i'm so proud of this omfg

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I'm still laughing cause Goth calls all version of Geno mom. He calls naomiiisenju's geno 'mom', he calls fatal 'mom' and i think there's more? If he meets MCQ geno would he call him 'mom'? Sorry for thus long random question.

yup definitely- sorry @alainaprana



[17’S JUN] Behind MAMA’s JUN! 준이의 매렬발산 시리즈는 계속됩니다. 추운 겨울 밤낮없이 열심히 연습한 준휘아나스트의 피아노 여주 듣고 가실게요 😌🎶 #준이의_연주는 #끄고_십지_않아


where are the L I E S

oh, there you are

*I’m here to highlight the fact that the two boys who mainly rap (Woojin and Guanlin) got singing lines and were not excluded.*


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Made my own Michael Mell hoodie ‘cause I’m trash and aahh. I dunno if i should post it but yeET!