i'm so paying for that divorce with a smile of my face

the most impetuous proposal in existence

summary: (phanfic) You know your boyfriend’s an asshole when he doesn’t even build up to the moment and consequently gives you a heart attack.

word count: 1.5k

tw: swears + choking i guess

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For my beautiful @bellalou5 whose birthday was yesterday, she has give me the beautiful gift of her friendship and I wanted to make something special for her. I know I am a day late but this is for you, Happy belated birthday, sweetie. You’re wonderful and you deserve everything.

He cried, he won’t lie. He cried when he got the acceptance letter. He was going to college, Percy Jackson was going to college. Annabeth and his mom were screaming and cheering while he held the letter in his hands, reading over and over the words.

He never thought this day would come, he honestly thought he didn’t had a chance getting accepted in college, but the proof was in his hands. Percy Jackson was going to start his freshman year in Ithaca next fall.

“You did it, sweetie.” he raised his eyes to meet his mother’s. She was looking at him, she was crying and he bet that if he turned to see Annabeth, she would be crying too. “You got it.”

“I’m going to college, mom,” Sally put her arms around him. “It’s actually happening.”

Growing up with a single mother who worked 3 jobs just so they could survive week by week was nothing he was ashamed of, he was proud of his mother for everything she did for him, but living like that make college not an option. He started working since he was little, first it was little jobs like dog walker or paperboy, jobs that didn’t pay much but they paid for his lunch and his school notebooks and pens.

He tried his best at school but it was hard when he barely slept because of his work and his dyslexia didn’t help him at all, that’s when Annabeth came into the picture. He was failing miserable sixth grade, he was crying in the library, hidden between bookshelves, he had just gotten another F and he had to tell his mom, that’s how Annabeth found him, she sat next to him in silence until she took the failed text from his hand and told him she was going to make him get a B, she did.

Annabeth became his best friend and as sad as it sounded, she was his first friend. She helped him with his homework, even doing his when he had double shifts. Annabeth, unlike him, grow up rich, her parents were divorced so she always got twice of everything, her parents trying to buy her love with material things, even if they never were home or went to her piano recitals.

Annabeth opened a new door for Percy’s life, she helped him with school and she gave him the best gift he could ask for: friendship. Annabeth became close with friends a year younger than them, and those friends soon became his friends too.

High school started and Percy got a new job at a small café not far away from his place. His situation at home was getting a little better, his mom had gotten a better job and they moved out to a better apartment. Sally had two jobs now and had more free time, while Percy had a job that gave him a better income, but it wasn’t enough for college, he knew it and Sally knew it, she always apologized for it but Percy didn’t hold it against her. He didn’t mind not going to college and he was okay with that decision.

Annabeth convinced him to join the swimming team in their sophomore year and that’s when the small window of hope opened. He was really good at swimming and with time he started listening to his couch drop the “swimming scholarship” more and more often. But still he didn’t want to let hope in his heart, he didn’t want to try and believe he could make it only to have his dream crushed, he always knew college wasn’t for him, but now? Now he couldn’t afford to think different.

But Sally and Annabeth thought different and they begged him to try, they believed in him, they knew he could make it, why he couldn’t see it?. Annabeth dragged him to colleges, asking him to please considerate, he was smart and he was talented and he could help the sea life if he studied marine biology. So he did, he applied, because Annabeth and Sally wanted him to, and they were his girls, how he could say no to them? He couldn’t lose anything, he had his mind set on not going to college.

But now, now he had a letter in his hand telling him he had a swimming scholarship and they were more than happy to have him in their college next fall.

“I had to go to Ithaca and look for jobs near campus,” Percy said.

Annabeth laughed. “As long as it is closer to Cornell than your campus. I want you near me.”

“Greedy, aren’t you? You will have me in the same town, now I have to be extra close to your campus?” Percy said.

“Now kids, you two will have time for that later,” Sally said. “We have to call Paul and tell him we are going to go out for dinner.”

“Mom! No.”

