i'm so obsessed with this picture omg


I survived my three work shifts in a row, yay!! I think I deserve an A++ for effort, an epsom salt bath, and a massage!😬✔️✔️✔️

AND can we just talk about my sweet boy, he’s so precious! 💕✨ I’m literally obsessed with him and taking pictures of HIM!😍😭🐶💕❤️

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hello hello~~ thanks for replying me ^^ hopefully Mnet or Youngjae will upload a picture of him in the peach head (omg i'm too obsess with him in peach head that me and my friend that's Jinyoung bias gonna do a peach head headband HAHA) anyway i saw a gif of him claiming Jb when a fan said Jb is the fan's do you know what vid is that?

Hi dear, 

Yeah I really hope that Mnet could upload a photo of him wearing the peach head. He’s so cute with it  ╰(▔∀▔)╯ OMG I’m excited for you and for your friend. Oh yes because peach head is actually Jinyoung’s character but somehow Youngjae has stole it from him. hahaha 

Anyway, which gif dear? Is this the one? 

If you were referring to this, it was from Dream Knight Commentary (Mark, JB & Youngjae) you can watch it here, 


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I'm seriously obsessed with the way you draw! Like seriously. Especially how you draw Louis omg. It makes me giggle and tingle c; Like- its just weird but really sexy at the same time, and I don't know when I giggle too much giggling turns into guffaws and like- the way you draw Louis is addicting. Mind drawing a picture of Louis shirtless on the beach with Harry whose making a sand castle? I'm sorry for putting pressure on you like that its just- your drawings is really astonishing. :)x

first, aaaaaah, thank you so much! *throw louis everywhere* i really like drawing him so im happy you enjoyed them too!!

second, pffft harry making sand castle? im thinking more like this lol—



OMG I just realized that Dan’s profile picture on Instagram is a photo of his face covered with stickers and thinking about Phil’s obsession with stickers makes me wanna cry THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! *imagines Phil putting stickers on Dan’s face* *crafts* *chokes* *dies with pheels*

My conversation with David Tennant when he was filming Broadchurch in my hometown bevfwbcchjbrwtftrfdabgbgt
  • David Tennant: *Walks towards me extending his hand out to greet me* Hello *FUCKING ADORABLE SCOTTISH ACCENT*
  • Me: Hi *inner fangirling*
  • My Mum: *babbles on about how it's my birthday in two days*
  • David: Oh congratulations, how old will you be?
  • Me: Thankyou, I'll be 15 (I'm 16 now btw...this was a little over a year ago)
  • David: Wow happy early birthday
  • Me: Thanks
  • My Mum: Could she get a quick picture with you?
  • My Mum: *takes picture and then says thank you and babbles about something*
  • GUYS THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED, IT WAS OVER A YEAR AGO SO I FORGOT ABOUT IT ALMOST OMG FFWIEHUEBHCQHJ I did watch Christopher first but David was the Doctor that got me obsessed with Doctor who a few years ago and THAT MAN ON THE TV I MET HIM I MET 10 OH MY GOD HE'S SUCH A SWEETHEART THOUGH I FUCKING CANT