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Your blog is literally goals omg can u plz reccomend some like yours or just your favs in general? Thanks in advance 🌌

oh wow tysm, ur so nice ily!! ✨🖤

some of my favs : @m4ma @gikwang @ymgi @rosefriend @badtrait @y0ngguk @yoong7 @liqgloss @1ipsticks @jongln @jjksgrl @agustdvevo @dewyjinki @1bread @1vrse @130jeon @pristi4 @ampleness @deadlychim @deadboy @taessweaters @namjoonsluv @eastafrician @exohduhs @taishifura @softblush @glamgould @gayilge @hoejisoo @k00kiee @nc127 @vousmeusvoyez @bultaerone @dazedjongin

some of them are dark and some are just favs, hope this helps you out. 💓


Thank you for tagging me @rninseok @babyz 😊😚💞

 I’m tagging: @taecheol @minfreakingyoongi @shinee-who @peachyyvmin @markscutie @cyphrs @yoongiminkook @prettypinkjincess @95s @yugyeim @kihvyeon @asshun @amerithaikongz @nochuie

my fav lil things abt j-hope pt.2

- his answers are always so well constructed like he’s thought of it so many damn times
- always thinking abt previous years
- is serious when he needs to be
- the way his eyes light up when talking abt dance during hope on the street
- how he has gallant set as his phone lock screen
- into interior designs
- the mnet butterfly fancam
- how he will always cheer on the members, even if they complain abt how loud he is
- “hobi is hungry!!!” precious 3rd person narratives
- how he does the peace sign and bends them in a rly cute way
- the way he holds his mic w his index finger pointed out
- how he’s aware he’s a flower
- being hyper behind the HopeOnTheStreet™ towel
- vocally appreciating joon’s vocals
- resting his arms over his head when he sleeps
- heart eyes @ every member (esp jimin)
- “just looking @ kim taehyung’s face is funny”
- how he’s yoongs energizer
- the lowkey mix of singing and rapping together
- knows he can’t act so he just quietly sits there
- his bony long ass fingers
- acts like he’s being fast-forwarded while cleaning up the dorm
- has leader qualities within him
- how he looks extra hot when he wakes up
- a rare talent: making tae feel flustered
- “hello~ im your hope~ im your angel~ im jhope!!” deserves the best self intro award
- underrated rbf
- will say he’s full but will also be eating 1m later
- puns (soda, melOn, osaka)
- how he randomly sings while preparing meat
- his edits when their twt reaches a million milestone
- moving his hips like it ain’t any1s business
- cute bear brick collection
- where is his credit for helping w choreos
- if his members constantly telling you tht hobi’s the best dancer in the group doesn’t give him a reason to be in the centre of dance parts…….you need to wake up
- “@-@”
- i appreciate hobi’s effort in doing bungee jump n scary stuff but he’s actually scared,,why does he need to prove smth by jumping w so much stress n fear??? he’s even stiff when standing on the balcony like does tht not scream HES NOT OK W HEIGHTS to ppl?? when will this stop

jin | yoongs | hobi | rapmom | jimin | tae | jk


I will.

Since we’re at the end and I’ve never really been a part of a fandom before I wanted to take a moment because I have too many feelings.

Shoutout to each and every one of my followers first and foremost. Thank you all for taking an interest in my blog; I never dreamed I’d have so many of you :) 

I tried to say a little something for everyone I tagged but for those of you I didn’t, just fill it in that your blog is awesome, you’re awesome, and people should follow you.


