i'm so lame

BTS as things I said in my Discord group chat in a day
  • Jin: Went to the grocery store getting EXACTLY what I wanted without buying extra unnecessary stuff. I think that's an achievement... I deserve an award...brb going back to the store
  • Yoongi: I could probably sleep for an eternity, doesn't sound so bad being half dead from the world
  • Namjoon: Wait. Do you cut the onions vertically or horizontally first???
  • Hoseok: When I was walking on the street, a bird approached me. I went to the other side of the road... You don't fuck with birds. They are totally snakes in disguise 🐍🐦
  • Jimin: Thick thighs makes my 'dick' rise huehue
  • Taehyung: You can't roast me more than I do myself already
  • Jungkook: I don't have an answer, so here's a meme from my behalf
  • Me: okay that's it from now on I'm going to be a complete asshole, treat people like they treat me, I'm going to put my self first and become a cold hearted bitch. I'm fucking done with trying to please people.
  • Also me: *forgets to hold a door open for someone* omfg I'm such an asshole I hope they're okay! They must hate me so much, why am I so awkward I hate myself! What if they're having a bad day and I just made it worse! Oh god I'm never leaving the house again I'm such a monster!!!