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Tsukkiyama idea

Okay but hear me out, a Tsukkiyama fic where it starts as when they’re kids and little Yama has a huge crush on Akiteru and he acts all cute and shy around him. But then like Tsukki has a crush on Yama (all the way until high school. So I guess current day??) but he thinks Yamaguchi still has a crush on his brother so he kind of continues to ignore it. But then Yama is all cute and stuff around Tsukki and Tsukki gets blushy and they confess and Akiteru is a proud big brother. And there’s like parts where Akiteru knew Tsukki likes Yama. Tsukki would ignore Akiteru because Yamaguchi liked him.


Listen, the writers for Supergirl this season are complete trash and shit. I’m only gonna talk about the shit they dun fucked up for 2.13 but I am aware they screwed up everything else in this season. Sooo let’s start off by talking about WHERE THE FUCK IS JAMES OLSEN?! I’ve been looking for him EVERYWHERE and yet he gets such limited screen time. The writers can take his character in so many WELL written storylines but, yet I have to remember they are trash and constantly forget about storylines that do not involve Karamel.
Secondly, I’m gonna talk about how they fucked up the writing through out the episode in which we discovered that Maggie doesn’t like Valentine’s Day. Along with that we discovered why she doesn’t and why it’s an IMPORTANT issue to be talked about. We learn that Maggie started to find out that she liked girls when she would spend time watching movies and smoking cigarettes with Eliza Wilkie. Maggie thought that the feelings were mutual and spent time to write her a note about how she felt and put herself out there only to have it ALL backfire on her. Her dad found out and KICKED HER OUT for BEING GAY. Upon hearing this Alex wasn’t prepared and didn’t comfort her at all. This is such a HUGE issue in today’s society and Alex didn’t even comfort her?! Maggie’s pet peeve is to not be heard and that’s the way that Alex made her feel. Furthermore, into the episode Alex and Maggie make up but they made Maggie apologize? NOPE! I THINK THE FUCK NOT! Maggie was 100% in the right to feel this way. Yet, again we don’t see Alex console her or try to make her feel better… it’s all about how Alex feels because that’s the only feelings that matter? Nope. TBH I would rather see them talk about Maggie and how this affected her. Also, how she dealt with it, and how on top of that she lied and said that her parents were okay to make Alex have a better time. YOU CAN’T TAKE HEAVY CONCEPTS AS SUCH AND CRAM THEM INTO SHORT SCENES to make room for a toxic heterosexual relationship.
Next, I’m gonna address the horse shit that is Karamel. Throughout the past couple of episodes up until the FINAL SCENES Kara has been figuring out that Mon-Hell is wrong for her. This was shown in MAJOR way tonight. For example they fight in EVERY SCENE up until the final scene of the episode as always.In this episode Mon-Hell is being jealous and over protective and acts like he now owns Kara since she got guilted into liking him. She has to repeatedly tell him to leave because he making the situation worse with Mr Mxy and she has to remind him that she IS Supergirl and is capable of dealing with this in her own in which she is right because she eventually defeats him. Then after he finally leaves he picks a fight with her stating that she “has bad judge in what she can handle” Which is not true because AGAIN she defeated Mr. Mxy as she ALWAYS does. She even states that she thought that he had changed but she still thinks he is “some macho egotistical” guy he has always been. Lastly they end this fight scene with agreeing it was a “mistake.” In the final scene the first thing he does is flush her with compliments until she is blushing and thanks him. Then he proceeds to apologize and guilts her into thinking his behavior is okay when it’s not and it is VERY TOXIC. Then the end the scene with them making out almost swallowing each other faces and then crash into the couch and make out even more that alludes to sex. In which they ONLY got together within about 3 days. Lastly, I’m gonna touch on the development of J'onn or lack there of. WHERE WAS HE THIS EPISODE? Huh? I’d like to fucking know where he is? He is such a huge father figure to both Alex and Kara and he is NEVER AROUND anymore. What is he even up to? Which alien is he hunting? How is he hunting it? WHY WAS HE NOT HELPING SUPERGIRL HUNT DOWN THE IMP? Why is the setting like almost never where it used to be? The setting in S1 was the DEO, CatCo, and Karas apartment.. but this season I have no fucking clue where the main setting is at? Where are the family value that used to be in S1? Why am I being deprived of quality Danvers sisters scenes? Do they just not spend any time together anymore since they got into relationships? Why is it that all they talk about is relationships? Shouldn’t there be more to talk about?? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ICONIC FEMINISTIC QUOTES? Did they disappear with Cat? I guess so. What happened to Supergirl working with someone other than Mon-El? Is it since Mon-El is on Earth that is the only person available to help her??? The Guardian is a new developing character in S2… Can he start to help Kara since they are friends again? How about Alex and J'onn helping her?? Along with agents they have? Lastly, WHY ISN’T ANYONE AT WORK AT THEIR DAY JOBS?? We never see Kara or James at Cat-Co? And Maggie came to the DEO and Alex was nowhere to be found… CAN THE WRITERS SCREW THEIR HEAD ON STRAIGHT AND WRITE ANYTHING GOOD?? Furthermore, what is the main story line? I don’t even know anymore??

He’s staring at me while I’m talking and the look in his eyes makes me pause. “What?” I ask self-consciously.

He smiles but shrugs at me. “Nothing,” he says, maddeningly.

I scrunch my nose in distaste.

“I just,” he says slowly, carefully. “I just want to hang out with you my whole life. You know?”

—  i love you // lily rose.

“How are you doing?”

The question kind of stops you. Because you’re okay. Your world is still spinning and you’re still smiling and you’re okay.

But then sometimes you’re not okay. Not even one little bit. And you don’t really sleep at nights because your bed is as empty as your arms. And there’s a space on your wall where his photo used to hang. And sometimes you can’t even eat because he’s gone and the sick feeling in your stomach just becomes a permanent part of you. And when you kiss someone new their lips are wrong and their hands don’t tug your hair and their body doesn’t feel quite right beneath your wandering hands. And sometimes you cry and you don’t think you’ll ever stop.

But you don’t say that. They don’t want to hear that. You just smile and say, “I’m okay I guess.”

—  Even when I’m okay, I’m not, 08/10/2016

CS AU: The knights of Misthaven finally catch the infamous Captain Hook and bring him to your majesties, Queen Snow and King David and her royal highness, Princess Emma, so he can pay for his crimes. But what if he’d met the young princess before? What if they fell in love?


Hiddlesweek Day 4: Favourite Role

  • The new boss - Jaguar campaign
I’m just trying, you know? Day by day, second by second, I’m trying to keep myself together.
—  🖤

and she’ll burst—
like a sun-kissed wave crashing against the shore; like a monochrome painting tearing at the seams
and she’ll bloom—
like a heart-shaped moon against a pitch-black sky; like pure sunlight seeping into your skin
and she’ll fade—
like a bird trapped in a blizzard, like a young star dying for the sake of the universe

she will—

when the clouds of men pull their dark cloaks over her starlit eyes.

—  don’t let suns like her be eclipsed / alina
an ask meme for fic writers ♥
  • 1: what inspires you?
  • 2: one of your favorite comments/reviews on this chapter/verse?
  • 3: what motivates you?
  • 4: what time of the day/night do you like to write?
  • 5: do you write scenes in a linear fashion or do you write future scenes/dialogues sometimes?
  • 6: hardest/easiest character to write for?
  • 7: hardest/easiest verse to write for?
  • 8: (if you have either or both) how do you manage time with writing, work, school etc.?
  • 9: what tv shows, books, or movies inspire for this verse, if any?
  • 10: any writing advice?
  • 11: (if you use) what do you like about archiveofourown?
  • 12: anything you would do to make archiveofourown different/change it?
  • 13: why did ___(character) do ____ in this fic/verse/chapter/scene?
  • 14: what is the arc for this character (redemption, etc.)? 
  • 15: ask me any spoilers you’re curious about for a verse, and i’ll post the answer in the tags
  • 16: do you ever hand write? why or why not?
  • 17: do you listen to music while you write?
  • 18: any fanmixes you’ve made for this fic/verse?
  • 19: any edits or art you’ve made for this fic/verse/any edits readers have made? if not, what visuals would you use for one?
  • 20: what songs were you listening to during this scene/chapter?
  • 21: this character’s best/worst memory?
  • 22: favorite line/quote/inner monologue from this character?
  • 23: feelings on epistolary fic?
  • 24: do you outline?
  • 25: if you outline, do you edit it frequently?
  • 26: anything you’re planning to write in your fic that you’re worried readers might like?
  • 27: when you read fic, how often do you comment?
  • 28: any scene/line you wrote that you didn’t expect to write/that surprised you once it was written?
  • 29: do you eat or drink anything while you write?
  • 30: any backstory questions about characters
  • 31: any other questions you want to ask
  • 32: what are your stats for this story/verse?
  • 33: favorite one-shot you’ve written?
  • 34: a scene/paragraph you wrote that you’re proud of
  • 35: any foreshadowing/symbolism you wrote that you hope readers didn’t miss?
  • 36: any scenes you wrote that parallel the canon verse?
  • 37: do you use quotes in the beginning notes/intro to your chapters? if so, what are some of your favorites/what are their significance?
  • 38: do you title your chapters? what’s your favorite chapter title? what’s its significance/why did you choose it?
  • 39: any alternate fic titles you were considering for this verse?
  • 40: chapter you’re most proud of in this verse?
  • 41: chapter that was the most fun to write in this verse?
  • 42: five songs that this character has on their iPod/iPhone?
  • 43: emoji this character uses the most whilst texting?
  • 44: have you shared your outline with anyone? if so, what did they think of it?
  • 45: anyone you share excerpts with?
  • 46: story with the most kudos (AO3)?
  • 47: story with the most comments?
  • 48: a happy future moment you’ve written/have planned for this ship? (will post under read more for spoilers)
  • 49: this character’s starbucks order?
  • 50: this character’s guilty pleasure?