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regina mills appreciation week
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Crown Prince Lee Young’s Colorful Hanbok

“I worked on a lot of projects, and I’ve met a lot of actors. There have been many actors who have great bodies and a great figure for clothes, but I think this is a first for an actor who can perfectly portray the feeling and message that I intended, as if he is one with the clothes.” 

                         - Lee Jin Hee, Hanbok Designer for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.


                                              You called for help…
                                     B U T   N O B O D Y   C A M E . 

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No there’s no starting over without finding closure.
You’d take them back, no hesitation.
That’s when you know you’ve reached the sixth degree of separation.


Magnus’ arms are stretched out at his sides, his head strained upwards. His blue magic is swirling all around him, starting a whirlwind around him, gaining speed and strength, the blue energy turning to black, getting more and more ferocious, faster and furious. When he suddenly turns, his face is a bleak grimace, his eyes dark, almost black with wickedly glowing yellow splotches.

I See You in the Dark by @sfjessii