“I’m not taking no as an answer. My baby boy is going to college, the hell I’m not going to celebrate it.”

“Annabeth, you support me, right?”

“My boyfriend just got accepted into college, I kinda feel like celebrating it,” Annabeth said and Sally gave her a high five.

Percy wanted to argue about spending money in something as silly as taking him for dinner, but Annabeth and Sally had this huge smiles on their faces, smiles he was sure he was mirroring, and against all odds and against what most of his teachers thought, he got accepted into college. Sure, it was not a full scholarship like Annabeth’s but it was a pretty sweet scholarship indeed and for one night, he allowed himself not think about money and the future and just celebrate that he was going to college. 

barney and robin's real ending (in my personal universe it's a bit too fairytale)
  • It's 2030, Robin is driving and Barney is on the passenger seat, they're talking
  • R: Remember when we were in Hong Kong?
  • B: Yeah asian boobs, I mean, girls, everywhere
  • Robins rolls her eyes
  • R: I mean //that// day
  • B: Of course I do, Robin, how could I forget?
  • Robin sights and pouts slighly like she's upset but not in an entirely sad way
  • R: She was so small
  • B: Yeah
  • R: And now, college
  • B: Yeah, about that, do you think it'd be too much to put a tracking device on her? I'm thinking on the teeth maybe-
  • R: Barney!
  • Robin takes one hand off the wheel and slaps his arm
  • B: Ouch! Don't pretend like you haven't thought about it. Remember: dorms, booze, frat boys
  • R: Frat boys?
  • B: It's college anything could happen, we have to take precautions
  • Robin looks thoughtful for a moment
  • R: We could ask Marvin to look after her
  • B: That's not enough! we should-
  • R: Shut it Barney she can see us
  • B: Fine but we'll discuss it later
  • It's 2019, Barney and Robin are on a hotel room in Hong Kong. Robin is rushing around looking for something work related and Barney is sitting on the bed looking anxious
  • B: Robin?
  • She doesn't listen
  • B: Robin, hey
  • Barney holds her wrist as she walks by
  • R: What Barney? I can't find my things and I'm late
  • B: There's something we need to talk about
  • Robin finally pays attention to his expression and her own shifts from frustration to concern
  • R: Is something wrong?
  • Barney takes a deep breath and tugs her toward the bed. She sits in front of him, their eyes lock
  • B: We have to talk about where this - he gestures in between them - is going
  • R: What do you mean?
  • B: Look, Robin, neither of us ever wanted to get married-
  • R: Wait, Barney, I know you hate being away from home but I just got a proposal to move back to New York, I'll barely travel anymore you won't even have to come if you don't want to I-
  • B: Hey Scherbatsky, calm down
  • R: No! You're about to ask for a divorce!
  • B: Wow, wait, no, that's not it
  • He holds her hands and shifs so they're sitting closer now
  • B: When we got married I vowed to always be honest with you, and lately I've been wishing for something, something you might not want to share with me, and that's why I've kept it to mysel only because I thought-
  • R: Cut to the chase Barney, you're making me nervous
  • B: Okay. I think. No. I know I want kids, but I want you more, so if you don't want them, that's fine, but if you could do this for me, Robin, if you've changed your mind even a little bit about this please
  • R: Barney, I told you, I can't
  • Robin let's go of his hands to rest her palms on her own flat stomach
  • B: I know, I know, I was thinking we could adopt
  • Robin gets up covering her mouth with one hand and starts pacing around the room
  • B: I get it if you don't want this, I knew about it when I married you
  • R: Be quiet I need a minute
  • They stay in silence for a long time Barney on the bed and Robin still pacing. Eventually she stops in front of the window contemplating the view of that strange city
  • R: We could do it here
  • B: What?
  • R: Before we leave for the U.S., I can call some favors
  • B: I don't follow
  • R: A little girl, I think, they leave so many of them here
  • B: Are you saying...
  • She turns around to face him, the corners of her mouth are curved up just slighly
  • R: We're getting a daughter
  • Robin's voice is a whisper but the words make Barney smile openly
  • B: We're getting a daughter!
