i'm so mad at kevin

My theory is that Kevin Williamson left TVD because Julie Plec and Caroline Dries were trying to push DELENA back in the earlier seasons and he had enough. There has to be a reason why KW just up and left and stopped caring about TVD (HIS OWN PROJECT AND SHOW) for 4 seasons. Not to mention that in the TVD Farewell video, Kevin only talks about Stelena and how they were the epic love story of TVD and how Stelena is what helped him through grief and a rough time in his life. He never mentioned Delena, not ONCE. Kevin was always an SE shipper, but JP (despite her claims that she leans more Stelena) wanted to push for Delena because she has an obsession with Ian. Julie Plec is the one who ruined TVD. If KW had stuck through the show since the beginning to now, I can guarantee that this show would have been a hell of a lot better than it has been for how ever many seasons. We would have had excellent writing for Stefan, Bonnie, Elena, Damon and all of the other characters. Stefan would have still been the noble and heroic hero with a badass side, Elena would have been the kind, caring, compassionate yet strong protagonist and heroine we all originally rooted for and loved and wouldn’t have been ruined as a heroine, Damon would have been the chamringly evil yet funny, snarky, entertaining bad boy with edge and badassery that we both love and hate at the same time and root for his redemption (I MISS SEASON 1 AND EARLY SEASON 2 DAMON!), Bonnie would have been the kind, caring and compassionate person who was also strong, loyal and badass and wouldn’t have been horribly mistreated, sidelined, and neglected (KW has always been a Kat Graham/Bonnie fan), Caroline would be the annoying yet lovable best friend to Bonnie and Elena and wouldn’t have become so needy and clingy and been with every single male character on the show, Steroline would have probbaly had a lesser chance of happening and probably would have stayed platonic/just friends, Bamon probably would have had a higher chance of becoming canon/happening romantically (like in the novels) because KW actually respects the original source material (aka LJ Smith’s writing/TVD books) and finally, Stelena would still be the epic love story and would have NEVER have been retconned and destroyed in favour of making Delena happen. JULIE PLEC DESTROYED TVD. 


listen up, kids.

you cannot treat members of PTX like shit.

I don’t care if you’re joking. I don’t care if you think it’s funny. I don’t care what you think about their relationships, or their sexualities, or their religions, or their races. or their genders. I literally do not care what you’re talking about, it does not give you the right to be an asshole. It kind of really sucks that I feel the need to make this post (because people apparently think this is an okay thing to do) but here we are. YOU ALL NEED TO STOP.

If you cannot respect the members of this band, you need to take a step backwards and remind yourself that they are human beings. You guys are taking this way too far, and I am sick and tired of all the drama. Why do you think it’s okay to say things like that about them?

Pentatonix means so much to so many people and I know it breaks my heart to see them getting treated the way they do. Please, please, PLEASE stop. I’ve seen so many bad things about this recently. I’m literally just asking you to stop saying the things you do, because they aren’t okay. They’re hurtful. And all of it needs to stop.