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Rockabye (pt.4)

genre: fluff and just a little angst / stripper!au

pairing: you x jimin

word count: 3.5k

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The next day rolled around much faster than you wish it would have. You didn’t get nervous often but when you did, it really seemed to affect you and your state of mind. At times, you have a loss for words, can’t concentrate, and get uncomfortable quickly. It wasn’t Jimin’s fault you got so nervous around him, he just had such an intimidating vibe that oozed off of him. You weren’t scared of how he was with you, it was just something new and unusual to you. Most guys were the complete opposite of Jimin but since Jimin was different, that probably had to be the reason why you were so attracted to him.

Jungkook, treated you right, for the most part. When you guys met in high school, it was truly, love at first sight. He was perfect in the beginning, just like Jimin was now. But, as time carried on, Jungkook changed. He was rarely around, always giving you excuses that he was “working late” or “out with friends.”

Part of you always had a feeling that Jungkook was cheating or at least did cheat, you could just never come to believe it but that changed one night when you walked in on him, tongue fucking some random girl.

Yes, you were stupid because he convinced you to stay with him and that he was just drunk. You loved Jungkook and couldn’t find it in your heart to stay upset with him. You talked out your feelings with him, about how he has changed and he seemed to really understand and change for the better and your relationship, as time progressed. Then you ended up pregnant and out of nowhere, he was gone. No texts, calls, or visits to come see you.

This whole thing with Jimin scared you. Not only because your job was on the line but so was your heart. You were so worried that if you gave so much to Jimin, just like you did with Jungkook, he would leave with no reason. You didn’t want to get attached to someone and then have your heart broken in the end as a result. People tended to leave you and the more you thought about why you could never seem to get an answer. Nothing was wrong with you, you just seemed to get too attached to people and expect so much and as soon as they find out what you expect, they are gone within seconds.

You liked Jimin, you really did. You were willing to try this out with him if you didn’t get caught. It’s just that, you are going to have to go through so much of trying to hide the actual relationship and you were scared that you’d get caught and loose your job and Jimin with it.

Jimin had called earlier, saying that he would be at your house around 7 pm to pick you up. What really impressed you about the whole thing, was that he showed up about 30 minutes early and escorted you out to a private car with bodyguards surrounding it. Just like he promised, he also paid the babysitter. He also gave her some money for a meal to order. Jae-Eun was already asleep when you left, so she didn’t really have to do much anyways, besides check up on him every so often. Jimin really seemed to have a lot of money, which was nice but you still didn’t know what he did for a job yet. 

“You look absolutely, stunning,” Jimin said as he opened the door for you and made your way out of the car.

“Thank you.” You say quietly, with a shy smile.

Jimin seemed to notice whenever you put more effort into looking good. The thought of that flattered you because honestly when you were with Jungkook, he never complimented you or called you beautiful. He rarely ever said anything sweet to you, no matter how hard you tried to look decent for a date or special occasion.

You didn’t blame Jimin though, you knew you looked good. As cocky as that sounds, you were sure of it. You wore a red dress that hugged your hips nicely, you had on a nice pair of black high heels on, and your make-up and hair were done elegantly. The dress you had on, was expensive. You’d never be able to afford it now but before your dad passed away, he bought it for you as a birthday gift. So not only was it a truly beautiful dress, it was also something that meant a lot to you since it came from your dad. 

You start walking to the door and Jimin places his hand on your back, making you relax. He seemed to sense that you were nervous and just that little move, made your heart skip a beat but also helped you loosen up. 

“Don’t be nervous, Y/N, it’s just you and me tonight.” He soon says in a whisper before opening the door for you and motioning for you to walk in. 

He was right. There was nobody in the restaurant except a waiter that kindly greeted you and escorted you to the back of the dining room. Jimin must’ve reserved the whole damn place to himself and you because nobody was in sight. The place was beautiful, though. It was big and had tons of different paintings placed on the walls. Speaking of walls, they were painted black with a gold trimming. There was a huge, silver chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The best part of it all was the feeling you got from the place. It was quiet but peaceful and helped you relax even more even though you were still nervous.

Jimin walked quickly ahead of you and pulled the chair out for you to sit on. His smile returning as he motioned for you to sit down.

