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What do you think about Ariana grande and the charity concert

I think it’s fucking incredible that not even 2 weeks after that happened, she managed to organise the whole thing. I think it’s incredible that every bit of money that is made is going to help the families of those who died and the victims that survived but not without significant pain and suffering. I think it’s pretty incredible that she was apparently in hysterics and inconsolable for nearly 24 hours after it happened, but she came back to the city it happened in to give something good to those people. I think it’s incredible to see the support of so many other artists for the people of Manchester. I think it’s the best thing that could have happened honestly. They wanted us scared, they wanted us to be scared to do what we love, that’s why they targeted the place they targeted. And instead we’ve put on an even bigger show, brought even more people together, spread love and support and acceptance. It’s the most beautiful show of support and the best fuck you to everything the people that plan these attacks stand for.

Before this all happened, I didn’t really pay Ariana any attention, and I wasn’t a fan of her music. But after all of this, and the grace and poise and class that she’s responded to this situation with, I have nothing but respect for her.

tomorrow, our band will officially be grammy award winning artists… holy shit


I was just going to make a fun little sketch but 2 hours later I ended up with this.

How these things keep happening beats me, but here she is and I hope you enjoy.

(Some extra versions where I was playing around with stuff under the cut)

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You’re In Love.

This is a Wayhaught fic I wrote based off of You Are In Love by Taylor Swift. I hope you like it! Warning: IT’S FLUFFY! 

Waverly’s known it for a while. She’s known it but she hasn’t said it, well she hasn’t said it to Nicole at least.

One look. Dark room. Meant just for you.
The first time the thought popped into her head was at the party the town was throwing. Waverly was coming down the stairs and her eyes immediately found Nicole. She was wearing that purple dress, her hair was down, she had makeup on and the biggest smile Waverly had ever seen. Nicole Haught was breathtaking. The closer her steps got to Nicole the faster her heart started beating. Her breath nearly caught in her throat. And as she made her way to her from across the room, Nicole’s bashful eyes casting down for a moment, the thought fluttered through her head.

“You’re in love”

For a split second she panicked. It was too soon for that. It wasn’t love…it was infatuation. It was lust. It was heart pounding, mind consuming, body shaking…like. Shit. It might be love.


Small talk. She drives. Coffee at midnight.
It was midnight and the headlights were pulling up to the homestead. Waverly grabbed her jacket and raced out the door before the car was even stopped.

“Hey you.” Nicole greeted her in the driver’s side seat of the police car. She had just finished her half of the night shift and immediately went to the homestead after.

“Hey babe.” Waverly smiled as she leaned over and kissed her cheek before buckling her seatbelt. She placed a thermos in the cup holder between them.

“You’re sure you’re not too tired?” Nicole asked.

“Not even a little bit.” Waverly reached over and laced her fingers between Nicole’s before they drove off.

Getting privacy in this town was like trying to get Doc to take off his hat, impossible. Neither woman felt like they could be truly alone together. But at 12 am, while the world slept, they found their peace. They made small talk as Nicole drove up the mountain just past the Purgatory exit. “How was work?” “What did you eat for dinner?” “How is Wynonna doing?” It was their time to catch up on the small stuff.

Nicole parked the car and turned it off, but kept on the headlights. Waverly grabbed the thermos and  stepped out of the car. She inhaled a deep breath as she walked to the cliff and took in the view of their small town. Nicole came up from behind her and wrapped a blanket around her shoulders, and then pressed her own body against Waverly’s back. Waverly tilted her head back and smiled up at her girlfriend. Nicole kissed her forehead. They didn’t speak for a few moments. They just stood there enjoying the warmth of each other and the rare peace and quiet of, the otherwise chaotic, town below them.

Waverly turned and held up the thermos. “Coffee?” She asked.

“I’d love so-” As she moved her hand the light from the car reflected a chain on her neck. “What’s that?” Nicole asked.

“Oh, Wynonna found it today when we were cleaning out Willa’s room. It was my mom’s.” Waverly pulled the the charm out from her shirt, revealing small silver angel wings.

Nicole smiled as she let her fingers dance over the pendent. “It’s beautiful.”

“Yeah.” Waverly responded, some sadness in her voice. Nicole could hear it.

“Come on, I need some coffee.” Nicole said grabbing the thermos from Waverly before walking toward the car. They sat on the hood of the police car. Nicole unscrewed the top and poured some coffee into it like a cup, handing it over to Waverly. She took a sip from the warm thermos herself.

