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Amazing imagines!! I love them so much!! ❤❤ I think you've even written enough to start a masterlist soon! If you ever need any ideas/ideas for a rainy day here's a couple. However, please don't feel like I'm expecting you to write all these right now!! It's more of a compiled list of ideas for you if you're having a slow request day/just want to write them -Jealous Betty -Beach day for the gang/Betty in a swimsuit/Jughead in a swimsuit -Bughead napping together -Betty's parents walk in on them

Hey! These are all awesome! I think I’m gonna go with the hickey role reversal for today! Let’s give it a try!

School was ending in about a week, and summer was so close Jughead could practically smell the sunscreen and taste the countless milkshakes he would be devouring.
That being said…

It was hot.

And by hot he didn’t mean, warm with a light breeze, he meant crack an egg on it, it was smoking. He was sweating almost all the time and even with the windows open the Riverdale classrooms were boiling. Unfortunately for him that meant his typical wardrobe of flannels and jeans just wasn’t gonna cut it, and he most definitely was not gonna show up to school in one of those ridiculous tank tops with the sleeves cut down all the way to the bottom, he would leave that to Reggie and chuck. Tools.

Anyway, figuring out what to wear, that was still comfortable for him but also kept him cool enough so he didn’t pass out was a struggle. He wasn’t a shorts guy, unless they were bathing suit bottoms and he was at the beach, so he stuck to his jeans, these ones had a few holes so that should help atleast a little, digging in his drawer he pulled out the only light weight t shirt he had, it was a simple white v neck, nothing too crazy, but also something he normally wouldn’t wear without something else to cover it up, at this point he couldn’t care less, it was too damn hot.

“Looking good” he turned with a smile, meeting the eyes of the gorgeous blonde who had come out of nowhere. Okay so maybe there was one positive thing about the heat, Betty’s wardrobe had to adjust accordingly as well and man was he grateful for the tiny dresses that showed off her gorgeous long legs. Today she had on a white sundress covered in pink and red flowers, it skimmed her mid thigh and he fought the urge to run his fingers along the bare skin. As soon as he was about to retort with a witty comeback, her eyes got wide

“Oh my god” she looked horrified.

Whipping around to look behind him, confused as to what had her in such a state of panic she repeated a little more panicky

“Oh my god.”

“Betty? what the hell? What’s the matter?” She seemed to be at a loss for words and suddenly two more of the gang had arrived, both wearing Similar expressions to Bettys.

“What in sexy time?!” Veronica was practically bouncing she seemed so excited.

Kevin was moving his hands to jugheads neck, before he dodged them with a glare

“What are you all talking about.”

Suddenly Archie was rounding the corner zeroing in on Jughead

“Hey ma… hey! Nice hickey dude! Way to go” he slapped a hand to jugheads shoulder, smiling.

“What! What hick..what are you.” He was twisting trying to find the offending mark. He glanced up at Betty who was beet red and was desperately trying to hide her laughter.

“See Betty, I told you. It’s totally normal to give a boy a hickey, That’s so funny, Betty was just asking me about this at our sleepover last week.” Veronica said laughing handing Jughead her hand mirror.

He snatched the mirror and held it up to his neck. Sure enough, there was a purple mouth shaped bruise on his neck. Snapping the mirror shut he shook his head

“Bacon grease, it splattered.”

Everyone eyed him sceptically as Cheryl walked over

“Oh please, like you cook. Just fess up Jughead, who’s the mystery woman?” The redhead asked.

“There’s no one, you’re all nuts.”

The conversation was stopped short by the first period bell.

“Dude, were totally talking about this at lunch,” Archie said grinning

“Duh” Veronica added throwing a wave to Betty, leaving behind Jughead and Betty as Kevin kissed Betty on the cheek before walking off with Cheryl.

There was a moment of silence Betty smirking at her bright red boyfriend

“So… a tshirt today? No flannel.”

He stared at her dryly

“Wait till all of our friends find out what a little minx you are. You won’t be laughing then.”

Betty shrugged, smiling guiltily and turning on her heels to walk the other way , she quickly turned around and added

“No one told you to wear the worlds sexiest tshirt the day after our two month anniversary festivities.”
She winked and practically skipped off.

He slammed his head into the locker gently. She was gonna be the death of him.

