration right now! ;u;

I hope we continue to have more opportunities to appreciate Overwatch’s awesome voice actresses & actors for years to come! <3