He looked good, as always. He was wearing a white button up, with a black vest that had spike looking gems around the collar of it. Not a lot of guys could pull off the hat that he was wearing but Jimin could surely not only pull it off but also look crazy handsome in it, times a million.

Jimin always left you speechless when you saw him, which has only been three times but when you did, he always looked outrageously attractive. His eyes that you always got lost in. His lips that were tinted with a rose pink color but still extremely eye catching because of how big they were. The way he smiled when he talked to you, leaving you in what seemed like a daydream. His hair and how it either fell perfectly above his eyebrows or was parted and up and how shiny it looked. Most of the time you found yourself trying to resist the urge to just reach out and touch his perfectly sculpted face. 

He soon sat down after he talked to the waiter and fixated his look onto you and nothing else, not that there was really much to look at anyways besides artwork.

But to him, you were the artwork. 

“So, Y/N, how are you feeling?” He asks, starting up the conversation.
His voice made you shudder. It was so soft and honey-like. 

“I’m feeling pretty good, just a little nervous that’s all.” You reply as you finally find the courage to look up to his sparkling eyes. It wasn’t even bright out and his eyes glowed with so much admiration and awe. 

“Are you sure?” He pauses but then continues while he leans in closer to you. "You seem to be pretty nervous. Are you scared? Or is this how you always are, because when I saw you at work, you sure weren’t acting like this.“ 

Well, obviously, you wanted to say. He didn’t understand that you were basically breaking the rules, just by seeing him. When you were on stage, your whole charisma changed, it had to. You couldn’t be shy or scared while performing because that would mean you’d do a poor job. You had to be confident, fierce, and sexy, or the tips would be shit. 

“Yes, Jimin. I’m nervous, okay?” You say quietly once again, before bringing your gaze back down to the table. “This is all just so new. I’m sorry.”

You heard him slowly move back and he speaks up again, of course saying the most heart warming thing he could possibly say.

“Just look at me. You have nothing to worry about. I don’t know what it is you are scared about but if you want to talk about it, we can. If you don’t, well then, that is okay too. I can always tell you about myself or you can tell me about you because after all, that is what we are here for, isn’t it?”

You nod and feel his thumb on your chin as he makes you move your head up to look at him. As much as you wanted to keep looking down, you couldn’t. He was smiling and the sight of that made you relax.

“Okay.” You whisper. He nods and waves his hand at the waiter, signaling him to bring water, before bringing his attention back to you. 

“So, what shall it be then?” He asks.

“Can I ask you a question? You suddenly say, out of nowhere. He nods while saying thank you to the waiter as he sets down two glasses of water.

It’s been on your mind for the past couple of weeks, about why he was at the strip club in the first place. Jimin was stunning, he could truly get any girl he wanted at anytime he wanted. Even if he was at the club just out of boredom, of all girls, why would he pick you? There were plenty of girls that were way prettier than you, had better bodies than you, and normally stood out much more than you, so why was he so attracted to you and not them?

“Why were you at the club in the first place?”

You saw Jimin shake his head while lightly laughing. “The only reason I was there was because my friends; Jin, Taehyung, Hoseok and Yoongi all convinced me to go with them. Strip clubs aren’t my forte, honestly. I was just there with some friends but then I saw you and here we are.”

Oh. My. God. Hearing that come out of his mouth, made you that much more attracted to him. He was perfect. Insanely, perfect. The fact that he was just there because his friends wanted him to go and he wasn’t there because he was looking for an opportunity to get laid, made your heart smile. If Jimin and you ever did become a ‘thing’, you were 100% positive you wouldn’t want him going to strip clubs. This whole thing made him seem to be that much better, than any guy you’ve ever met.

“Oh.. Well that’s nice to know.” You say while taking a sip of water. Who were you kidding, that was really nice to know.

“Yeah. If you don’t mind me asking again, why exactly are you working there?”

This topic was really a tough one to talk about. You were just so scared of the reaction you’d get from people and now, a guy that you were already crazy about, was asking you. You had nothing to do but tell him the story and if he ran out on you, there’s nothing you could do about it.

You let out a shaky sigh and force yourself to begin telling him. “About a year ago,” You pause while closing your eyes, then opening them again. “I got pregnant. Two months later after the dad found out, he left me in the dust. Ever since then, I’ve been working at the club. It was my only choice.”