Nicole tilted her head back towards the sky as she cast her eyes on the moon. Her right shoulder brushed Waverly left. “Look up.” She smiled as she kept her eyes on the moon.

Waverly meant to look up, but her eyes caught Nicole in her peripheral vision and she couldn’t help but look at her first. She was stunning, especially under the moonlight. Waverly watched as Nicole laid back and rested her body against the windshield. She still hadn’t looked up at the moon because she swore nothing was as beautiful as Nicole. Nicole brought her eyes back to Waverly and smiled as she extended her right arm out and tapped her side. Waverly got the point and grinned as she curled into her girlfriend’s side. Nicole wrapped her arm around Waverly. And that’s when she felt it. She felt warm, and safe, and protected. She felt loved.

“You’re in love”

The voice came again and this time she didn’t panic, or fight it. Instead she let herself look up at Nicole with a large smile.

“What?” Nicole asked as she played with the ends of Waverly’s hair.

“Nothing. I just…I love this.” Waverly sighed as she looked back at the sky.

“I love this too.” Nicole responded with a kiss to Waverly’s head.


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I did it!!!! After four weeks, two of them with constant crashing from my computer, I’ve finally finished the largest piece I’ve ever done!! There have been so many delays for this, but I’m really proud of myself! (The framed print is hanging on my wall right now!) This was inspired by the Pacifist Route piece that WalkingMelonsAAA did a while ago, and I even added a couple details from her Oneshot piece as well! I was introduced to this game after Markiplier played it, and I can’t wait to own it for myself!! (Sorry if it looks pixelated, tumblr wouldn’t let me upload any higher than this, otherwise you would have seen this yesterday.)

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Oh my gosh In your Mercy76 art I just saw of them sleeping is Mercy wearing the Evenstar??? Omg is that a joke about how young Mercy stays even as she gets old?

Ahaha! Ok, this is fun!

Since you’re the second person pointing that to me, (@stevethesloth sent a similar ask but I answered privately) I must confess that it wasn’t intentional to make her necklace similar to LOTR’s one, so it definitely wasn’t made on purpose and definitely not a joke, but hey! The headcanon that Angela could know about the series and being a super fan (and a super Arwen/Aragorn shipper) seems a cute headcanon, to me! :D

So, yeah, why not?! XD Ahah!

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I saw one of your answers to what makes you happy was "reading really, really good fic" so I was wondering what some of your faves are? sorry if you've already answered this before! ^^ I know you've said you're a taekook fan, so I'm curious! :)

i don’t read much scenario fic anymore but i really loved mystline / btswriter’s work (she deactivated tho), but i highly recommend @jespere-hope not only bc she’s my buddy but also her writing style has gone through a lot of changes and i’m loving what’s she written lately! she’s definitely improved a lot from when she first started and now im proud to call her one of my favourite writers :) 

specifically for scenario fic tho i love @versigny‘s ceo!yoongi, @imaginethisbtslust and errors, @jeonseok’s spellbound and unsaid and @baeseoul‘s a friendly favour

for ship fic i really love anything and everything by @uziregar, particularly beta tau sigma and a sociolinguistic analysis of epenthesis in academic convergence (i actually loved the prof!namjin one so much i made a graphic for it….)

specifically taekook fics tho i can rec u a TON but my ult fave is pour up (drank) by mindheist (i think she has a joint tumblr with a few other really amazing writers? check them out @nikkmonoxyls), i also love pick me up, buttercup by vppa, some killer king you are and hit the lights by lethallergic, comeback kids and hickory by rix aka @crossfilth, king of the library, knight of his trade by madigraye (who i believe is @homoterrors), and finally, maybe we found love (right where we are) by wowoashley (she’s @that-jeon-guy on tumblr)

but yeah coolios check ‘em out! i read a lot more ship fics these days cuz i find most scenario fics aren’t written very well (sorry) but ofc there are many talented scenario fic writers as well!!!! appreciate yo writers guys!!!! also pls lemme know if some of the links dont work lol i was in a rush

My nine year old daughter is “discovering” Emma Watson. She knew who she was from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, of course. But, she went to see Beauty and the Beast last weekend and it sparked a re-interest. For the last 30 minutes or so, she been running upstairs to tell me about each and every one of her projects. Also, mommy, did you know she had a bachelor’s degree?