@anationofthieves  ​I know you’re not active rn but I loved all your posts and your gorgeous gifsets   that I’ll probably never be able to do haha 

@candlewindsI live to read your anon replies and your tags and your gifsets

@captain-flintThe very first Sails blog I followed and the Queen of Gifsets. <3 

@crucifythenburn​ (Trinity) I heart your shining personality on tumblr and your incredible Silverflint fic I Will Try To Fix You which everyone and their mother’s sister should be reading

@char7​ (Charley) <3  A gal after my own heart. I swear our brains are wired together; I agree with most everything she says about Sails and politics RPJ and everything else we’ve ever chatted about. And your sense of humor is fantastic

@dimplesflint​ (Mer) We are relatively new mutuals but I’ve followed you since your pianka days. Your Flint gifsets are positively scrumptous and thank you so much for commenting on a couple of my fics on AO3!! It meant a lot.

@ellelan(Elle) BS CATS FOREVER! You inspired me to make the Flint/Ginger Cat post, the first of several. So much fun. You’re such a great personality and the fandom wouldn’t be the same without your beautiful edits and words of wisdom (and your naughty thoughts for fics >:)  

@flinthamiltonStill one of the best Sails blogs and will always be near and dear to my shipper heart. Your gifsets and metas about James and Thomas are just amazing. You are sweet and kind in conversations and you even bother to reblog my things   

@flintsredhair​ (Meg) MEG!! I heart Meg. She is a superbly talented Flinthamilton writer and my favorite Flinthamilton writer. I feel like I can chat with her about all things James/Thomas. I don’t know how you keep pumping out so many great stories but keep it up!

@flintstruestlove Another recent mutual but since you jumped in here with nothing but a passion for James/Thomas AND  you make gifsets of seasons and things I haven’t seen forever, of course you make the list :)

@fmwisWe’ve never spoken I don’t think but you have faithfully reblogged literally every single Flint-related edit I’ve ever done?!?! Thank you!


@jadedbirch I think we’ve circled each other forever on here before we became mutuals lol. You are by far one of my fave personalities on here; you’re very easy going and I love that. And don’t forget whose idea the whole porn police thing was! ;)



@krimsnkramsart I love your style and somehow you come up with the sweetest James pairing drawings <3


@lady-eleanor-vane <3 You are so super sweet and a friendly person no matter what! Thanks for taking an interest in me and my blog 


@Maria (musemm)What can I say? You and shinmaya were so welcoming to me when I was a noob on here and gave me exposure. We both shared our love of Billy/Flint, and even though that hasn’t worked out, we’ve had many, many conversations about all kinds of things and I heart you; you’ve inspired my writing so much you don’t even know. *gives you a big fat wet kiss*


@mirandaabarlow The first person I’ve chatted with about Anne Rice on here. :) And oc your Sails gifs are Pretties I love to reblog


@ohflintYour silverflint edits are absolutely stunning and full of heart at the same time  


@old-long-john EEE I love your Silverflint fics!!!


@primal–scream​ (Lisa) I love your fics too and our funny ramblings on tumbles



@sagestreetEEEE SAGE! I must gush over your Black Sails painting/analysis posts; the fandom wouldn’t be the same without them!!! Also we’ve shared several convos about all kinds of things, serious and not so serious and I’m so glad to have met you here. Thanks again for those movie recs!

@shavingmysealegs<3 Another lovely blog ran by a lovely person ;)


@themissingmask Your artwork always makes me smile even on the worst days and is so very inspirational for writing fics     

@thewalruscaptain (Rachel) Along with Lisa, our funny ramblings on tumbles and also every so often you make fantastic pretties




@vowel-in-thug (Gemma) Your Silverflint fics are amazing!!! I always feel guilty because I can never read more than I write, but I read lots of yours even when I don’t comment <3

@zombievonmorgenWe haven’t chatted in a while but I’ve been loving every single Witcher post you’ve reblogged, and all those art posts very much. Your James Flint drawings are some of my favorite

…I’ll just be over here sobbing quietly now.