Jimin was shaking his head, obviously infuriated, not with you either but with Jungkook. “Seriously? What kind of sick fuck- Uh, oops, sorry for the bad language,” He pauses softly giggling at himself. “What kind of sick man,” He emphasized the word “man.” He shook his head at himself as if he was at loss of words. “What am I saying? You aren’t a man of you walk out on a lady, let alone a pregnant one.“ 

His words always made you blush. Even if he was talking about Jungkook, he always knew what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. You appreciated a man with a filter because Jungkook did NOT have one. He always said what he wanted, even if that mean hurting your feelings with it. 

“Yeah, you are right.” You agree with his statement. “I guess I am just scared, if I get too close or attached to you, you will walk out on me like he did.” You say before thinking. You definitely didn’t want to come off needy, or desperate, but of course, you just did. 

Jimin tilts his head to the side before smiling at you. There was no doubt in your mind that he actually looked like an angel when he smiled. 

“Y/N, I’d never leave you like that. I would never leave you in the first place. I know I don’t know much about you, but I do know that this dick head is surely missing out on one amazing woman, that I now get the pleasure to look at and admire because he obviously didn’t if he just walked out on you like that.”

His words made butterflies form in your stomach as you continue looking at him. 

“Thank you. But enough about me, what do you do? What’s your story?”  You wanted to switch subjects. You found yourself relaxing, which was good because you had to admit, you were really tense before this whole thing. 

The waiter brings over two menus. You bow your head slightly and take one from his hand before opening the menu and deciding on what you want within in a couple of minutes, while Jimin was doing the same. 

Jimin set down the menu and placed both of his hands into a V shape, cupping his own cheeks. “Well, what do you want to know?” He asks as a smile creeps up onto his face. 

“Nothing in particular, just about you, your job, your past, I guess.”

“Well, I was working at a bank. My father owned it but he just recently passed away so, now I own it and I’m the CEO. I have an older brother but he lives California with his wife. My mom is also living in California and here I am. That’s it, there’s nothing really much to me.” He gives you a warming smile and types into the Ipad on the table, what he wants for his meal. “What do you want to eat? You tell him you want the chicken salad and watch as he carefully types in the order.

Well, that explains why he has so much money. It was nice to know that the two of you had something to relate on. Both of you had lost your fathers, so you could both understand the feelings that came with it. 

“I see. I also lost my father a little less than half a year ago.” You say, reassuring to him that you understood. You could see the pain in his eyes when he was talking about his father. They seemed to have a close relationship, just like you and your dad had.

“Oh, I am sorry to hear that Y/N” His voice was sympathetic and sweet. His face softened as he looked at you, leaving you almost gone for words. His gaze never failed to make your face heat up, it was just so intense. 

“Don’t be. I’m sorry for your loss too, Jimin" 

He winked at you before saying “Don’t be.“ 

Sooner than later, the food arrived and you ate in a comfortable silence. Every now and then Jimin looked up at you, smiling away before moving his gaze back down to his plate. When you finished your food, the two of you continued talking. 

You found out that Jimin was the high school quarterback of the football team all throughout the four years. He explained to you that his mother was also not the most supportive. You told him pretty much everything about yourself and what had happened with Jungkook. Jimin never took his eyes off of you, once you had finished eating. He never pulled out his phone to check his notifications, let alone the time and made it clear that he was listening to you. You saw him shake his head every now and then to let you know that he understood your past and why you were doing what you were doing now as a job.

The fact that Jimin didn’t judge you once, or was judging but didn’t make it obvious, flattered you, a lot. Jimin was beyond ideal and never said anything that hurt your feelings or made you feel bad. Although it was rare, if you did go on a date with a guy and they asked what you did, they made you feel so bad about doing it. They would always ask "Why can’t you just work at a restaurant?” or “Why can’t you get ahold of the dad, so he can pay child support?” They didn’t understand that; One, stripping made you really fast and easy money, compared to a normal cashier or waitress job. Two, they also didn’t understand the fact that, no matter how hard you tried, Jungkook would never pay to support the kid, even if it was his.

