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ya lit meme - 1/5 protagonists

susannah “suze” simon ➝ the mediator

“And try to remember what we discussed, Susannah. A mediator is someone who helps others resolve conflicts. Not someone who, er, kicks them in the face.”


yalitmeme: five protagonists [1/5] ♡ sophie of woods beyond \ the school for good and evil

IT DOESN’T MATTER if you’re a never, ever, or whatever. in the end, the fairest of them all wins”


M O T A E S E N M I - s t r o n g   s i n c e   b i r t h 

Since predebut you have only shown the world just how strong Song Minho is, that you are a force of undeniable and limitless talent. May you get even stronger, more fearless and rise to even greater heights as you turn 24, Song Minho! #HAPPYMINODAY #FEARLESSMINOIS24

"Dragonstone" groundwork
  • Jaime: The Freys were a shit show, but now we don't even have them. Who's backing us up now, sis?
  • Cersei: You think I put up with our father's droning for all that time and only learned how to pay bribes? Let me introduce you to Euron Greyjoy!
  • Jaime: But how is he an improvement? He stabbed his associates in the back just like the Late Lord Frey did!
  • Cersei: You know it was our Daddy who gave Lord Frey the go-ahead to violate guest right, yes? Nobody treats in good faith with us anymore because we've made good-faith dealings impossible, so let's just assume everyone who wants to work with us is horrible and disgusting. This one's good at committing mass murder at sea!
  • Jaime: These assholes? All they know how to do is pilfer our shit.
  • Cersei: Yeah, but Euron isn't gonna pilfer our shit. He wants to own half of my shit as well as have regular access to my body!
  • Euron: Hello there, Lannisters! Right after I murdered my brother and cadged his throne, I was about to bring my best ships as well as my Big Cock to the dragon queen, but my niece and nephew stole the ships out from under me and the dragon queen likes them better! So you're my second choice. Now let's bond over our fantasies of murdering our family members.
  • Jaime: Let me remind you of the time you wrecked our fleet in the Westerlands and we STILL handed your asses to you in battle. I killed some of your family members, if you recall.
  • Euron: Haven't we already established I do not value my own family members' lives? I'm much better at violating taboos than you, Lefty.
  • Cersei: Stop peacocking around my throne room and tell us what you think you'll get from us.
  • Euron: I care about my homeland about as much as I care about my family. All I've gotten from the islands are the ships I'll use to fuck up all your enemies, which means when I'm done, there'll be no one left to keep you company but me!
  • Cersei: Tempting, but I'm gonna string you along while I figure out whether you're better at pulling shady shit than I am. I wouldn't want you to beat me at my own game.
  • Euron: I hear ya, babe. Tell you what. I'll go and kidnap my niece and bring you a mother and daughter to murder. It's up to Lefty here to scrounge up some allies who'll help you make positive gains, and once he's exhausted all your options on that side, I will help you blow the Tyrells' gold on hiring foreign mercenaries! Your father would be so proud.

ya lit meme - 2/5 protagonists

juliette ferrars ➝ shatter me

“I’ve finally gotten to a point in my life where I’m not afraid to speak. Where my shadow no longer haunts me. And I don’t want to lose that freedom–not again. I can’t go backward. I’d rather be shot dead screaming for justice than die alone in a prison of my own making.“

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Name : Dacey Garnett

Age : 19 (young adult)

Why would you like to be a Bombshell Model? : Well, first of all hi! I’m Dacey. To tell you the honest truth I want to do be a model for this amazing agency mostly because it’s something different. You see, all my life I’ve just been “little dacey” in my family, in which I have a huge family, and so I’ve always had the feeling that I have to maintain an image of innocence and cheekiness seeing that I am and always will be the youngest of my bunch of cousins. And now that I’m out of that hell they call public education I’m finally ready to live and be myself and have fun modeling and feel attractive and confident and just bo$$ it up ya know!?! Anyways, thank ya so much for reading my application and fingers crossed on getting accepted yahyah! :)

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