By the time lunch came around the entire school was talking about Jugheads hickey, the rumors were everywhere,

Jughead was seeing Ethel,

Jughead was seeing a girl from central

And of course, Archie and jughead were a couple (that one was Reggie. Tool.)

Slamming his tray on the table besides Betty, she jumped up smiling and meeting his eyes.

The rest of the gang was already there and they instantly turned the conversation to hickeys.

Cheryl of course instigating it
“Well it has to be someone who’s aggressive, obvi, look at that mark.”

Veronica nodded “agreed. I could never do something that good, and I’ve been told I’m a pretty fiery lover.” She flipped her dark hair , smiling.

Cheryl nodded “and we all know how intense I am, but that’s good, even for me.”

Kevin said something that had Archie practically dying he was laughing so hard.

“And we all know it can’t be Betty, no offense bets but we all kind of agree, your not really the most passionate lover.”

Before Jughead could even think he had opened his mouth “try again, she’s pretty much the definition of passionate.”

Everyone at the table seemed to have stopped time, slowly turning their heads to stare at the pair in front of them. Betty was blushing so hard they thought she might explode and jughead was kind of just lost in his own idiocy.

“B..Betty?” Archie squeaked out.

“No way you’re lying.” This time it was kevin.

And Cheryl and Veronica were just staring, shocked.

Suddenly something in Betty snapped and she turned to Kevin.

“Actually, yes it was me. As quiet as you think I am, I am very very attracted to my boyfriend, therefore sometimes I get carried away. Can we please stop this conversation now.” She stabbed a piece of lettuce with her fork.

The table went dead silent for thirty seconds before all hell broke loose.

“Carried away?!”
“How long?”
“How did you get it in that shape?”

Dropping her head to the table, she sighed as Jugheads arm came to rest around her shoulder, tugging her into his side.

“No questions, were dating, going on two months. That’s all you’ve gotta know.” The lazy tone in his voice left no room for argument and the table went silent once again.

Squeezing his hand in hers, she smiled up at him. This was far from over and they both knew that, but for right now, their friends were just gonna have to wait. They were happy, and that’s what matters.

AkaFuri Day!

If Akashi had been inclined to answer honestly to any hypothetical person who might foolishly inquire about his love life, he would say that he didn’t actually mind a long distance relationship. Not in the way others seemed to care.

He was confident of his own place in Furihata’s heart and it never occurred to him that distance might lessen what they had. He enjoyed talking on the phone with Furihata, and exchanging emails and texts throughout the day. Before officially pursuing Furihata, he’d thoroughly researched the romance genre and he’d felt that all around, it was much better to have communication as the primary foundation for their relationship, and he was sure that it strengthened their bond when they were together.

What he objected to, quite strongly, was when they were together and he had to share Furihata.

And he especially hated sharing Furihata with people who got to see Furihata every day.

“But you came all this way,” Furihata had exclaimed, “And you guys don’t see each other all that often. I thought it would be a waste for you to be in the same city and not see each other.”

Akashi had wanted to say, “I didn’t come all this way to see Kuroko,” but refrained because he didn’t want to sound too callous. And also, it was very difficult to deny Furihata anything when he looked so earnestly like he was trying to do something nice for Akashi’s sake.

So now he is sitting here, trying (very hard) to maintain his composure, as Furihata and Kuroko talk about “Coach did this” or “Captain said this” or their time in the library committee or upcoming tests they have to study for and he’s trying (very hard) to not fantasize about quietly removing Kuroko from the picture entirely.

When Furihata gets up to refill his drink, Akashi takes the opportunity to say, “You know, Kuroko, the tactful thing to do when someone invites you along when they are going on a date is to decline.”

Kuroko takes a sip from his vanilla milkshake and stares impassively at Akashi. Then, in his flat, detached way of speaking, he says, “Yes, Akashi-kun. That would have been the tactful thing to do.”

Akashi glowers. “Is this revenge because of what happened with Ogiwara?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Akashi-kun.”

Which, in Kuroko-speak, meant Yes.

Akashi refuses to be kowtowed by such blatant insubordination. “Maybe it is time for Furihata to transfer to Rakuzan.”

That will not happen,” Kuroko says, a little more heated than his usual manner, but then he adds more calmly, “He will be our Point Guard starter next year, and it is very likely he will be named Captain.”

