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I’ve been thinking about this megane/ahoge crossover for literal months and now I’ve finally drawn it I can be put to rest

Kent Parson is fine. 

He learned years ago that no one wants to hear his pain. So he tells them “I’m fine.” And for a while, he’s not. Not at all. But slowly, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Kent Parson is fine. He is.

And maybe sometimes he still dreams about Jack, bodies wrapped around each other in the heat of summer, laughing about how the world didn’t seem big enough for the both of them sometimes. 

“Just you wait, Zimms. I’m gonna be the best hockey player you’ve ever seen!”

“No, Kenny, that’s where you’re wrong. You’re going to be second best. Because that number one spot is mine.”

He wakes up from those dreams with an ache in his chest he can never quite fill, but he just shoves it away and does what Kent Parson does best: “I’m fine.”

Now Jack’s got his little baker in Providence and he’s smiling all the time. Kent goes home to an empty apartment, too big and too lonely for just one person. Jack’s happy again and Kent can’t help but remember the times when it was him that put a smile on Zimms’ face. 

See, Kent’s always been fine. But what good is being fine when you know what being great feels like? What good is simply existing when you’ve experienced living?

I laughed. “Oh, yes. They range in size from as small as dogs to larger than grizzly bears. One time I watched a colony of myrmekes attack a Greek army in India. It was hilarious. They spit acid that can melt through bronze armor and—”


My smile faded. I reminded myself I was no longer a spectator. These ants could kill us. Easily. And Meg was scared.


                      L U M I N O U S beings we are,
                                            (not this crude matter)

Please take a moment to appreciate my handsome sons in 70′s clothes. 

I think this may very well be the pinnacle of my 70stalia drawings. I’m very happy with how it turned out ♥

This is for @dephilpott who was so cute to write me and explain what the hell was a Rev!Bill (I’m an idiot, I know). I really appreciated your mail! I never received one before, and I was so happy when I read yours (I CAN’T EVEN EXPLAIN MYSELF OMG)! Thank you so much! Please, keep following me and if you have promps, advices, or even suggestions about EVERYTHING write me! My mind is open!
Thank you again! Grazie mille cara ; w ;

(I’m sorry if the doodle looks shitty. I’m really tired and not at my best, but I wanted to do something for you after your mail!)

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ok i'm an army and probably *sweats* a closet shawol? but i find minho and taemin really hot together? like not cute but hot? should i feel disgusted with myself...

pls join us out of the closet it’s more fun and we have cake

and omg please no, there’s nothing wrong with that?? appreciating attractiveness is very different from oversexualizing, which would be a problem but I don’t think that’s the case at all. plus most people agree with that lmao, as it became obvious when those pics of them for Oh Boy came out - and with a reason because lbr

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Please, shower us, your anxious and adoring fans in kounoi headcanons. uwu

would’ve responded sooner but i hate replying on mobile uwuwu forgive me.

okay but omg oh man i haven’t been asked about kounoi in forever. thank you for giving me this opportunity. 

