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She’s the betta half of the two

au where padme lives and raises her two children thinking that anakin died on mustafar and works behind the scenes in the rebellion

and anakin/vader thinks that he killed padme

and they both think the other is dead and vader hates the shadowy leader of the rebellion and padme hates the emperor’s black-suited attack dog

i just have a lot of ideas about this idk

Small dump of random ideas I have on improving Fates’ plot in general

Because I’ve had these ideas for quite a while now, and it’s extremely unlikely that I get around to doing anything with them any time soon.

  • An explanation of what Valla actually is: My idea is that it was originally an entire country between Hoshido and Nohr, at the place where during the main story the Bottomless Canyon is. When Anankos went mad and rampaged, the magic energy involved created a rift between Hoshido and Nohr in the form of the canyon, while transporting Valla into this “floating island dimension”.
  • Explaining how the royal families of Hoshido and Nohr came to be/got their “dragon blood”: The divine dragons of Hoshido and Nohr (y’know, the ones depicted in the statues) could for example have chosen to permanently assume a mortal human form instead of risking to go insane like Anankos. They could have founded the royal families.
  • Replace the curse on Valla with something else: Instead of causing everybody who talks about Valla to “disappear” for vague reasons, they curse could cause everybody not from Valla simply constantly forget about it whenever they mention it (unless they’re IN Valla). For the main story, this’d mean that Azura and the avatar are the only characters capable of remembering the place because of their heritage.
    • In the backstory, this curse could be justified by the people of Valla starting the curse to prevent Hoshido and Nohr from attacking them - ‘cause let’s face it, having Anankos do that kind of rampage would mean that Hoshido and Nohr would damn well want to kill him.
  • Give Mikoto a bigger role by having her actually live past the prologue chapters: If those first couple of chapters are really kept the same, she could just fall into a ~~magical coma~~ from which she’d wake up either halfway or towards the end of the game, so that she only sees what the avatar decided on a while after it happened.
  • Give Garon a better role: Namely, don’t make him an undead slime monster, and let him act like an actual person instead of a generic villain. He could for example be still alive and well in theory, but at the same time be corrupted/possessed by Anankos.
    • On that note, the entire dynamic between Garon and Iago could be like that Theoden and Grima in Lord of the Rings, in that Iago is a servant of Anankos who’s making sure that Garon is under his control.
    • And related to the above, Yukimura could be repurposed into a villain another servant of Anankos on the side of Hoshido with Kotaro as his lackey. That could also help Hoshido being less of a “~~uwu sweet cinnamon peace nation~~* and be more morally even with Nohr.
      • On a rewritten Conquest, Yukimura could also basically lead Hoshido into war under the guise of acting on Mikoto’s orders.
  • Give the sisters legendary weapons.
    • Seriously, just do it.
    • I don’t give a shit if that means that the Yato’d have to have eight traffic lights on it for being powered up by each individual one, just do it.
    • Camilla wouldn’t even have to get an original one, she could just inherit Bölverk from Garon with the story noting that Xander originally was supposed to get it, but Garon saw that he was shit with axes while Camilla was great with them, so she got it instead.
  • Eunwoo, having a casual conversation with Moonbin: Yeah, I think the promotions for Baby are going really we-
  • Moonbin, interrupting suddenly: I'm so sorry I didn't mean to touch his butt! It was just there and I touched it a little but I didn't mean it!
  • Eunwoo: ...
  • Eunwoo: Wait what?
  • Moonbin: I touched Seungkwan's butt! I'm so sorry!
  • Eunwoo: I have literally no idea what we are talking about right now, but okay, I forgive you.

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 Hey, I’m back! 

Finals are officially over!! These are all the flashcards I used to prepare for exams throughout the semester. I’m so glad school is over lol. Even though I still have no idea what to do with my life (career wise), I’m excited to see what the next school year brings. Senior year here I come~

🎧 There’s nothing holdin’ me back- Shawn Mendes

if jooheon was your boyfriend

my first request :’’)))) tysm, I’m sorry if this is bad or generic, but I had a lot of fun doing it- I’ll gladly do it as a series, so please tell me what member you’d want next :))