“Y/N?” Jimin asks quietly before placing his right hand on the table, with his palm facing up. He grabs your hand with his left and places it onto his, securing his grip onto it. His hand was warm and fit perfectly over yours. 

Once again, this little move worked you up just enough to have your heart thumping in your chest. You didn’t dare to take your hand out of his.  He looked at you so softly and held your hand like it was some fragile piece of glass and spoke up again. 

“You are so beautiful and simply an amazing, strong, and great woman. Don’t let this one guy, close your heart to another, more specifically, me. I would never do anything to hurt you. I would never use anything you tell me now and hold it against you. I know you’ve told me before that you have had to get paid for sex and I hate the fact that such a special girl has to do that because of some asshole. If we do become anything, please do know I would never hurt you like that, Okay?”

“Okay.” You reply, slowly taking everything in. Your heart felt at ease with everything he just said but of course, he had to add more. 

“I know you are struggling now, so I will give you $500 each month to help support you and your child.”

As soon as he said that, you felt like sobbing right then and there. As sudden and big this whole thing was, that meant no more prostitution and fewer hours of stripping. $500 was your whole month’s rent and then some. Jimin would never know how grateful you were and as much as you wanted to object and never take that amount of money from someone, you couldn’t. You needed that money and Jimin would be able to provide it, even if you weren’t dating. 

You practically jumped out of your seat as soon as those words left Jimin’s mouth. You got up and forcefully attached your arms around his neck. He stood up and you felt him squeeze his arms around you. The way he held you made you feel safe and secure, something you have lacked the feeling of,  for a long time. 

“C'mon, I’ll take you home.” He says.

You two exit the restaurant and about 15 minutes later, reach your house. Just like he did before, he leaves the car first and then rushes to the other side, opening the door for you. He walks you up to your front door with you and smiles at you. You can’t help but wrap your hands around him again, leaning and resting your head in the crook of his neck. 

“Thank you, Jimin. You seriously have no idea how much this will help me.”

“Someone has to support you and be a dad to Jae-Eun and if that asshole, who’s name I don’t know yet, won’t be, I will.”

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I love your gifs just saying <3 but i have a question: Are you really sure that they have something beyond friendship? I think a lot about it... I'm crazy :(

Thanks. I’m always trying to improve my gifs, but they still end up a little bit strange. It’s good to know that someone likes them. 💕

I wish I could just assure you of that, but there is this thing that people can only see what they want to see and a lot of people who like those two together do exactly that. I do not mean that these people, and even myself, are delusional, but that is what happens. We comfort ourselves with other people’s stuff mainly if it is something like their happiness and this becomes even greater if we love these people. And so we are watching from the outside, we are not part of their personal lives, we do not spend all day with them, we do not know their secrets.

It’s the same when someone asks, “Do you think one of them is gay?” I do not answer. You do not have to be gay to fall in love with a person of the same sex. Even if everyone identifies as gay, you don’t have to be afraid of it. You can love people regardless of who they are and I say that because ultimately the choice is yours alone. They can like whatever they want and be who they want. I cannot label and I say again that I am not part of their personal lives and I do not have that right.

Sometimes I notice that Jimin is far from Jk and Jk soon approaches and makes Jimin smile. This can be taken as friendship, but there’s something so profound about it, it’s like he’s coming over to say he’s still there for him and he’s going to stay there.

I think it’s beautiful. I love this moment. (SMA) I like to realize that he went exactly where he wanted to be. It did not take long until he rested his head on Jimin’s shoulder and he did not hesitate to do so, he didn’t care if that moment would be a group photo or anything like that. And it was very sweet of him to close his eyes, as if it were his point of peace. Another thing: Look at his hands, where they are and how they are. This cannot seem ‘fake’ because it really is not. And when you hug someone or are with someone who is ENOUGH for you to forget everything and everyone, you simply do it. And this moment for me is absolutely one of them.

Maybe that’s why there’s always some hyung between the two, things would flow normally. Repeating what I said in another ask: Even the silence is comforting. (Something that happened during Vlive’s 4M live and what happened during Global V Live Top 10 as well.) Namjoon even had to call out Jimin to get him back to earth.

I know there are several moments of tension… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  I take them into consideration as well, but these moments of “I’m here for you” are my weakness. I do not rely on something just because it has that tension turned to “I can’t take my eyes of you aka sexual tension” and even if that happens a lot too lol I try to stay in my lane and keep my feet on the ground and wait for things like that moment that I just said. For JK to do something like that is really amazing, people used to say that he didn’t corresponded and now he’s the one that does it the most. I see Jimin getting love and I get very happy.

But let’s take a closer look at how Jk gets silly seeing Jimin smiles and it takes almost a lifetime to blink. Or how his hands get when he says something without thinking twice. Or when he gets jealous and acts so cute that it’s impossible for you not to melt. There are people who say that the thing he does with his mouth is not jealousy because he does it often. This is a reflex and reflexes happen when the person is nervous, whether for good reason or not, and feeling jealous is something that makes you nervous. But anyway, everyone can think what they want.

Sorry, I wanted to talk about several moments, but this is the most special for me to date. And sorry again for not giving you assurance of anything. I always think that if this is a brotp I would be very happy, because it is one of the most beautiful relationships I have ever seen in my fucking life.

They have do have a relationship. And it’s a trust relationship that anyone could notice even with their eyes closed.

Reynabeth volleyball!au

  • They’re both on the school team. They tried out as freshmen and basically live and breathe the sport.
  • Reyna has very good leadership. She’s the coach’s favorite, because she’s very reliable and very talented. This puts a lot of pressure on her, though.
  • Annabeth is a very good strategist. She always lets her opinion be heard (even when unwarranted). She can get astonishingly bossy and annoying, but she has good ideas.

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37. Make ups

( http://werewhorewolf.tumblr.com/post/137420591482/36-pick-up-lines ) This is part 1 my computer is being a nut job and won’t let me convert it soo ):

Summary(Requested): Part 2 of preference #35 Breakups. the title is pretty self explanatory.

Scott: The days have definitely been lonely and full of pain, just not for you Scott has been feeling the same way. The same aching, empty feeling filled his chest as well causing him to seemed depressed like but like usual he stayed strong for his pack but they all knew by the way he acted. Liam; Scott’s beta felt it the most having this strong emotional connection with his Alpha he felt the pain as well but didn’t dare say something at all. Finally it was Monday and it was time to go to school but Scott couldn’t find himself to get up due to the non existing heart that burned in replace. At the last minute Scott decided to get up due to the fact that he could at least see you, making sure you’re safe no matter how much it would hurt.

And he was right the moment he saw you his body stung, stung with sadness as he stared at the back of your body, he could help but stare at you, hair in a messy bun, fly away messily sprawed against your head, but he loved it. He especially loved when your hair was in a bun framing your face, making your eyes pop. Without even noticing his eyes grew glossy staring at his love, the person he’d love forever. The moment your eyes met with yours, the feeling of sadness ran through you both. You missed each other so much it hurt you mentally and physically as you both found each other not getting out of bed all weekend.

Just like you feared Scott walked towards you, his long arm against the locker blocking you from running from him. You sigh knowing there was no way you could run from him. “God I miss you.” He smiles weakly fighting the tears from his wetening eyes.

You nod in agreement finally making eye contact with him. “I’m sorry.” He pauses, “I should’ve seen you a few days ago and I'm sorry I-I just didn’t think you wanted to se him, but I can’t stay away from you.”

His arms wrapped tightly around you making you finally let out a cry. “I love you so much, and I was I realized what I had.” You nod, “It’s okay.” You speak, “I’m sorry too.”

“I love you more than anything babygirl.” You smile through sadness. “And I love you.”

Stiles: “Please answer your phone (y/n). I’m sorry for all of this and I just need to know you’re okay.” Sadness, betrayal is what you felt. Stiles did nothing but embarrass you as a girlfriend and you weren’t having it. It’s been a week since you talked to Stiles mostly because of the pain he caused you, he had completely crushed your everything, maybe because he was your everything, your heart and soul. Turning over not being able to sleep you were met with the sight of Liam in your room climbing through your 2nd floor bedroom making you scream. His eyes widened, “Shit I thought you were asleep.”

“What the fuck are you doing?” You say, not really knowing what else to say as you stared at the cute brunette that only gave a smirk. “Just letting Stiles in.”