  • He jumps off the bed and rushes toward Robin taking her in his arms and kissing her. When they break apart there's laughter and tears and they're terrified but really happy at the same time
  • Barney and Robin are on an orphanage, there are kids running everywhere, they are starting to regret their decision and are about to leave when a little girl stops them, she looks about seven and her black hair is tied back with a red ribbon, an employee comes running after her
  • (M is for the little girl and E is for the employee)
  • M: Miss, Mister, do you think I'm too young to know if I like girls?
  • Barney and Robin smile in surprise at her question and the employee looks mortified
  • E: I'm sorry, she's always like this, out of control
  • R: It's okay
  • M: Are you gonna answer?
  • E: Mae!
  • Barney laughs
  • B: I think that's something you always know
  • M: See?!
  • The little girl looks victorious but the employee eyes her angrily
  • E: Let's go, that's enough for the day
  • M: You need to get over yourself
  • Barney bursts into laughter then and Robin slaps his arm but she's holding back one of her own
  • E: I apologize, she watches too much TV, hockey games made her agressive
  • That sentence makes Robin freeze and Barney looks over at her smiling in utter amusement
  • B: So you like hockey?
  • M: Yes, and the news, actually aren't you Robin Scherbatsky?
  • Barney pokes Robin's ribs and she comes back to the real world
  • R: Yeah, I mean, yes, I am
  • M: You're everywhere, your life must be awesome
  • R: I guess, I've seen a lot of places
  • M: That's so cool
  • E: Okay, Mae I'm serious time to go
  • M: Fine, fine, bye
  • She waves her little hand at them as she walks away and Barney and Robin are left with a sense of accomplishment
  • Back to 2030
  • There's a beautiful nineteen-year-old girl on the sidewalk, her hair is tied back with a red ribbon, she smiles when the car pulls over and opens the door to get in
  • M: Hey mom, hey dad
  • B: Hello baby girl
  • M: Dad I told you to stop doing that, I'm going to college!
  • B: But you'll always be my baby girl
  • M: God you're so cheesy
  • Mae rolls her eyes and Robin laughs
  • R: Are you excited?
  • M: Are you kidding me? It's gonna be legen - wait for it - dary! Legendary! Plus, lots of college hotties
  • B: That's my girl!
  • Barney and Mae high five and Robin rolls her eyes
  • R: You do remember we're going to Canada in two weeks right?
  • M: Of course! Not gonna miss the Scherbatsky's annual hockey game on the year we kick aunt Katie's team in the ass
  • R: Now, that is MY girl!
  • Robin and Mae high five and Barney smiles
  • M: Why are we going to uncle Ted's again?
  • B: It's the anniversary of the gang
  • R: The day they met me twenty five years ago
  • M: Wait does that mean aunt Lily is cooking?
  • R: No, I think it's aunt Tracy's turn
  • M: Thank god, aunt Lil's "gourmet" taste kills me
  • R: Yeah, don't ever tell her that
  • M: I know, I know "Aldrin justice"
  • B: Your aunt Lily is an evil mastermind that must not be toyed with. We're serious
  • M: Sometimes I think you guys overreact
  • Barney and Robin exchange a serious look
  • R/B: Just don't tell her
  • M: Wow, okay
  • They arrive at the Mosby household and Robin stops the car, as soon as she does Mae jumps out and runs for the door screaming she'll get revenge on Marvin and Daisy for whatever new prank they pulled on her, her parents stay in the car watching
  • R: Does it ever bother you?
  • B: What?
  • R: That she doesn't look like us
  • B: Robin, she's exactly my type
  • R/B: Asian with some boob
  • They say it at the same time
  • B: Yeah!
  • R: That's disturbing
  • B: For once I agree let's never say it again
  • He's starting to get out of the car but Robin holds his arm to keep him in place
  • R: Seriously, does it? Bother you I mean?
  • B: Robin, I think if we did have children that were of our own blood they still wouldn't be as perfect as Mae is, so no, it doesn't
  • Robin smiles
  • R: Thank you
  • B: For what?
  • R: Everything
  • B: I agreed to a divorce three years into our marriage why are you thanking me
  • She slaps his arm once again playfully
  • B: Okay, you know what, it was entirely my pleasure
  • Their eyes lock and they smile in perfect sync leaning in for a kiss but are interrupted by Mae shouting from the door
  • M: Hey! Are you guys coming or what?
  • R: We'll be there in a second!
  • Robin gives Barney a quick kiss and they get out of the car and walk toward the house, their second pair of wedding rings gleam under the sunlight

