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can't we be together forever?

(I think I did pretty damn good imitating her style check this out)

“Can’t we be together forever?” I pleaded, clinging desperately to JD’s seven thousand dollar designer trench coat. He smelled like some ridiculously expensive perfume that was handcrafted by angels themselves.
“I’m sorry, Veronica” he uttered softly, his voice like silk. Orgasmic silk. “I’m too damaged. What with my whole vampire thing and all.”
I stared deeply into his bright golden irises, and I nearly fainted. They were so…bright.
He turned suddenly, faster than lightning. I could see him quiver with Teen Angst. Well, 100 year old angst. Same difference.
When he turned around, there were diamonds on his marble face.
“JD,” I murmured, quiet as a mouse. My best friend from fourth grade, Sarah, always told me I had mousey hair. I’m so Plain, why would JD want anything to do with me?
“Veronica,” he glowered. “I can’t resist you. You’re like my own personal brand of cocaine. My human slushie.”
“JD,” I breathed. His gemstone eyes were piercing mine, and I felt lightheaded. “Please, turn me. I want to be by your side for all of eternity.”
JD gazed at me for a moment before turning his head, his dark eyelashes brushing his cheek. In a deep, rich voice, he whispered: