i'm so proud ! :)))

Things I am proud of today: One of the women at my gym was diagnosed as Type 1 diabetic last year. Since she told us, I’ve offered a sympathetic ear, and more important, a nonjudgemental person to vent her frustrations to.  Aside from the educators, she has no one else to talk to about it that has any idea. I’m not diabetic, but I’ve got a decent amount of experience from an outside perspective. Considering she was initially misdiagnosed as type 2, she has a lot of frustrations.

I’ve offered since the beginning to have my Husband talk to her about going on an insulin pump, which she always put off or said she wasn’t ready for. That’s fine.  The way she treats her body is her decision, no one elses.  I answer questions to the best of my knowledge, refer her to her doctors when I can’t, and I listen to her.

Today, we are doing front squats and she stops to tell me about her previous night spent with a stubborn extreme low and a terrified boyfriend who didn’t know what to do and says, “Okay. I want to talk with your husband about the pump and that monitor, when can we meet?”

We’ve got tentative plans for Wednesday.

Luke is so damn pretty. 😍 And i decided to add some make up on his beautiful face when i drawing him. I like it tho even if he looks so slutty with it 😄😏

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o h my god! lillie divorced my great grandfather everett[e] “vettie” in 1910 for “extreme cruelty, non. support, and drunkenness,” which is exactly how my grandfather “stub,” vettie’s son (from his second marriage) described him! “extreme cruelty, non. support and drunkenness” was incidentally “stub”’s cause of death in the 1970s! lillie was granted a divorce just seven days after her request and SHE DISPOSSESSED HIS ASS! 


I realized I can’t quite take proper screenshots yet because I have my little hippogryph buddy for the week, and he hides shoulder armor

I mean it still looks fantastic, but Cas’ shoulders match this bow perfectly so it will look even better when I can have those displayed as well

anyways, here’s some nice pictures in the meantime because my dream came true

So a while ago @minigenos and I started watching Maid Dragon and we’ve talked a bit about it with the esper kids in place and– Her idea was super adorable so I made some doodles to it.. yeah
This is one of them. I hope you like Maid Dragon!Teru :)

Please check out her dragon au and what the esper kids would like as dragons!! It’s wonderful ♥

twd-fan05  asked:

What is your favorite fanfic besides one you have written and why?

I’ll Be Yours for a Song by @dynamicsymmetry because that fic literally changed my life and my ideas about what writing can do and also makes me feel like shit because I WILL NEVER BE THIS GOOD but also fills my soul because it’s the most beautiful piece of art i have read in my entire life