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Ennun, what are the protest in your country for/about? I don't have tv unfortunatly, so I can't watch the news and I'm pretty sure they would say something about it since it's not that far.

Ok so basically,the government in charge atm, PSD (Partidul Social Democrat aka the Democrats) wanted to put out a new law that would allow corruption to go on with no punishment. Basically making corruption legal.

Everyone and their mother knows Romania’s government is corrupted, and a few years ago we finally started doing something about it. We actually arrested a handful of politicians and put them in jail for their crimes and everything was going well and then this asshole said he’d put this law out and screw everything over. So, naturally, everyone’s pissed.

For a week now, people have gone in front of the Parlament house in Bucharest (the capital also my hometown) to protest. 

Yesterday, the PSD gave in to the demands of the 300k people in Bucharest and 300k more around the country and said they wouldn’t give out that specific law.

That means they’ll try making it different.

So today, it’s the 6th day the protests have been on and now there are around 500k people demanding that PSD not only quits its position but also dismiss itself as a political party.

The thing is… the people won’t back down. We’re a very stubborn nation and the thing we went through because of Ceausescu and the communist regime is still very fresh in everyone’s memory. The protests won’t stop until PSD quits I feel like


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Why do I love Junsu? His strength makes me strong too.

Junsu is the strongest person I’ve ever met. This person struggled so much, had hard times, but was always smiling. He spent almost half of his life making us proud and happy. Even now, when Junsu is already on the top, he is still working hard to be even better. I think that he will never give up, and no one will ever beat his passion or talent. I’m really grateful to him, he showed me that hard work is always worth something. ♡

[1986.12.15] Happy Birthday Junsu ♡