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At first I was just disappointed but the more i think about it the more irked I get… like… they’re your fans Jackson? Your literal supporters, people who purchase things to support you, vote for your group, want to see you succeed and you dismiss them as haters because they’re upset and offended by something you decided to do? You can’t take five seconds to look outside yourself and think of their perspective when all your fans do is worry about you and your health and your career? You can’t take five seconds to not be an immature dismissive unprofessional insensitive jerk about it??

since this is a common topic in the fandom, us admins of fyeahyurionice have decided to make a fanfic rec page! 

what’s this page for you may wonder? to put it simply, this is a page made for fans to navigate easier and faster through yoi fics! all you have to do is fill in this form in which you include one of your favourite fic, or even your own writing, and submit it to us so we can add it to our fic rec page

since the page has just been created (literally), there are no fics to feature yet, so we are looking forward to see your recs & hopefully read them with everyone if time allows! ^ ^

  • I just watched NU'EST (Pledis trainees) first performance on Produce 101. It hurts so much to see them like this.
  • It hurts seeing Kahi crying because she feels so sorry for them. It hurts to see them cry. It hurts to hear them say "It feels like we kind of failed, well the company (Pledis) sees it that way" and the most hurtful part when Baekho said "I want to be like them, like I.O.I and... like SEVENTEEN". WHAT ARE THEY DOING ON PRODUCE 101, THEY'VE BEEN IDOLS SINCE 2012. WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THIS PLEDIS?!?!?!

being an aroace sucks when you’re a kid because everyone talks about crushes at sleepovers and you’ve either gotta make some shit up about liking someone or the people around you are gonna pick someone for you


the goods might also be in love with me

here’s a wip shot of a request that i’m working on! you guys requested some great stuff, and i’m excited to draw them! unfortunately, i’m going to be a bit busy for the next couple days, so i wanted to at least share with you guys what i have in store for now, because i have a feeling i’ll be pumping out requests suuuuper slowly…

mechformers  asked:

Congratulations on your milestone! That is so exciting 😊 If I'm not too late to this, could we possibly get a continuation of the Uliro crave one? *insert the most wobbliest begging eyes you can picture*

(send me a number and I’ll write a micro story using the word or phrase!)

Well I’m afraid I can picture some terribly persuasive wobbling eyes. You’re jumping the queue a little bit, as I have another “crave” request coming up and I wan’t to avoid confusion as much as possible.

A follow up to this.

Shiro wakes slowly, feeling hazy and heavy and a little too warm with Ulaz’s chest resting beneath his cheek and his heartbeat thrumming in his ear. It’s quicker, than a human’s, pumping in motions of three instead of two: ba-da-dum, ba-da-dum.

“What time is it?” Shiro asks, trying to swallow back the gummy feeling in his mouth.

“You have been asleep for three vargas,” Ulaz says. He draws a clawed finger down the back of Shiro’s neck, repeats the action with a curled knuckle when Shiro shivers in response. Shiro suspects Ulaz does these things because he likes to watch him react, likes to categorize the motions that make Shiro tremble or sigh or slump bonelessly against him.

Shiro opens his eyes, blinking at the blurred image of his own hand, curled close to his face and clutching loosely at the front of Ulaz’s shirt. “Did you sleep at all?”

“No,” Ulaz says.

It’s not surprising. Shiro knows that Ulaz doesn’t need nearly as much sleep as a human. But still–

Shiro sits up, ignoring Ulaz’s displeased grumble as he turns to look at him. His bangs are in his eyes, mussed up and curling a little from being slept on while wet, and Ulaz brushes them aside before Shiro can lift his arm to do so himself.

“You haven’t just been watching me sleep the entire time, have you?”

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Jin and his cozy little beanie

these concept photos fucked me up to no end so you can expect more of these little doots in the next week

Pledis always freaks me out