Before you could stop him, or even say anything Stiles was walking through your now unlocked front door. You only stood at the bottom of your stairs, arms crossed pushing again your breast that were barely covered due to going to sleep.

“Have fun dude.” Liam smirks, as his hand met with Stiles’ exchanging a green thin paper. “Did you really pay him twenty dollars to break into my house?”

Stiles sighs walking towards you, causing you to back up a stair. After a week he realized you were still irate with him, but he couldn’t take it anymore. Can’t take the guilt or the lonely feeling without you. Stiles needed you, you were his escape through all of this loneliness, through all the terror you were his escape, his reason to get through anything.

 "I can’t be without you.“ He mumbles, "You know I’m not good with words and you know when I’m nervous I stutter ever three seconds but you have to believe me when I say I’m sorry and I need you. I need you to be by my side, I need you to be there when I can’t be there for myself, I need you to be my side kick, my snoop, but most of all I need you with me.” His beautiful words sent tears to your cheeks.

“I was with my dad and Lydia came over with her mom.” He paused. “Angel you are y everything I wouldn’t ever do any thing to hurt you.”

You nod, knowing you were just being your crazy self. Your lip quivers as you stare at him, his arms extending towards your direction. “Come hug me baby.”

Theo: Theo’s body angered at the sight of you, as another guy took his place leaning against your locker. His fist gripped the metal bar next to him listening to the conversation. “So ummm.” The guy nervously chuckled, his heart beat increasing rapidly. “I was wondering if you’d go on a date with me?”

You paused feeling bad for the guy next to you. “You’re a nice, attractive guy but I can’t I’m sorry.” Theo let out a tiny snarl at the attractive part. “Still not over Theo?” He mumbled, his eyes meeting with the ground.

“Sadly not.” You ay closing the locker door. Sadly? Sadly didn’t set right with Theo as he sat at his desk with the word ‘sadly’ running through his mind. It was sad? It should be sad trying to get over him not the other way around.

Theo’s eyes seemed like they couldn’t get off you and you noticed. A small panic started in you as he started making his way towards you, sitting directly in front of you.

“I’m sorry.” He blurts making you roll your eyes. Theo had the nerve of breaking up with you, ignoring you for a whole month and now saying he’s sorry. Without a response or even a glance your face was once again buried into your book, but the book was soon taken away closed by Theo’s larger hand. “I know nothing can be the same, nothing will ever be the same but they’re gone.”

Gone? The Dread Doctors were gone? Theo’s hand met with yours. “I did this to keep you safe and they did leave you alone.” he begins. “I love you so much babe this month has been the worst. I miss everything and I just need you back, there wasn’t a night I didn’t want to be with you.” He sighed, “They’re gone we can finally be together.

Your breath hitches, throat growing tighter. "But what if I don’t want to get back together?” This question stuns Theo giving him the most pain he’s received over this month and this month was bad. Theo found himself trying for you, wishing you were with him, wishing he could hold you.

“If you loved me, you would’ve stayed with me.” Theo sits in disbelief. “I did this too keep you safe and now you’re safe, nobody can hurt you now.”

“You already have though.” He couldn’t help the tears that grew, “Don’t do this please.” He needed you, the only person he loved is you. In this dark, scary, unloved world Theo lived in you were his light, the brightness in the darkness.

“Of course I want to get back together.” You finally give it, “I’m just hurt.”

“And I’ll be here until you’re not hurting anymore.

Liam: It only took Liam two days of being apart to be at your house, knocking on your door ready to beg for forgiveness from you. Liam has never experienced more emotional or physical pain before, his body ached for you, his body needed you. Liam didn’t care anymore, of course he cared about keeping you safe, which he planned on doing by not allowing you to go any where to dangerous, he just needed you. His chest burned, burned from the emptiness that now lived inside his black heart, that would beat once again with you.

The beautiful sight of you half asleep, hair thrown into a messy bun, a tight white tank top clamped your upper body, a pair of fuzzy shorts and fuzzy knee high socks that matched (This is me everyday) He was thrown off by your beauty, he always loved when you were like this barely awake, still mumbling little replies to his questions but the sight of Liam woke you up quickly.

