i'm so proud of myself this came out so well :')


“My blood is black” 

Finished Crona! Ragnarok came out very well and a tad bit bigger than expected. Everything was handmade except for the undershirt (i butchered a turtleneck) and the wig. I’m super proud of myself. A year ago I never would of thought to make a cosplay from scratch. Crona is ready for pictures and hugs at Megacon and Metrocon, no promise Ragnarok wont bite. 

“Where is Hell? Do you know?… It’s inside your head!” 

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Bless your write up on community college! I failed out of a big name university because they gave no shits about me and my mental health was screwing me over bad (didn't die tho so i'm proud of myself) so I've decided to attend community college in the following semester and was worried until I came across your post. Thank you, it really lifted my anxiety. I never did well in large settings anyways I have faith community is for me.

You’re welcome! I hope it all works out for you and I’m glad the post helped. ❤️

Here’s the post if anyone else needs it!