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do u have any mutuals that are special to you?

hm a few :/

@babywoon: i love sherry so so so so so much, i came to her that day with my stupid idea of creating a changki network and everyone was like “i don’t think that’ll succed” but she aceppted it at first, she didn’t even care, we yelled together and created it and i’m getting so emo rn bc i’m so thankful she accepted it and we’re here, together! Also, just thinking about meeting her next year makes me cry, i don’t think i’ll make it, i’ll prob die looking at her! I love sherry with all my heart! (and i feel like she loves me too bc she’s always like “old*cks” and “n*t” :^) )

@hyungnu: first person i talked to here on tumblr, i’ll always have this special feeling for her! when we talk it’s so? idk i can spend hours talking to her without noticing how late it is, it happened a few times… also my english teacher and i miss her so much :( i hope she’s doing good rn, i know she’s busy and if i could say something to her it’d be “i believe in you! you can do it! i love you!”

@busangtan: kell is the sweetest person i’ve ever meet and i love her so much, she’s always here for me and i don’t deserve her! i just want to yell to the entire world we need to protect kell, like we NEED TO!!!! Also she reminds me of changkyun, as pure as him!

@daeguheon: another person that we need to protect, i love rahma! she’s so kind and helps me a lot, another person that i don’t deserve too… :/ AND HER GFX ALL OF IT, IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL, SERIOUSLY GOALS! I want yall giving lots of love to rahma, bc she deserves it!!!!!!!!!!!

@hoshsi: she is? me? or am i a brazilian loretto? we have so much in common and everytime we talk it’s so fun and lovely with ”bb” and love words, idk but she’s my actual crush and we’d make a 10/10 couple if she didn’t hurt me :/ but still i love her

i tagged just 5, but EVERYONE i talk to are special to me! also i know that’s a simple question and it turned out being a fcking bible, i’m rlly sorry tho! 

anyway i don’t know what y’all’s motivations in voting in these things are but if it’s just your love for malec then i don’t really think that’s enough tbh so i propose what seems to me to be the best fuel and driving force and that’s anger. pls get angry that magnus being a bisexual asian man is a too unique and too important character to be overlooked like this (again), or get angry that poc in shadowhunters fandom have to watch malec, an interracial couple, losing to a white ship for the second year in a row, or be angry because ev//ak, as wonderful as they are, being a new white couple, never should have become so much more popular then the already well-known and interracial malec in such a short time, because none of this is a coincidence and it’s not fair and we shouldn’t just be satisfied with whatever ship wining just because they are both m/m and we still have hours before the poll closes and we can win this so pls

just keep voting for malec


Ur local genderflux babe wishes u a happy trans day of visibility 💖(they/she)

sometimes all people need is a good listener

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Hey hi i'm considerably new to the fandom and i've seen people today going on about some xander guy who is apparently not very nice? And i searched tags but i couldn't find anything about him and about why ppl dont like him? Do you maybe have a link to some post that explains why?

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the funny thing is i've heard aphobic gay ppl go on and on about how ace/aro ppl always call gay pda 'gross' but like...i follow quite a few ace ppl and i've literally never heard that?? i feel like the only ppl that would push that are trolls pretending to be ace so aphobes get all up in a fit to try and demonize them (kinda like posts that say all allo ppl think about is sex, which i'm p damn sure are made by trolls)

I’ve literally never seen actual aspecs say that “gay pda is gross”. There are, however, aspecs that ask for pda in general to be tagged because they’re romance/sex-repulsed. But they never specify “gay” pda.

Aphobes just assume everything is about them. They’ll lie and misinterpret as much as they can to try and further their argument.

–Mod Mercy

“steve and sharon had no chemistry!!!!”
“omg they were OBVIOUSLY flirting at the funeral it’s so crass”

“no one even cared abt the kiss in the theaters”
“ppl BOOED the kiss in theaters”

“no one even remembers that the kiss happened”
*spends the next TWELVE MONTHS making hateful posts abt it thus drawing more attention to it than if they had otherwise ignored it and moved on with their lives*

can y'all antis make up your minds please

Got tagged by @96percentdone to post 11 facts of myself, thank you!! I’m not a really interesting person though so these are probs gonna be really mundane :’’D

1) I absolutely despise bananas. Like, there are other foods I don’t like, but that I will eat if like, a friend’s mom or my grandma is offering it to me and I’d feel awkward refusing. But bananas. I wouldn’t eat those no matter who offered, just, no. I’ll also go out my way to always check if there’s bananas inside cakes (bc that’s a thing that people here do much to my dismay) just cuz ugh. Haven’t eaten in years but last time I did I threw up so…

2) In return I love pasta and chicken nuggets a lot. Also tbh any food with onions or cheese in it, I love both a lot. 