"I’m sorry.” He mumbles, sliding against your side entering your house. "I can’t be with out you, I’m so stupid.“

You didn’t answer only stared at the boy who broke your heart, his body began to panic knowing how stubborn you were, thinking you’d never for give him.

He knows he broke your head, because he broke his own as well. Separating you two was probably the worst thing anyone could do but he was the one to blame. It didn’t rest too easy with Liam himself, he spent the last two nights barely without any sleep due to his constant thinking, and calling himself a dummy.

"Don’t give me that look.” he mumbles, hands falling to your cheeks. He knew exactly what the face was. “Don’t cry, please don’t cry.” He begs just above a whisper.

“I love you so much, and I’m a dummy but all I want to do is keep you safe. I can survive this world without you, you’re the only thing holding me here, you’re my anchor, my everything.” Tears welled up in his as well as he rubbed your cheek line softly, “Please let me love you again, I want to be your everything, and I’ll do anything anything to make sure you’re not hurt again, I was stupid for thinking this was going to protect you.”

Looking up into the beautiful sea eyes, “Love me again.” You whimper.

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Christmas Movie Night

Supercorp (and Sanvers) Christmas ficlet for @gotosleepspacekid… Merry Christmas!

Kara was wearing her favorite sweater and her favorite skirt, and she had checked her hair and makeup in the mirror no less than four times.  It was a big night… her first Christmas with Lena, and Alex’s first Christmas with Maggie.  While it wasn’t Christmas yet, the four of them were getting together to watch Christmas movies at Kara’s place… and though she couldn’t quite say why, she was nervous.

Before she could worry much more, the doorbell rang.  Before she answered it, she zipped through the kitchen and grabbed one of the gingerbread girls she had spent the afternoon baking, and she gulped it down quickly before opening the door to find Alex and Maggie waiting.

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Kit Harington: I'm a hopeless romantic

EN Interview 1 - Q: There’s not much sex in this film. All you and co-star Alicia Vikander do is hold hands.

HARINGTON: No! (Laughs hard) The whole chaperone thing is so different, and I realised just how scandalous, how forward he is - just for holding her hand, or tickling her behind the neck! Thats the equivalent of him doing some much dirtier things in today’s cinema. They’re being really naughty! And they never consummate their relationship. They never actually have sex, as they’re not married. It’s such a different world from today’s, and maybe young audiences will see it and find it amusing. And the romanticism of it is fantastic.

Q: Was it hard playing a 19-year-old horny schoolboy opposite hot, sexy co-star Alicia, when you were actually 27?

HARINGTON: It was hard and I had to keep reminding myself that I - Kit - would never have had sex with her. I’d be very, very immature as far as that’s concerned, and it’d be incredibly exciting just to hold hands. So it was quite hard to drag myself back to what that felt like back then.

Q: Are you a romantic?

HARINGTON: Oh yeah - I think of myself as a hopeless romantic. No, I am, and I love it - but it’s my downfall sometimes. And that’s why Roland appealed to me so much. I felt very close to the character and his passion for her. He’s this arrogant sod, and I was an arrogant sod when I was younger - and I still am. So I related a lot to his obsession with heroism and the romance of art and literature, and his seriousness. I was a lot more serious when I was a kid.

Q: Alicia’s on a real hot streak thanks to Ex Machina and this. Did you know her before this?

HARINGTON: We were good friends before this, as we did Seventh Son together, an epic fantasy film, and got on really well and had dinners together and so on. And I felt we just had great chemistry on this. She’s so fierce and determined but also vulnerable, and I found that quite exciting.

Q: You’re obviously best-known for heavy drama rather than comedy, but you recently did a great skit with Seth Meyers on his show, and now you’re in the new HBO comedy mockumentary7 Days In Hell with Andy Samberg. Is it true the film’s only 43 minutes long?

HARINGTON: Yes, and it’s because we shot it in just 3 days, in Palm Springs. We shot the sh*t out of everything and got as much as we could. It’s really farcical and stupid and I really want everyone to go and see it (laughs). It comes out in July. It’s got a great cast, with Lena Dunham, June Squibb, Will Forte and Michael Sheen among others - all great actors in this crazy movie!

Q: And you play a sort of John McEnroe tennis star who’s always exploding, right?