  • there’s been a lot of cases where koujaku notices noiz with an overly serious face and koujaku can’t help but come up to him and give him a peck on the lips and tell him “not to be so serious~” noiz has no reaction and pretends that nothing happened, but little does he know that his entire face had flushed red. koujaku thinks it’s really cute. (sometimes he can’t resist and kisses him again, on the nose. noiz would then swat at him to go away and call him a nuisance/annoying old man. and when koujaku’s about to walk away he’d quickly grab him by his kimono and give him another quick smooch before shoving him away. wwww what a tsun.)
  • according to koujaku, having noiz around is exactly like owning a pet. apparently, and i quote, “all he does is whine and laze around. what a useless brat.“ but this is coming from the old man who doesn’t mind cleaning up and cooking for the kid. oh, and sometimes, especially when he’s busy reading or looking through fashion/beauty sites for hairstyle inspiration (nerd), noiz would just plop himself right onto koujaku’s lap. noiz never really says anything though, but koujaku learns from experience that when noiz sits down on him, it (usually) means sex. or at least some heavy making out. when noiz lays down on his stomach, that he wants his head to be pet and he wants praise and attention. it can be bothersome but he’s not complaining though. in fact, he actually finds it kind of endearing in an aggravating sort of way. or maybe he’s just a bit of a masochist. 
  • koujaku is very sensitive around his ears. this is something noiz likes to play up every so often - especially when either a, he’s bored out of his wits, or b, koujaku is being difficult (read: koujaku isn’t giving him proper attention and noiz wouldn’t be noiz if he wasn’t a little bit of an ass to his boyfriend). and so noiz would often mess around and tell koujaku that there’s something is in his hair and reaches up to get it, but really, his real goal is to gently stroke koujaku’s ear, which usually causes a barely noticeable shiver. noiz does this a lot usually when they’re out and one of his fangirls or friends have come up to talk to him (”this is supposed to be our time, damn it!” or “we’re supposed to be on a date, you asshole!” are thoughts that usually cross noiz’s mind, but he’s quick to push them to the back of his head b/c he refuses to accept the fact that he’s the jealous type.)
  • did i mention noiz is the jealous type? because yeaaahhh. he’s the jealous type. especially when he sees koujaku with mizuki or aoba. the fangirls he doesn’t mind as much because koujaku isn’t as close with them (although he has his moments of jealousy when it comes to them wwww). when mizuki would touch him, noiz would get this sense of possessiveness and doesn’t notice that he’s scowling. koujaku doesn’t notice either (he’s pretty sure that’s just noiz’s permanent resting face), but mizuki does and he’d increase the amount of skinship just to mess around with noiz. and when it comes to aoba, it’s usually koujaku complimenting and being, what noiz thinks is, overly friendly, and so cue super bitter noiz. he usually tries not to say or do anything because he genuinely likes aoba (”he’s a good kid,” says the 19 year old about a 23/24 year old), but when they get home, noiz gets (subconsciously) very affectionate - demanding praise, kisses, and pets from koujaku. 

and some nsfw headcanons ‘cause it just ain’t me without them.

  • one of noiz’s favourite parts of koujaku’s body is his thick, muscular thighs. he can’t help but admire them, especially in bed. he’d pay extra attention to them and leave marks all over them, unable to keep his lips away and resist sinking his teeth into the flesh. 
  • something that koujaku found out about noiz is that he absolutely loves having his tongue sucked on. sometimes when koujaku’s fucking him, noiz would sticks his tongue out (a signal for him that noiz is close and wants koujaku to suck his tongue).
  • one of koujaku’s favourite positions when he’s fucking noiz is from behind. he loves watching how the blond’s shoulders would reflexively tense when a certain spot is hit. how beautiful the curve of noiz’s back is as he arches his spine. how noiz’s hips would push back, craving more. how his supple ass would ripple ever so slightly when it met his hips. not to mention that from this position, koujaku can easily spread noiz’s ass open more with his thumbs. 
  • koujaku not-so-secretly loves noiz’s piercings. every. single. one. he just can’t help but lose himself whenever noiz is fucking him. whenever the first piercing breaches the first ring of muscle, his thighs would quake, never quite used to how fucking good the metal feels. and when noiz pushes in further, he can feel his hole twitch, asking, begging for more. 
  • did you know koujaku has overly sensitive nipples? because noiz does. with just one lick, they’ll get nice and perky for him, much to koujaku’s embarrassment. this works out great though because noiz can alleviate his little oral fixation problem while simultaneously giving him the satisfaction of seeing koujaku come undone and lose his cool guy façade by his own hands. this one time noiz bought nipple pumps just to use on koujaku and long story short, koujaku came without needing to be touched and after that nipple pumps were officially banned from the bedroom. “what about nipple clamps?” “hell fucking no.an exception was eventually made, however. noiz could use them whenever he wants. on koujaku’s terms (read: when they’re used on noiz himself. hyuhyu).
  • and i might as well mention: noiz love, love, loves the cowgirl position. when he’s the one fucking koujaku, anyway. he claims that “it’s perfect nipple access.”  it’s koujaku’s least favourite, too, for that same reason. 


so i got my psych paper (aka fictional case study we had to create) back. and i got 100% on it with the comment “very creative, katie. really enjoyed reading all of your attention to detail”

well i hope she did enjoy my case study about a solider named dean who came home to his wife samantha with ptsd and their relationship took a lot of hits because of it. but with treatment, dean got better and they returned to having a happy marriage. 

I started this last night because I wanted a new icon, but it doesn’t really work as an icon apparently … you don’t recognise him at all when it’s tiny :/ 


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Yes I know it’s a potato-quality gif but I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself?? The way Mark touches his face is so fatherly and affectionate and ahhhhh please let Finn and Luke have some meaningful interaction in VIII.

(omg carrie what are you doing)