Can we take a moment to appreciate that our lovely Colly has gone straight from working on ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ in which she co-stars with amongst others: Josh Gad, Daisy Ridley, Johnny Depp, Penélope Cruz, Michelle Pfeiffer, Judi Dench and Derek Jacobi to ‘The Favourite’ starring: Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz. Of course Rachel has worked with Olivia before on ‘The Lobster’ and said this about her: “I think Olivia is one of the greats, I think she’s a national treasure, I think she’s incredible. I think there is nothing she can’t do. She can be heart-breaking and funny and absurd and scary and warm and sexy. I’m a massive, massive fan.” 

I agree with Rachel.

Heavy Hearts [5]

Summary:The house is so quiet, so free of the frenetic energy usually pulsing through her family and Jon is so soft eyed, so gentle and calm and kind.

A/N: Sorry this was a while coming, i was in London for a few days. Enjoy!

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i’m so in love with how this turned out 💕

my favourite season 9 queen, one of my favourite artists, sasha velour 💕 i’m so glad i got to meet her at dragcon this past weekend. i didn’t think i could love her any more than i already did, but then i met her, and i just. i love her so much. beauty, talent, and kindness just radiats from her.

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Could you maybe write a scenario of Todoroki comforting his fem s/o who's feeling really really self concious about some abuse scars she's gotten? I really like your blog so I'm sorry if this is a really uncomfortable ask :(

This isn’t uncomfortable for me at all, sweetie! Be proud of your scars in a fact that you survived it! You’re truly a warrior and one of the strongest people on the planet <3 sending kisses and hugs, I love you!

Todoroki Shouto
The only noise in the room is the whirring of her ceiling fan, and the soft smacking of lips on her skin. Shouto peppers kisses against the rough patches of his lover skin, and she struggles to hold back a sob. 

“I may have not had the same experience as you, but I can understand why these would plague your mind.” He says quietly, voice barely above a whisper. Her skin is warm and damp as he speaks against her skin. Gently, he lifts her other hand and presses it against the left side of his face, above the valleys of singed skin. This is all so overwhelming, but he keeps her calm, holds her close to him and shields her from the outside world.

“… Do you ever just feel like your world is crumbling when you look at it?” She chokes out, and Shouto hums in confirmation.

“I do. But we have each other. I’ve… never confided in someone else about my inner struggles, but.. I’m willing to talk to you about them. Would you like for me to be here for you when you need to vent?” he asks. She nods. “Just know that we’re still here despite the circumstances. And I think that’s a true display of strength- Stronger than any quirk imaginable.”

She feels like a weight has been lifted off her chest, but she knows its only temporary. Maybe in time, he can fully lift it from her soul and free her.

“I love you.”


Jethro as a Companion

Ever since his first encounter with the Doctor, Jethro Cane has struggled to make amends with his conscience, too horrified at nearly being an accomplice to murder. As luck would have it, he manages to run into the Doctor a few years later. The Doctor is still grieving from the loss of Amy and Rory however, and wants nothing to do with him. Yet the universe has other plans, and the two find themselves traveling through time and space. Jethro views it as a chance to atone for his sin, making keeping the Doctor safe his only concern. 

It soon proves to be a far more difficult undertaking than imagined when Jethro catches the eye of one of the Doctor’s enemies. They see Jethro’s potential for what it’s worth and plan to exploit it, whether Jethro is aware of it or not. 

Had this idea bouncing around in my head for a while now, and I’ve finally worked out the kinks and a majority of the series! Yes this will be a fanfiction, so stay tuned! 

None of the photos are mine, I’ve only altered them. Mainly the first photo and then the top left which I must say I’m immensely proud of. Click on the photos to get a peek into the “episode” names and little hints!


We, the 5sos fam really need to calm down
The hate this girl is getting is outrageous! Her Twitter and Instagram is full of hate and some things people say are terrible. So what she kissed Luke on the cheek and he brought her a drink? Boys do that.
She told that she had fan girled and let’s be honest all off us would have and Let’s admit it all of us would have uploaded this pic if it was us, or well most of us.
That girl did nothing wrong. The people sending hate are doing everything wrong.
One day Luke will meet the one and God may know who it will be. And the least we can do is support him. We are family.



Happy birthday to the one and only Mama Regal! (July 15, 1977)
I’m so proud to say that I admire such a beautiful, talented, and overall amazing human being… Thanks for being such a selfless and thoughtful person in your words and actions, especially to your fans… Here’s to another great year of having this wonderful creature grace the world with her presence…