HARINGTON: Yeah, and it was so much fun to do. He’s this really stupid, really arrogant English tennis player who’s totally coke-addled and I wear this pink headband with long blonde hair and short shorts. The outfit alone is hysterical. And the tennis match lasts for seven days - four more days than it took to shoot the whole thing! That’s how crazy it was!

Q: So you like doing comedy?

HARINGTON: I love it, and I’ve always wanted to do comedy but I’ve realised recently that my type of comedy isn’t that classic rom-com style - it’s really stupid Saturday Night Live type of comedy, and this was perfect for me. I was here in LA and they sent me the script and I laughed all the way through and jumped at it.

Q: You also just did the Red Nose video. Were you nervous?

HARINGTON: When they suggested it to me, I said ‘Yes’ instantly, as it’s comic relief and for a good cause and it’d be wrong to say no - and that went against every fibre in my being, once I read the script and realised I had to sing in front of my peers! So part of me was like, I REALLY don’t want to do this, but the other part of me was, I MUST do this, so if I have to make a complete fool of myself for a good cause, then I should. So I did. (Laughs) It was very funny, like serenading 18 bunnies. I enjoyed it. Look, I did karaoke with Coldplay as my backup band. That was pretty amazing. I was very nervous but then I got up there and was like, 'Yeah! This is f**king cool! You don’t get to do this very often - if ever!’

Q: Jon Snow’s made you famous - but do you also feel a little typecast now?

HARINGTON: I do. The industry still sees me now as something I’d never have predicted - as an action hero, in the Jon Snow mould. So I have to find other things for my own sanity, to break out of it.

Q: What’s the worst day out you’ve ever had in London?

HARINGTON: Did you say day or date? (Laughs hard). Wow! I’ve definitely had a lot of worst dates! I don’t know what I’d specifically pick - probably a break-up with a girl. London can have some pretty miserable days sometimes, I must admit, when that happens.

Q: What about your happiest?

HARINGTON: It was very recent, but I won’t say what it was, but it was a good thing!

Q: Ever had a recurring menial injury you can tell us about?

HARINGTON: Yeah, I have a bit of a problem with my right arm and shoulder, from sword-fighting. You find you get a lot of shoulder cuts and stuff that cause stiffness and other problems. And I also have a bit of a dodgy ankle sometimes, but I did that to myself - it’s not from any show or movie.

Q: Are you a big music fan?

HARINGTON: Yeah, I am. I think there’s something weird going on with music right now, and I’m part of it - I just discovered Spotify and Spotify radio, and I can listen to all these new tracks and it’s great - it’s a revolution. I’ll hear stuff it suggests for me and I’ll download it. But it means you’re not listening to albums anymore, or to someone’s story. Some of my favourite albums are by Nick Cave. It’s poetry and each song links to the next and the next, and you have to listen to them all in order. It’s great we have all this new technology providing us with suggestions, but they’re singular suggestions and we need to listen to albums more I think.

Q: What one song would you recommend to people to put on their Monday morning playlist?

HARINGTON: It’d be Talking Heads and Once In A Lifetime. (He pulls up the track on his iPhone and starts singing along happily). Same as it ever was, same as it ever was - That’s a great Monday morning track. Perfect! And I love the music video for it too, all David Byrne’s great dance moves.

Q: You mentioned Nick Cave and his poetry. Roland’s also quite the poet. What about your own poetry skills?

HARINGTON: (Laughs) They’ve always been pretty abysmal, in all honesty. I actually really like writing poetry. I’m just not very good at it. I thought I’d take some courses at some point to see if I can improve. I like doing it but it’s for my own benefit, not for anyone else’s viewing!

Q: Who are your acting idols, the guys you really look up to and who inspire you?

HARINGTON: I love Leonardo DiCaprio, Ed Norton, Ben Whishaw - and among the classic greats, Brando.

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I did the thing.

“No Words Needed” - a Takano Masamune + Onodera Ritsu Mini Fic.

[inspired by this.]

Words: 1,425 

A/N: Well, I was going for a really short drabble at first, but once I started it I was like “if I do this, I might aswell do this right.” I’m sorry about the possible mistakes, English is not my native language. :3 Right, and it’s in Ritsu’s POV. And I don’t usually write. So this is probably not good in any way, so gomenasai. what else, lol. Have fun???

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