And Akashi has to scowl again because yes, he is sure he could persuade Furihata to see all the benefits of living in Kyoto, but the chance at being captain would be a hard thing to compete against.

“I am going to remember this the next time you are on a date with Kagami.”

Kuroko only shrugs. “We live together.”

Kuroko, Akashi reflects, is very lucky Maji Burger does not have any metal cutlery handy and also, he is beginning to see the downsides to long-distance. He will have to be patient, and convince Furihata they should live together when they are in college.

A/N: I hadn’t actually planned on posting anything today, but then I remembered it was AkaFuri day, so I had to. A long time ago, @hello-marli-universe prompted an AkaFuri story that wouldn’t quite work with my own headcanons for D:M, and kindly changed their prompt to “Akashi being jealous over Furihata” and offered up jealous over a friend as a potential avenue to explore, and I really, really liked the idea of Akashi and Kuroko clashing over Furihata. So, @hello-marli-universe this one is for you!! Sorry it took so long. And Happy AkaFuri day to all!!

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Do you think,, after Papyrus gets jealous of the dog, he gets kinda clingy to Mettaton for the rest of the day? He's just holding onto him because he's his boyfriend and he has to show it. Jealous Paps is so cute aaa.

Yes, but this is only the beginning of the rivalry between man and dog

Friday the 13th: ohmlirious
  • Notification:
  • Ohm picks up Walkie talkie.
  • Notification:
  • Delirious picks up Walkie talkie.
  • Delirious: ohm? someone’s following me
  • Delirious: i can hear the fucker
  • Ohm: where r u?
  • Delirious: walking through the woods.
  • Ohm: alone at night??
  • Delirious: it was a shortcut to the lodge!
  • Ohm: but why'd you-
  • Delirious: shit, I heard it again!!
  • Delirious: it’s fuckin' creepy!
  • Ohm: what does it sound like?
  • Delirious: um... It's like leaves crunching beneath heavy feet.
  • Ohm: it's probably just a cat.
  • Delirious: cat’s don’t have heavy feet ohm!
  • Ohm: delirious, relax..your outside. it’s windy. there are noises.
  • Delirious: yeah i guess..
  • Ohm: so..why’d u leave so early? thought you were staying the night?
  • Delirious: i changed my mind
  • Ohm: well..u left you cabin keys here.
  • Delirious: shit.
  • Delirious: alright, I'm coming back for them. What camp you at again? higgins haven?
  • Delirious: i’ll be there in 10 minutes.
  • Ohm: are you sure u don’t wanna stay this time?
  • Delirious: yes. i’m sure.
  • Ohm: is there something wrong? I feel like I'm missing something?
  • Delirious: ...i saw his pic on ur phone.
  • Ohm: whose pic?
  • Delirious: that Angel looking son of a bitch from saltwater camp...i saw him sitting in your fucking lap too.
  • Ohm: wait you mean Bryce?
  • Delirious: i always knew you had a blonde hair fetish.
  • Ohm: we’re just friends..
  • Delirious: HE WAS IN YOUR LAP.
  • Ohm: shh delirious.
  • Delirious: sitting there with your fucking arm's around him.
  • Delirious: are you serious ohm?
  • Ohm: delirious please
  • Delirious: i know. i’m not supposed to care.
  • Ohm: that’s not what i was going to say
  • Ohm: u were the one who didn’t want anything serious.
  • Delirious: look ohm, we need to
  • Delirious: FUCK
  • Delirious: the crunching sounds closer now.
  • Delirious: the footsteps are…
  • Delirious: oh shit, he's walking faster.
  • Delirious: why won't this bitch quit stalking me!!
  • Ohm: are you near a car?
  • Delirious: No! I'm on the other side of the fucking map!
  • Delirious: shitshitshitshit
  • Delirious: i heard a cough ohm!
  • Delirious: there's someone near me.
  • Ohm: hide behind a tree?
  • Delirious: no! I need to get to a house ohm, God.
  • Ohm: just hurry up!
  • Delirious: theirs definitely footsteps. following me.
  • Ohm: do you see anyone behind you?
  • Delirious: I can't see far. It's too dark.
  • Ohm: just use your flash light!!
  • Delirious: oh right hang on.
  • Delirious: Fuckfuckfuck OHM!
  • Delirious: HE'S WEARING A MASK!
  • Ohm: delirious, just stay calm.
  • Ohm: maybe it's just a prank?
  • Delirious: he's got an axe!
  • Ohm: ..walk faster
  • Delirious: i’m running!
  • Ohm: are you losing him?!
  • Delirious: NO!
  • Delirious: he's running his ass off too!!
  • Ohm: that's it i'm calling police.
  • Ohm: where are you exactly?
  • Ohm: delirious?
  • Ohm: HELLO????
  • Ohm: fuck, this is all my fault
  • Ohm: i should have never let you leave the cabin.
  • Ohm: i should have told you that...
  • Delirious: ohm?
  • Ohm: oh thank god!
  • Ohm: I called the cops and they said there on there way.
  • Ohm: where are you?
  • Delirious: i’m at camp evergreen.
  • Delirious: I tripped while running.
  • Delirious: I think I fell down a slope and hit my head.
  • Ohm: did you lose the guy?
  • Delirious: no, that mother fucker's still here somewhere.
  • Delirious: i can hear him breathing. That son of a bitch.
  • Delirious: I can't.
  • Ohm: WHY?
  • Delirious: I think i broke my leg.
  • Delirious: he's looking for me ohm.
  • Ohm: don't worry i'm coming over to get you.
  • Ohm: tell me exactly where you are.
  • Delirious: um.. I dunno? near some big tree? I can see the tents from here if that helps.
  • Ohm: stay put. i'll be there soon
  • Delirious: i feel really faint.
  • Ohm: hang in there delirious. Just keep talking to me.
  • Delirious: ohm. he's getting closer.
  • Delirious: i hear him.
  • Delirious: his voice…
  • Delirious: he's talking to me.
  • Ohm: I can't hear him? what's he saying?
  • Delirious: he's calling my name.
  • Delirious: saying that i've got this all wrong.
  • Delirious: he just keeps repeating it. over and over.
  • Delirious: ohm what does he mean?
  • Delirious: his voice sounds weird...
  • Delirious: like a tractor.
  • Ohm: are you feeling alright delirious?
  • Delirious: no. my head feels funny.
  • Delirious: I'm feeling sleepy
  • Ohm: just keep talking to me. Well make it through this I promise!
  • Ohm: what kind of tree do you see?
  • Delirious: what?
  • Ohm: that tree you said was near you.
  • Ohm: what does it look like?
  • Delirious: ah...it's a big red tree.
  • Delirious: ohm. i'm scared.
  • Delirious: he's here.
  • Ohm: i'm almost there delirious!
  • Ohm: I've found the tents.
  • Delirious: i can see his feet
  • Ohm: hold on, i'm running to you!!!
  • Delirious: this is it ohm.
  • Delirious: he's found me.
  • Delirious: it's over.
  • Ohm: no wait! Delirious! i see the tree!
  • Ohm: i'm here!!!
  • Ohm: your jackets on the ground.
  • Ohm: oh god there's blood.
  • Ohm: where are you???
  • Ohm: fuck!!
  • Ohm: what have i done?
  • Ohm: i didn't mean it delirious.
  • Ohm: that morning with Bryce.
  • Ohm: it wasn't real.
  • Ohm: i asked him to come over so you'd get jealous.
  • Ohm: the lap thing was his idea.
  • Ohm: i wanted you to care.
  • Ohm: i wanted you to want something more serious.
  • Ohm: delirious are you there??
  • Ohm: why is there so much blood everywhere?
  • Ohm: DELIRIOUS???
  • *Delirious*: never knew you felt that way...
  • Ohm: your alive!!
  • Ohm: you sound odd..
  • Ohm: are you okay?
  • Ohm: where are you?
  • *Delirious*: back at higgins haven...
  • Ohm: what happened?
  • *Delirious*: come over, and i’ll tell you...
  • Ohm: alright I'm walking over now
  • *Delirious*: hurry...
  • Ohm: okay, i’m at the front door!
  • Ohm: but all the lights are off.
  • Ohm: the door is locked..
  • Ohm: can you let me in?
  • *Delirious*: i’m coming...
  • Ohm: great! I'm so excited to hold you in my arms.
  • Ohm: wait
  • Ohm: i still have your keys
  • Ohm: but then how did you
  • Ohm: shit!
  • Walkie offline
  • Police Report: Two bodies were found at camp crystal lake.
  • Two males, Both deceased.
  • Light skinned male, black hair, age 29.
  • Tanned skinned male, brown hair, age 33.
  • Suspected cause of death: strangled.
  • Suspected killer: A young blonde male.