  • squishy squish what a cutie 
  • basically your best friend but a little more intimate 
  • probably awkward when he asks you out but then quickly gets comfortable (like as soon as you say ok he’s already whisking you away bridal style) 
  • clingy and touchy i can just imagine it 
  • doesn’t mind a little pda 
  • wants everyone to know that you’re his and is proud about it 
  • knows when to give you space but may as well be glued to you all day since he never leaves your side 
  • dimples galore 
  • will get jealous if you prefer other boygroups 
  • but then he’d turn around and be the biggest girl group stan smh double standards 
  • good luck trying to stop him from learning all the dances to g friend and twice
  • those eYEs ohmygod you’ll melt everytime 
  • ^ gets what he wants from you, always 
  • funny af (obviously) 
  • he’d have you laughing so much everyday that you start tearing up 
  • randomly breaking out into a dance and rapping to try and make you laugh / cheer you up 
  • pouty jooheon is so cute 
  • he’d be upset if you accidentally ate something of his that he was looking forward to eating 
  • wouldn’t really be mad at you because he thinks you’re cute 
  • but he’d probably bring it back up one of those days when he wants you to buy a treat for him while you’re on a date together 
  • ^ it probably happens a lot 
  • betting each other on who will pay for a meal out by showing the best aegyo 
  • he always wins 
  • omg your poor wallet 
  • but he’s a gentleman,, he’ll probably pay last minute when you’re not looking 
  • or make up for not paying by buying small things over time 
  • absolutely spOILS you on your birthday 
  • likes to order takeout with you and just binge watch netflix together 
  • but if he cooks he really tries his best 
  • best, but unexpected, food combos like omg why haven’t you thought of eating this together before??? 
  • distracted easily but it’s a cute and dorky trait 
  • texting you his random thoughts and the occasional joke or meme 
  • will ask you for advice when it comes to decision making 
  • you wear the pants in the relationship most of the time 
  • he likes to be controlled by you ;))) 
  • energetic, so can go on for rounds and rounds 
  • dating him will be tiring, but such a fun experience 
  • he’s your cute lil puppy who just loves to give cuddles and kisses all the time
  • constantly reminding you that he loves you 
  • has a strong hold on you when you sleep 
  • whispering how much you mean to him in your ear before kissing you goodnight 
  • would be so afraid to lose you,, pls protect him

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how come you decided to change the covers mid-saga? I mean, I LOVE these new covers - and that you've achieved your dream of having a book with a poc as the main protagonist in the cover! I'm honestly SO proud of that- but it kinda sucks for those who have the original covers...

Hey there. So authors don’t decide cover changes. Publishing houses do. They do this for many reasons, but the most common is trying to reach a new audience. (That’s also why you almost never see a book that’s being made into a movie or show with the original book cover–the studios want to reach more people.) 

I am lucky in that I can give my ideas, which I did in this case. The cover change had been something I knew was likely coming. We’d all been considering it for a while, but the publishing house made the final decision. And actually? I was happy that decision was made. Because I cannot tell you HOW MANY kids have asked me why my characters aren’t on the cover, and if it’s because they are brown. When the decision became final, my focus was on pushing for POC rep. 

I 100% get that people want their books to match.  And you know, if you don’t like the covers, I get that. (Though I am glad that you do, anon!) Some people don’t like people on their covers. Or they don’t like the style or the font or layout or whatever. These are definitely Assassin’s Creed inspired (I love me some AC)  and some people didn’t like that, either. Or they don’t like the colors. Everyone is entitle to their own opinion. 

But I do believe if your main gripe is that your books won’t match, it’s important to see a bigger picture. The cover change was going to happen. And as a result, we have book covers where there is a beautiful South Asian girl and a beautiful Middle Eastern man featured prominently. 

I believe that representation is a thousand times more important than matching book covers. 

I know there are kids out there to whom matching book covers matter a LOT, and they can’t afford to go out and buy new books. My suggestion is, when you get pissed about it, think about all the brown kids who are going to see themselves on an ya fantasy. Think of how much it means to them. And ask yourself which is more important. :) :) :) 

how long do i have to wait
and how many sleepless nights do i have to spend
to see you, to meet you
⤿ for @ohime-sxma

Seeing you in the hallway makes my stomach drop to my knees. I feel like I can’t breathe when I’m around you. I attempt to say “hi” but the word just doesn’t come out. You have no idea how infatuated I am with you.
—  infatuated // 1:19pm
What if the paladins’ zodiac signs are based on their elements?

Hear me out.

We already have Hunk, whose birthday is on January the 13th - making him a Capricorn. Capricorn is an earth sign, and the yellow lion is the guardian spirit of earth!

Shiro’s birthday is on February the 29th, making him a Pisces - the most spiritual of the signs.

If this pattern continues, we have 3 possibilities each for Keith, Lance and Pidge:

  • Keith: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Lance: Pisces*, Cancer, Scorpio
  • Pidge: Aquarius*, Gemini, Libra

(*not very likely, both would’ve been confirmed by now)

My guess for Keith is that he’s an Aries.