anonymous asked:

ok so a squirrel LITERALLY CLIMBED ON MY LAP TODAY and tried to steal my lunch. So now i'm just imagining tony out on a break (maybe a college au?) when a squirrel climbs on his lap while steve (or bucky or sam or anyone really, not super picky) stares with heart eyes trying not to look like a creeper

LMFAO I remember during a college tour in HS, we were at Sac State and the squirrels there are LITERALLY THAT FEARLESS.

So some weird HS-AU where Tony’s on aforementioned Sac State college tour. IDK why he’s attending school like normal despite being a genius… oooh, okay, so in this AU Maria left Howard because of Reasons that we can All Guess At, and didn’t have the money to really send Tony to any fancy boarding schools that included skipping grades, and she didn’t want him to feel alienated even more than he already did by putting him with such older children, so.

The tour wrapped up with them near the food hall, just in time for them to eat lunch before getting on the bus to head over to Davis.

Bucky walked along next to Steve and Sam. They were debating what to get - burgers and fries or sandwiches or something even more fun like nachos or whatever - but Bucky really wasn’t paying much attention. He’d get whatever Steve got.

Instead, he was watching Tony Carbonell.

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I Saw The Light review

Okay, so here are some more put together thoughts about the movie. Although honestly this will probably be more about the performances in the film rather than the film itself. 

If you want a tl;dr version here is my final say: the movie really isn’t the best and suffers with poor editing and pacing. Also if you don’t know a lot about Hank and his life then you will be lost. Having said that the performances, especially Tom Hiddleston, is what shines in this and is a beautiful thing to watch. Do I love this film? No. But I will love the amazing and powerful performances that the actors gave us. It’s really about them, not the movie in and of itself.

You can see my other posts for more/different spoilers here:

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Newborn babies + your faves

My mini review of the film here

The garage door scene

How many songs does he sing in the film? (has High-Rise stuff in there too)

When Audrey tells Hank she’s pregnant

So first off this was the closing gala film of VIFF, so before the movie even started there were a lot of speeches and some awards handed out before the movie even started. It didn’t take too long, thankfully and before the film started they actually announced that Marc Abraham, the director of ISTL, was here and he came on stage to present it. I took a quick pic just for whatever reason:

Before that they announced they had a very special guest with them to present the film and I know that if homeboy wasn’t in London with High-Rise then I may have died of anticipation to know who it would be.

Anyway, on to the film. As I touched on the subject in my mini review post the film itself isn’t the greatest, unfortunately. It really does suffer from a lot of bad pacing and editing. I feel like this film is meant for really major Hank Williams fans who know about his life because there’s a lot they jump to though the years with no explanation whatsoever. A lot of parts I was left with ‘wait, what’s going on?’ or ‘when did he do that or get to that point’. The director explained it himself that this wasn’t about the stage or his singing career exclusively, but about Hank Williams and his life, about pulling back the curtain about who the man was.

Well they did it, but unless you knew some of it already it wouldn’t make sense. If you are a new fan to Hank Williams music or have been a casual fan and just listen to his stuff without knowing a lot about him, then I feel like this is where a lot of the problems lie. This is obviously a film where if you were a hardcore fan of his you would appreciate it a lot more.


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