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I wonder if someday Chichi told Goku that Yamcha was the first man that talk to her about love, he said he loved her (in Chichi's point of view he was genuine). I'd love to see how Goku would react to it. I like how the anime handles it, Bulma was so jealous :D but I don't remember if the manga touched this point. I'm just curious, how do you think he would react, especially if she told him after Gohan was born and he understands more about marriage.

Ya I don’t think the manga ever touched this part with goku. but it would be really fun to see this idea into a mini fanfic. xD

And I can imagine something this:…

*Goku playing with baby gohan in the living room while chichi is sowing some of goku’s cloth*

Chichi: Goku honey….I have a confession to make… (this has been on Chichi’s mind for a while but she didn’t know how to go about it. She was going to tell her husband sooner but he didn’t understand marriage that well. But now that he had a better understanding she felt it was the perfect time to tell him her little confession. Besides, married couples aren’t supposed to keep secrets from each other correct? )

Goku: Hmm? what’s up?

Chichi: umm….You know your friend Yamcha…? well….he had a crush on me back when we were kids and he told me he was “madly in love with me”…..

Goku: Heheh is that it?

Chichi: Huh!? You’re not jealous or anything?

Goku: Why would I be jealous? He’s not the one that got the girl right?

Chichi: Ah…..I guess you’re right


Ya…..that’s how I will see it if they ever bring this conversation up about Yamcha. I just can’t really see goku getting jealous/upset or anything. ^^;

BUT if you do want to see a jealous Goku then maybe something like this? It could be more comical:

Chichi: Goku I have a confession to make….

Goku: Ya?

Chichi:  You know your friend Yamcha? Well he once told me he had a crush on me and he was madly in love with me…

Goku: He what now?


tech savvy teen wolves // janny // requested by lovelybluebox
(inspired by)

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How do you make OCs? And so many? I'm super jealous. I have ideas for a few stories, but I cannot imagine anything about the characters besides the plot points and it really makes it difficult to write anything. It's stopped me for so long, I do not know how to flesh them up.

//The inspiration I get is mixed. Sometimes I’ll be thinking about my story and I’ll wonder what my protagonist should be like- if I want people to like them or hate them in the beginning, and why. Sometimes I’ll go through character archetypes and create a character based off them. Other times, I get inspired by prompts, stories, movies, names, pictures, etc. 

I have a very active imagination that doesn’t leave me alone, so I’m lucky in the sense that I won’t be short of any ideas. If I ever am, I use generators. I’ll make a separate post of all the generators I use.

The process I go through when making ocs, however, is always asking myself questions about them. Sometimes I pretend I’m interviewing them, sometimes I don’t. 

I generally start with appearances. I think of their weight and their height, looking up averages, etc. I think next of their skin color and then skin conditions (I have cherry angiomas- also nicknamed senile angioma, which sucks- which is actually really common. Looking up common skin conditions might make it easy for others to relate to your character). Scars, stretch marks, tattoos, piercings. Eye color and shape; facial shape. Hair color and length. Hair style. Common outfits, etc.

Background comes next and it usually plays a huge part in how my characters dress. It also plays a giant part in how my characters’ personality turns out. I think of their relatives, if they had any friends, if they went to school, and if they’ve ever experienced money troubles or if they were rich. 

After that, their personality comes in. Archetypes are fun to look at and might give you a good idea as to what you want in your story. If you’re having a hard time, consider using a generator.

Shortly after all of that is figured out, I determine their name. I usually go for names with meanings that fit my characters, but never should you feel pressured to do that. If the name sounds good and it clicks, use it.

Questions about Appearances:

  1. Were they born with any marks?
  2. Do they have any scars?
  3. What kind of clothes would they wear and what’s their hygiene like?
  4. Do they slouch or do they stand tall?
  5. Do they like to catch attention or do they like to slip by unnoticed?
  6. Am I making a human or something else? 
  7. If I’m making an alien, do they have any extra limbs? Do they walk on twos or fours? Do they have babies the same way humans do? (The reason I include the last one is that some people give aliens breasts and they don’t generally have a use, like, to feed babies)
  8. What’s their favorite color and do they wear it often?

