i'm so proud of these wow

they are really out here re-inventing their sound every time like?? ko ko bop sounds nothing like monster, and monster sounds nothing like call me baby but you just listen to their music and you KNOW it’s them. when their voices and harmonies come together, no matter how different every comeback sounds, you can always tell it’s exo. also some members actively participated in the writing/production process of this album and that makes me so proud!!! i love exo they are truly amazing wow


“What do I do?” Blue asked cannily. “What have you guys seen me doing?”

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Hello mother of that is pure and evil, may i have the receipts of the boys fawning over jibooty especially jungkook? Thank you, my lady

nothing would make me happier 💖✨

and of course our boy jungkook is in a league of his own…

(his face right after slapping the jibooty…so proud)



When a live, and especially acoustic, performance is as good as or even better than the studio version, then you know you’re being blessed with real talent. And I’m SHOOK!!!

the fact that y’all are saying that damien being trans is bad just bc he’s “feminine” is a really toxic mindset to have and is rly stereotypical
so being shy and liking books and flowers is feminine? wow okay
y’all would be saying the same shit if it were mat, for example, because he likes music, is socially anxious, and runs a cafe
anyway damien is a wonderful, handsome transman and i’m proud of him and his lifestyle and i’m glad he has passion for the things he loves

an imp and her wolf