i'm so proud of this photoset


It’s okay if your biggest achievement today is getting out of bed. 

I’m proud you’re still here.

The world is a tough place but I know you’re tougher. Don’t give up.

There Is a Light 

Louis and his daughter have had a pretty bad year and things start to change when Harry tries to buy the same doll Louis intended to buy for his little girl for Christmas.

Two girls.
Two fathers.
Two families, meeting and becoming exactly what the other needed during the holidays.

Christmas/New Years AU in which Harry and Louis are single parents and they meet at an odd encounter at the toy shop and somehow, they end up together, bonded by their little ones.

Word count: 17.8k


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Sorry this took forever to do, but my phone just has SO MANY PICTURES I had to plug it to my pc so I could sort through them for a meager 9 that represent me because damn the img ammount limit (sorry I’m this kind of person)

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All I’ve been going on about for two months is dragonball/dragonball super and so one of my best friends (@knight-enchanter) decided to make an infographic of everything they’ve gleamed from me, one opening and google images.

This is it. This is what my friends hear when I talk about it. 


Where I come from, I had nothing. No family, no money, and I ended up with Vince working in the office. To me that was the biggest achievement in my life, but there’s more to that guys. There’s more to that. Sitting here tonight, I’m going to say something, I would never want to say publicly. But being here with you guys, for once in my life I’m going to be me now. I survived all of this being gay.

Volleydorks searching their names in Tumblr tags
  • <p> <b>Oikawa Tooru:</b> Everyone loves me. BUT HEY!! I AM NOT THAT GAY and not ThAT flirtatious!<p/><b>Iwaizumi Hajime:</b> Yes you are . Trashika- *sees photo sets of IwaOi*. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS. HOW DID THEY KNO-- *covers mouth*<p/><b>Hinata Shouyo:</b> They are so proud of me!!! But no!! It's not cute when Kageyama calls me dumbass! It's scary!!<p/><b>Kageyama Tobio:</b> W-whaaa--?? *sees kagehina photosets* I don't get flustered that easily!! *face flushes*<p/><b>Tsukishima Kei:</b> I am not childish. And no I am not a French fry.<p/><b>Yamaguchi:</b> *sees Tsukkiyama fics and photo sets* TSUKKI I'M SORRY!!<p/><b>Sawamura Daichi:</b> They know I am a true father figure. BUT I AM NOT BAD AT PARTIES.<p/><b>Sugawara Koushi:</b> I get so much praise! A mother figure ! Nice *shining sugamama smile*<p/><b>Nishinoya Yuu:</b> Tanaka-san!! Look! Girls love me! They say I'm cool!! I might get a girlfriend here!<p/><b>Tanaka Ryunosuke:</b> Dude! They understand my awesomeness! And our Bromance is strong!!<p/><b>Azumane Asahi:</b> Why... Do I... Bottom? And acts like a girl? *heart shattered*<p/><b>Little Giant:</b> I dont even have enough air time. But wtf do they think I am KAGEHINA'S LOVECHILD.<p/><b>Bokuto Koutarou:</b> KUROO!! THEY THINK WE'RE THE DORKIEST AND DUMBEST AMONG EVERYONE!! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. I KNOW IM THE HOTTEST!!<p/><b>Kuroo Tetsuro:</b> ITS YOUR FAULT YOU DUMB OWL. ITS YOUR IDEA TO HAVE THAT HOHOHO CONVERSATION. OH AND THEY THINK I'M THE HOTTEST. Kenma agrees.<p/><b>Bokuto Koutarou:</b> No!! Akaashi! Fight for MY Honor!!!<p/><b>Akaashi Keiji:</b> .... *walks out<p/><b>Kozume Kenma:</b> No I don't Kuro.<p/></p>

I think I’ve gotten better at making cosplays through the years, so I’m making a little throwback photoset.

From top left: Princess Leia, 2015 (Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi) - Princess Hilda, 2016 (The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds) - Rabbit, 2015 (Steam Powered Giraffe) - Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower, 2017 (Bloodborne)