Questions for Personality:

  1. Does their personality reflect in their appearance? Did I stereotype anything?
  2. Does their personality reflect on how they grew up?
  3. Are they a follower or a leader?
  4. Do they have any contradicting personality traits?
  5. Is there an aspect of their personality that wouldn’t make sense to other people?
  6. Do they have any mental disorders that might contribute to their personality?
  7. Are they introvert, extrovert, or both?
  8. What hobbies do they have that would accurately represent who they are as a person?
  9. What do they fear? What do they want?

Questions for Background:

  1. Did they have a big family? Small?
  2. Were they ever lacking in privacy?
  3. Did they have parents? Guardians? 
  4. Were they ever struggling for money or were they well off?
  5. Did they have friends? If so, who are they?
  6. Were they ever bullied? Are they still bullied?
  7. Did they have any major accidents that they can remember? Like they broke their leg riding a bike once?

I know it isn’t much, but I genuinely hope this helps!

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ok I have two ideas for the pyro x reader ; pyro gets jealous when a guy tries to talk to the reader or a cute cuddling one idk where I'm going with this

Sorry this is so late! kill me, I’m writing the others now :) Be sure to let me know what you guys think! I am unsure on how long each of these will be, it will depend on the request tbh. Posting the Pyro one in the meantime! 

Pyrocynical Fanfiction - “Don’t Leave”

The two of you had just been out for your birthday. It wasn’t exactly the most pleasant experience if you were being honest.

Niall had thought it would be nice to take you out to dinner at one of your favorite restaurants. Upon arriving there, you were given a waiter that you had never seen before. The two of you were friends with the owners and several of the employees. Because you two went there so often, it was rare to meet someone knew. And being the person you were, you tried to find out a little bit of information on the guy. A few answers to your questions turned into some flirty remarks from the new waiter.

At first it wasn’t such a big deal. Niall found you quite attractive so why shouldn’t other people? As long as they knew where they stood, he didn’t have any issues. However, this changed dramatically after the waiter decided to take it a step further and ask for your number. You were flattered, but politely declined and explained that you were there with your boyfriend for your birthday. Looking over to Niall, you could tell he was a bit pissed off. He didn’t want to ruin your birthday but he also was annoyed that someone thought they could chat you up… literally in front of him.

Even after explaining to the waiter that you were with Niall, he still was overly flirty towards you. Just after finishing ordering your main course, you make a small joke to try to lighten the mood. The waiter places his arm around your shoulder and rests his arm around you while laughing at your joke. Niall’s breath hitches and he uses a serious tone to say, “I suggest you remove your arm, before something happens.” Your eyebrows raise at his comment, “Niall, it was a joke. We were just laughing.”

A bit frustrated that you’re taking the waiter’s side, and the smirk on the waiter’s face certainly wasn’t helping, he says, “Really? He’s more than welcome to laugh when he’s off the clock or out of a job for flirting with you.” Annoyed, you say, “Niall! What is wrong with you?” Looking to the waiter, you say, “I’m sorry, can you just bring the check? We will just take the food to-go.” Smiling at you he says, “Anything for you, I’ll be back with the check.” Trying not to cause a scene, Niall bites his tongue and looks away from you.

Driving home wasn’t any better. It was completely silent until you say, “Look, was all of that really necessary? He was just being friendly.” Sighing, he turns to you and says, “Yes. He was all over you, I couldn’t even get in a word when he was around. Not to mention when he felt comfortable enough to touch you right in front of me.” Surprised, you reply saying, “Really? So now I can’t touch any other guy?” “That’s not what I meant, don’t turn this into something else. He was looking to take you home and I wasn’t going to just sit there and let it happen.” Niall says, trying to justify his actions. You sigh and decide to stop talking being that you were tired of arguing on your birthday.

Shortly after arriving back at your shared flat, you changed into some more comfortable clothes and decided to leave to meet up with some friends. Both of you weren’t really talking to one another and you didn’t want to stay somewhere on your birthday that you would regret later. Slipping on your shoes, you look to grab your keys. He notices this and is a bit surprised to see you are leaving, “Where are you off to?” With a bit of a plain expression, you say, “Meeting up with someone, I may be back later.” “May be? I thought we were going to spend the evening together for your birthday? Watch a movie or something?” He says, now a bit concerned about why you are leaving.

