i'm so nervous about your opinion!

@nevillelonbottom replied to your post “ill-probably-unfollow-a-few-sherlock-blogs…

i loved it.

omg you are like the second person I know that actually liked it haha  ♥ ♥ I’m so glad tho !! I want to see more positivity about it (I basically hate negativity, it makes me feel so anxious). I can’t wait to watch it tbh and I don’t want to have too many prejudices before I actually watched it (especially not negative prejudices). 

Well, here’s your belated Christmas gift, Kimanda!! ^^

I really, really hope you like it because I don’t know whether I should digitally colour it and/or submit it to dA and I’ve never drawn a harp before and everyone who has seen it says they love his hair but I’m not sure if you'll like his hair, seeing technically your opinion matters most in this situation and–

I just really hope you like it! ^^;;