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AAAAH your headcanons!! *^* So cool! (The one with Sten killed me, godamnit big softie qunari O////o). Share more if you want! (I read you have many about Anders? *wiggles eyebrows* :3)

hahahaha yes I think about Anders a lot :))

- He still remembers his mother language, but he speaks it with difficulty and with a strong British Ferelden accent. If a fellow countryman heard him talking in the Anders language he would definitely mistake him for a stranger.

- He has always loved cats, but the reason why they are so dear to him is because a cat was the only thing that kept him from going insane during his year of solitary confinement.

- In fact, when he goes to buy some food for himself he always ends up spending all his scarce money in food for cats.

- That’s how upon his arrival in Kirkwall his gold earring was *invested* in buying milk for the stray cats of Darktown.

- Between his work at the clinic, his commitment to the mage Resistance and his adventures with Hawke he’s so busy he often forgets to eat. Sometimes he forgets to sleep, too.

- He’s so thin you can see his ribs, but he doesn’t look “frail”. While he definitely isn’t the muscular type, his body is lean and wiry. His has beautiful hands with long fingers but the skin on his palm is hard and calloused from using the staff. He smells of elfroot and lyrium… and more often than not he smells of Darktown, which is basically a sewer. Sometimes Hawke has to literally kidnap him and forces him to have a bath, a decent meal and some shut-eye in a real bed.

- He doesn’t have much hair on his body except on his legs where he has more, but he does have a cute litte trail of light hair from his belly-button to his crotch and Hawke loves it to bits.

- He has often nightmares that don’t have anything to do with Archdemons and Darkspawn and have very much to do with dark prisons and stone walls gradually closing on him.

- When he writes he tends to become nervous because a lot of thoughts stir and swirl inside his brain and he struggles to organize them in a coherent text. He tends to chew and break a lot of quill feathers and get the ink all over his fingers.

- He and Hawke have a silent agreement that Anders can always sleep on the side of the bed near the window (if there is one).


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