Aries are said to be brave, courageous, and trustworthy, but also fierce and impulsive.

They’re born leaders, always willing to take one for the team - but their stubbornness can sometimes cloud their judgement.

Keith has all these traits, as shown in “Across the Universe” and “The Blade of Marmora”. While he was able to pilot the Black Lion in order to save Shiro, he didn’t seem concerned about his own wellbeing in the slightest when he took quite the beating from those Marmora fighters.

Keith likes to push himself. But when a member of his team is in danger and he’s got to make a quick decision, he usually acts very level-headed.

When Allura was taken captive by Zarkon, he proposed to come up with a plan instead of rushing head first into battle, something he didn’t consider at all when he was fighting Zarkon one on one. While this may have seemed cold, it was - strategically speaking - the decision any experienced leader would have made.

And when Shiro was beginning to lose consciousness, Keith didn’t blindly rush to him in a weak attempt to take on those beasts by himself. Instead he placed everything on one card, asking the Black Lion for help.

And it worked. Because he knew what he was doing.

Lance doesn’t seem like a Scorpio at all, and if we rule out Pisces as a possibility, Cancer is the only sign left. And it fits:

People with the Cancer zodiac are sensitive, loyal, creative and spontaneous - but also naive and clingy.

It’s canon that Lance is very loyal to his teammates and friends, but he also likes to internalise his issues and has insecurities that gnaw at his confidence. Let me hug u

As for Pidge, I can see why one would argue that she’s a Libra - but I’m leaning more towards Gemini.

She’s quick-witted, adaptable and a fast learner, but indecisive and a bit of an overthinker at times. Her main goal is finding her brother and father. While this may motivate her and give her a reason to continue piloting the Green Lion, it is also her biggest weakness. I wouldn’t be surprised if the paladins’ enemies used Pidge’s family against her at some point in the future.

Her ability to figure out Olkarian technology in a split second and her eagerness to learn Altean has me convinced that she’s a Gemini. They’re said to be two-faced.

These are my guesses based on Season 1 & 2 and what little information we have on Hunk and Shiro. If you have any ideas or things that you’d like to point out, feel free to add on!

matt’s acting in the 1x06 flashback was so damn good i’m so proud honestly??? because even if it had been maybe 1.5 years since they shot 1x06 and he’s appearance obviously had changed, everything about alec just felt so *s1*???? i don’t know how to describe it but if i hadn’t watched the show and someone had showed me 1x07 starting with the flashback i would never have guessed it wasn’t there originally

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hellloooo may i make a request? for gag where jungkook takes oc on a date to a basketball game and they show up on the big screen for the kissing thing (ya know when a couple shows on the screen and they like have to kiss yea that) and oc is like shocked and like ummmm nah we aint a couple but jks fluffy ass pulls her in for the kiss and the rest is whatever you want!


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Oooooooo tell me more about your Galra mate headcannon, I had the same idea and I'm curious how u interpreted it

Anon:  Ooo, that galra “mate” and “mate’s protector” thing sounds really interesting! Do you have any headcanons about it you would like to share with the world?

So how the Galra’s mate thing work- 

The Galra are a civilized society, but they are a deeply primal one as well. They have evolved in such a way, that they can reproduce loads of children, efficiently and quickly- so the species will never fully die out. 

Originally the Galra worked in pseudo-packs, with one king working as the main leader. They disbanded that when they formed an alliance with King Alfor, trying to be a more civilized race. However, they kept one thing sacred the whole time: Mates. To the Galra, having a mate was essentially a literal lifesaver. Your mate, whom brought children into the world if you were the more dominant of the galra, could also heal you as long as they were touching you (this is limited to the mates on which both partners are galra). Not only did could they heal you but if you could get them to touch you in anyway (i.e. cuddling) your entire body and mind would relax and you would be able too fight off any type of magic or anything. Having said that, if you hurt a galras mate, you are fucked. Because the mates are so precious to the galra if you dare even touch a hair on their mates head, they will tear you apart. Mates are sacred. 

Now, some Galra don’t have mates. Some will have multiple mates. Some will have mates of different species. Some mates reject their mates. Zarkon doesn’t have a mate- he thinks they’re a liability. Lotor has a mate, Lance, whom rejected him in favor for his other mate, Keith. 

