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Day 4: Outfits/Dresses

Decided to skip day 3 and head directly into day 4 (I was most excited for this one) I borrowed @studiokarkats design from here because I would die for that outfit to become canon

This is basically my take (re: dreams) on S3!Marco

The transparent version is available on my Redbubble here

anonymous asked:

A Philip Hamilton lockscreen, maybe?

There you go! Thank you so much for the request and for being patient with me! Have a wonderful day! Love you!

Reminder that if you’re not the requester, please ask before using! Thank you! Looks like I don’t have to close requests today, so you do have a little longer to send something in, and please do! I appreciate all the practice these have been giving me! I know I’m not that good yet, so thanks for trusting me to make these! Love you all!

The Cupboard Under The Stairs

callum hunt inspired playlist

drop the game / flume, chet faker
terrible things / april smith and the great picture show
chains / radical face
jailbreak / awolnation
new person, same old mistakes / tame impala

I made this as a “christmas” present for my friend @lydiagamer4 !! We both are Mystic Messenger and Undertale trash, so I made a cross-over with the amazing Underswap AU! She loves Blueberry!Sans and cosplay so, why not?

Underswap and Blueberry!sans created by: @ popcornpr1nce

Recently I dragged out my tablet that I got a few years back. I had tried using it before, but I was so intimidated that I fooled with it a couple of times, and never touched it again. But I used it today and actually did something? That like, obvs isn’t like, close to good or anything, but like, I drew a face! And I’m excited! I really want to learn how to use this thing, get better!

What sort of things make digital art fun for you? What sort of tips and tricks do you like to use to make things easier? What are some of your favorite tutorials? I really want to absorb all I can!


bringin’ back my babes with the power. For those who don’t know, these are my witches Gwen and Lily, who have an important place in a great big story I’ll write someday. Their primary role is meddling.