“Yeah, I just thought I should spend time with people who aren’t going to be so concerned with who I talk with.” His expression drops and he replies saying, “Y/N, I thought we were done talking about this? You know I didn’t mean it like that. I’m sorry tonight didn’t go as planned, I just got a little protective when he was flirting and touching you. When you’re this fit how can I not be a little concerned?” You go to grab your keys, but he grabs your hand instead and you look to him to complain.

Before you say anything he says, “Don’t leave, please. Look, I’m sorry. Tonight is your birthday and I shouldn’t have acted that way. Just stay, we can cuddle and watch a movie as planned.” You sigh, knowing you can’t stay mad at him for that long. Trying to maintain your composure, you wait a few moments to make him worry just a bit. Looking up at him you say, “Okay, I’ll stay.” His face lightens up and a smile breaks out on his face. He pulls you into a hug and says, “Okay, what movie do you want to watch then?” Setting you down, he pulls you toward the couch and starts naming off a variety of movies.

Finally setting one one, you two start off watching it while sitting next to each other eating your to-go food from earlier. Shortly after you finish eating, the two of you lay on the couch together. Head rested on his chest, you are facing the movie. You’ve seen it several times, but it could still make you smile and laugh each time. Every once in awhile, you would make a comment and look for Niall to respond. He would usually chuckle at the remark or comment on how he didn’t understand why you would laugh at the same things every time. 

At one point, you began rambling on about a scene, his hand running through your hair. You asked him a question but received no response. Looking up you say, “Niall? Niall? Hello?” Blinking a few times, he smirks and says, “Sorry, I was too distracted by your beauty. What were you saying?” Blushing a bit at his comment, you look back to the movie and say, “Nevermind… it wasn’t that important. I forgot what I was going to ask as well.” Laughing at your comment he says, “You’re cute, you know that?” Trying not to give in to his remarks, you simply hide your face a bit and reply, “Just pay attention to the movie.” He laughs at how cute your reactions are and kisses the top of your head. “Happy Birthday, Y/N.”

Hope you guys are having a wonderful evening and night! I’ll post the next one after I finish it! <3 100 Notes and I’ll make a Pyro Fanfic Blog ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • *in the lab*
  • Sherlock: *sitting at the microscope*
  • Pathologist: *watching Molly*
  • Pathologist: *nudges Sherlock; whispering* Wow, she's really cute...isn't she?
  • Sherlock: *working* Mmm *frowns* Who?
  • Pathologist: *nods at Molly* Doctor Holmes.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* Ahh.
  • Pathologist: *nonchalant* Do you know if she's single?
  • Sherlock: Ummm...
  • Pathologist: *ogling Molly's arse; distracted* Do you know or not?
  • Sherlock: I don't think you should waste your time *sees Molly moving closer* She's far too beautiful for you.
  • Pathologist: ...
  • Molly: *ruffles Sherlock's hair as she passes* Someone wants sex tonight.
  • Sherlock: *to her colleague; smug* I'm someone *shows his wedding ring* Sherlock Holmes, the husband.
  • Pathologist: ...
  • Pathologist: *flees*
  • Molly: *confused* What was that about?
  • Sherlock: *quickly* No idea. Lunch? *holds out his hand*
  • Molly: *holds his hand, grinning* Starving. But then, I am eating for two.

selizia  asked:

So, I had an idea for some fluff and I'm not sure if you've done something like this before but how about the RFA adopting a pet from the animal shelter with MC?


- at first, he wants to go to a breeder

- you explain that if you adopt from a shelter, you’re saving the animal’s life, which gets him to agree

-he’s torn between another cat because on one hand, he’s definitely not getting any other kind of animal, but on the other hand he doesn’t want Elizabeth 3rd feeling jealous

- “Jumin, we can get a cat, she’ll have a friend.”

- once there, he ignores all the other animals and goes straight to the cats

- you two spend a long time looking at all the cats, holding most of them and trying to decide

- in the end, you can’t choose just one

- so, you get a brown tabby kitten that’s the runt of the litter

- and an older, all black tom cat

- Jumin makes certain that the black cat is neutered

- Elizabeth is slightly upset about having two new cats around, but they eventually all get along


- he’s allergic to cats so obviously not a cat

- you suggest a dog and he really likes that idea

- off you two go to the local pound

- there are so many dogs, he has no idea which one is the best

- you are all a good boy

- there’s an Australian Sheppard that is very friendly though

- her tail hasn’t been docked and she’s super fluffy

- Zen likes that her eyes different colors

- “Why don’t we get her?”