Since mates are sacred, they are bound to have a protector, someone who protects the mates- of course, each mate pair gets two of them, chosen by the individually by both of the mates. 

yeah just my dumb little idea ha

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Hi! Do you use references to work? I just started a degree in design and i kinda feel bad for using references bc yesterday this guy was like "i never use references, that's not true illustration" or something like that; so now I'm not sure I'm creative and original enough?? And I'm feeling very insecure about it bc i don't know if i have what it takes to be here. Anyway, just wanted to know your opinion. Thank you!❤️

Yes, I use very often! Especially when I need to find some interesting pose :) But sometimes I don’t and it’s one of the things I had to practice a lot to achieve that! (But yeah, in general, references are really important and I would never say it’s not true illustration when an artist uses it - we all do it!).

Illustration is nothing more than showing your ideas. But in order to do that, we need to learn how to draw, right? So that’s how reference will help you out. And using it won’t make your art a false illustration because it’s the idea that matters the most.  Reference is just going to give you some direction. We don’t know how to draw anything, so we need to learn from reality: things that actually exists.

(Keep reading because is a long post).

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SUPERHERO AU IS MY LIFE RN THANK YOU. Can you explain their origins? Like, how did they all get their abilities, and how did they find each other? Were they friends beforehand? And like, do they live together now and share a place? Are they an independent superhero group, or are they apart of a bigger organization? I'm so hyped about this you have no idea. I want fanart and fanfics and wow, this is such a good idea, you're a genius!! I LOVE YOU!

original superhero!thinks found here! oh geez origins are HARD guys. this is a powered universe so they were all born with there abilities but below is mostly how they discovered their powers 

onew: always just had the ability but no one else in his family is powered so this was a huge shock; he would trip a lot but never got hurt but he didn’t even fully realize that he had healing powers until him and his friend had the really bright idea to jump out of the second story window during a sleepover and his friend broke both of his legs and onew was fine??? and while his friend was screaming in pain he was like omgomgomg and when he was trying to calm her down before he went to get help and when he place his hands on her shoulders he healed her and they were like o wow 

jonghyun: being a werewolf is in his bloodline. his mom and sister both shift too and when he was little, he was just so hype to finally be able to change and he’d wake up every day on his birthday running around hoping that this would be the year he’d be able to do it and was always SUPER disappointed that he couldn’t (sodam: you know that it probably wouldn’t happen right on your birthday right??? / jong: *pouting so hard*). the first time he shifted (it wasn’t on his b-day), it was when he was 12 and started going pre-teen moodiness. he was arguing with mom over something dumb and got heated and SHIFTED INTO A WOLF and even as a wolf you could see how shocked he was and he started running in circles like a excited pupper (was also only about the size of a german shepard at first)

key: his family has mostly fire-based powers so they assumed he would too and they didn’t really think much of it when during his birth there was a HUGE thunderstorm but when they took him home and he shorted out their power during a crying fit they were like o M G. bc can you imagine a baby who could cause a blackout during a tantrum??? thank god that his parents were immune to his shocks (their hair would get v fried and static-y tho bc that electricity has to come out somehow) he also glowed in the dark bc he just thrummed with electricity and worked as his own nightlight, he doesn’t glow anymore bc he toned it down but he still can if he wanted to 

minho: his ability actually came in increments so he wasn’t always as stretchy as he is now; so when he was younger and he’d stretch his whole body it just looked like he was getting taller but his dad was like you look taller than you did yesterday…….. and when they measured him they were like he grew 2 inches in the past night and because that is physically impossible that’s when they realized that o he’s stretchy and he kept working out to limber up his body and highkey his ability gave him SUCH an advantage when he played basketball whoop 

taemin: an alien. jk but actually who knows because he says a lot of shit about where his powers come from: his family made a deal with the devil in the dark ages, he’s the product of a blackhole and dark magic, he’s a witch and his magic has been passed down for generations, etc (the last one actually is true, you know that whole drowning witches thing and if they didn’t die they were witches???? it literally came from the lee family bc they would just open a portal in the water and teleport to shore dripping wet and angry as hell). in conclusion, don’t know exactly where his powers are from, he was just born this way~ he was in class when he made his first portal & he ripped space-time bc history was way too boring and he was like i’m out 

ot5: they didn’t actually know each other beforehand, they met at SM academy which trained powered beings (they were either recruited or applied to be there). they became friends within the academy and trained together and because they had such good chemistry, they applied to become a group and were accepted!  they do all live together because it just makes sense for them to be able to portal to where they’re needed from their apartment 

  • Billy: *hiccups* *more hiccups*
  • Zach: whoa, you should drink some water
  • Billy: *drinks water* I still feel...*hiccups*
  • Zach: I got it. The element of surprise shall save you my fri-
  • Billy: *is dumbfounded*
  • Jason: ...
  • Billy: ...
  • Zach: Hey, look at that. Your hiccups are gone.