i'm so mad at kevin

about the sophomore finale

disclaimer: i know i can’t speak for all the lgbt+ members of this fandom, and i promise i’m not trying to, and i’m truly sorry if it comes across that way! also apologies for no caps, no read more etc..i’m too mad to fix it. if you want a read more/want me to tag a trigger i didn’t, lemme know and i will add one!

warning: sexual assault, pedophilia and homophobia mentioned

honestly, this finale feels like a slap in the face to me. i have been questioning my sexuality a lot the past few years, and even though idk for sure, i think i’m bi like zig. and i was SO HAPPY when he came out in the game!!! because finally!! people like me were represented! he spoke about being confused about his bisexuality, which i understand! and he discussed his experiences with biphobia, something i have experienced! and even though i’m not dating him yet, i had a character who understood what i was going through! and since then, i’ve always held him close to my heart in a way.

and now pb do this? they make a homophobic misogynist sexually assault him? and this asshole has also treated him horribly in the past? and pb’s way to try and redeem him is that he’s probably confused/unsure about his sexuality too????? like i’m unsure about my sexuality too, but i don’t treat people like shit or assault them pb. and zig even tried to help manny come to terms with his feelings, EVEN AFTER HE ASSAULTED HIM, WHEN HE SHOULD NOT HAVE GIVEN HIM THE TIME OF DAY! but manny was immediately back to being a disgusting asshole. because that’s what he is, and what he will always be to me.

and i’ve not even mentioned the horrible possibility that he becomes a LI for zig if you’re not already dating him. if that happens i’m never playing again, because firstly: how dare pb redeem someone like manny, and i’ve not even mentioned how eerily similar this is to kevin spacey? who came out as gay after admitting to assaulting a minor a few weeks ago?????? what the actual fuck pb??? 

AND then!! how dare they even have the pOSSIBILITY for manny to date zig in the future. after all he’s done to him? including sexual assault????? i know we can’t be sure if he will become a li yet….but even so….how dare they treat a character like this. especially someone who means so much to me like zig. 

zig ortega deserves better.

again: i promise i’m not trying to speak for all the lgbt+ members of the fandom, and i’m sorry if i do, but as a bi woman, this treatment of zig is really upsetting me


My shirt is much too clean.

Whatever. I’m satisfied. For now. Until I get my hands on, or make, some fake blood to play with and stain this shirt to hell and then up my game. Kevin will evolve much like Carlos did. 8)

Luckily I liked this shirt so much I bought a second one. So even when I get around to bloodying one up I wont feel too bad about it. 8)


listen up, kids.

you cannot treat members of PTX like shit.

I don’t care if you’re joking. I don’t care if you think it’s funny. I don’t care what you think about their relationships, or their sexualities, or their religions, or their races. or their genders. I literally do not care what you’re talking about, it does not give you the right to be an asshole. It kind of really sucks that I feel the need to make this post (because people apparently think this is an okay thing to do) but here we are. YOU ALL NEED TO STOP.

If you cannot respect the members of this band, you need to take a step backwards and remind yourself that they are human beings. You guys are taking this way too far, and I am sick and tired of all the drama. Why do you think it’s okay to say things like that about them?

Pentatonix means so much to so many people and I know it breaks my heart to see them getting treated the way they do. Please, please, PLEASE stop. I’ve seen so many bad things about this recently. I’m literally just asking you to stop saying the things you do, because they aren’t okay. They’re hurtful. And all of it needs to stop.

They are all so much more beautiful, talented, and incredible overall in person, and I’m still not okay almost two weeks later.

Taken at: Alaska State Fair (Borealis Theater)

This photo was taken by myself. Please give credit where it is due.

I'm so mad. I'm furious. I'm BEYOND furious.

Kevins’ a sociopath.

Who the fuck cares? Listen, I’ve read through all of Kevin’s ask fm answers, ever, and know everything he’s said on the subject, and I can tell you that he is not a bad person.


There was a tumblr post that explained it really well. I don’t know where it is. But basically, sociopaths find it hard to relate to people, and so tend to be very apathetic to others; this may lead to other people finding them manipulative or arrogant because they will put themselves first. They tend to find themselves on the fringe of society, and have trouble making meaningful relationships.

Psychopaths use their apathy. They are aggressive, and manipulate for the fun of it. They are able to fake Neurotypical-ness, and assimilate themselves into society, and often enjoy causing others pain.

In addition, from the same picture where Kevin talks about being a sociopath, he mentions that he has an offshoot of PTSD. Sociopathic tendencies come froom PTSD often. Read “A Child Called It”; David displays sociopathic tendencies throughout the book. 

It’s also much more likely to develop for children who grew up in situations similar to Kevins. The details about that are hidden deep in his ask, so look for it if you want, but its not my place to talk about.

Sociopath is a broad term for a particularly apathetic person. This doesnt make people bad–just look at him! Look at how much he loves his fans! Look at his responses to people talking about how he helped them with depression! He’s not hurting anyone, and probably never will, so why the fuck are you attacking him?

I hope you’re happy. We don’t know what happened to Kevins grandfather, and honestly, I highly doubt it was actually his fault, just something he percieved as his fault. Even the fact that he feels like a bad person because of that shows that while he may not fully feel guilt, I don’t know how apathetic he truly is, he understands that hurting people is wrong and doesn’t want to hurt people.

Honestly, the ignorance about neurodiversity is sickening. Do some fucking research before you start calling someone a monster.