3) I have a little brother 5 years younger than me. Basically he’s my half brother, since my biological dad left my mom when she was pregnant and started dating my current dad but, you know, he’s been my dad my whole life so I don’t really consider him my stepdad or my brother half. 

4) I love foxes. This comes as news to everyone. I also love dogs a lot. That’s probably not a surprise either. I used to like horses a lot but these days I’m pretty indifferent abt them. I like animals in general tbh.

5) My aunt has the exact same birthday as me (25.5). And that’s not all: her aunt has the exact same birthday as well. Now my lil brother just gotta have a kid born that day too so they can say that their uncle and his aunt and her aunt have the same birthday as them.

6) I’ve been drawing far, far more and longer than I’ve been writing, yet I’m still better at writing than drawing… 

7) My fave number is 27, and my lucky number is 5 (I mean I was born on 25.05.-95 and also my password for school computer in elementary school was 250595J5, so back then I thought it was fate lol)

8) I also love plants and flowers. I wish I have more of them but I don’t have much space plus I don’t know much abt caring for them

9) It bothers me when people walk on my left side. I don’t really know the reason why though. It also changes with different people, like with some it doesn’t bother me as much and with some I just have to change sides bc it bothers me so much.

10) I hate going downhill with any vehicle, like with bike or in a car. In return I do like going uphill though. Going downhill just makes me rly anxious and feel unsafe, while going uphill I feel more in control and not at the mercy of physics

11) I’m good at card games. I’m not that good in games that require quick thinking or even more, quick reactions like shooting games (although I have p quick reflexes irl). Anything where I can take my time to think I’m pretty good at, like strategy or mystery games. And esp card games, bc I’ve been playing them with my relatives since I was a lil kiddo (and they never went easy on me, everyone played to win) so I’m pretty quick at catching on what to do, esp one-on-one games.

Ummmm to tag a few ppl from the top of my head @flandur, @nemossubmarine, @i-demand-a-hug, @wingsof-flame, @4nimenut, @harvestlight, @holyangelheart, that’s all this time, sorry for the people who wanted to be tagged (u can like mention to me and I’ll tag u too) and also sorry if someone didn’t want to be tagged, no need to do this if u don’t want to~

So I’ve been going through the “Humans are space orcs” tag, and I’m not sure if it’s just me, but most of the posts seem to be able able-bodied, neurotypical people, or at least don’t mention disabled people at all. So I was wondering if people could link me to posts about aliens interacting with disabled people. Or prompts! Something about aliens finding more common ground with autistic people, perhaps, or not understanding human medication, or being amazed at prosthetic limbs, or anything. I’d really love to see them!! 


@im-not-trash-im-recyclable tagged me in a “describe yourself in 6 pictures” thingie!! idk if this rly describes me as a person (it’d have a lot more tears and dirty laundry) but it’s kinda my aesthetic so,,ye. also i took all these pics which is Fun 

 ok i tag @ndbrt6 @itsskylerblue @literalvampire @constellation-dan and @fangirlinaonesie

@asthesunwillrise @flintsredhair @old-long-john @primal–scream @vowel-in-thug @lady-eleanor-vane @crucifythenburn @jadedbirch @ellelan @shavingmysealegs @mirandaabarlow @char7 sorry I had to tag you all again when I saw my fam post. You are all so wonderful it’s disgusting. ♥‿♥

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