- “But look at all the other dogs…”

- “You’ve been playing with her for the past ten minutes.”

- you two decide on the Australian Sheppard

- Zen walks her to his work and goes on runs with her so she gets enough exercise

- you like inviting her onto the couch so she can lay in your lap

- Zen totally isn’t jealous


- you guys were planning on another cat so Lisa would have a friend

- but when you see a Flemish Giant that was left in a box on the highway you can’t say no

- Yoosung is slightly nervous that Lisa will try to eat the rabbit

- but he’s almost as big as her so you doubt it’ll be a problem

- the two actually get along very well

- lots of cuddling and grooming each other

- Yoosung likes to bring them both to his work


- absolutely no cats

- or any other animal that sheds a lot

- she also doesn’t want an animal that people are commonly allergic to

- “Why not a parrot?”

- they’re pretty and the kids who come to the store would enjoy trying to talk to it

- she thinks it’s a good idea so you two check the local shelter to see if they have one

- you’re surprised to find that they do

- the previous owner had died but none of the other family members wanted the bird

- he’s about 50 and the employees say the only things he seems to know how to say is “hello,” and “go for a walk.”

- you get the parrot and set him up next to a window in the cafe

- he usually says hello whenever someone comes in and learns how to say the names of different drinks along with the names of your regular customers


- cats

- that’s all he wants

- you’re slightly skeptical about how safe the cat will be

- but okay, cats are cute

- at the shelter, Seven keeps trying to play with all the animals

- it takes a while before you two can decide

- you end up adopting a calico cat with dark grey spots

- “We’re not naming her Elizabeth 1st.”

- “You’re right, Jumin would get jealous.”

- she likes to sit in Seven’s lap while he works

- though any other time she avoids him or hides by you

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Hi! Could you write a Mick x reader fic where reader gets really jealous when Mick was being flirty with that girl in 2046? And he doesn't understand why reader is acting so weird because he never thought they'd have feelings for him, and eventually reader confesses and he returns their feelings? Thank you so much!! I'm so excited to see Mick x reader fics, there's far too few!

I loved this idea and had loads of fun writing it. I hope you enjoy.

Title: Jealous much

Mick Rory x Reader


Rip had managed to crash land the team in a post-apocalyptic Star city. The year was 2046. This ship need a new neuromorphic cortex in order to fix the ship. The ground team was you, Rip, Sara, Len and Mick. The mission was to make it to building, Smoak technologies, for a prototype that will help repair the ship. The team was soon ambushed by a group of thieves. You take shelter in an abandoned school bus. Rip tells the three of you to stay out of trouble while he goes to find Sara.

“Right” Mick yells to Rip. As soon as he is out of sight he turns to Len. “We’re not gonna stay here right?”

Long story short. Mick had taken out the leader of the thieves and was now the new boss. The thing that ticked you off the most was the harlot that had taken a shine to Mick. He seems to like her way too much. He didn’t even wait for you and Len to follow back to the thieves base. You had to get on the back of the empty bike that Len was now mounting.


It has been hours. You and Len were glaring daggers at Mick’s back. That bitch was all over him and he was loving it. His hand was having a fine time at rubbing her ass.

“Oh just mount him already.” You huff out. Len turns to you.

“Are you jealous?”

“What! No. I just … . . she is making a fool out of herself.”

“You like Mick.” Len is grinning now.

“Fine! I like him. Are you happy?”

“Extremely. You need to get over there and do something about her.” He waved his hand in the vague direction of Mick and the woman that was snuggling into his chest. That was the last straw. You stomped over there and stood in front of Mick.

“We need to talk.”

“Back off bitch, he ain’t interested in the likes of you.” She spits out. You lock eyes with her.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me, back off!” The woman steps forward raising her fist. You dodge her weak attempt at a punch and return a solid one to her jaw. She stumbles back. “You are gonna regret that.” She launches herself at you. You move to the side and kick her knees out. She falls to the floor. You turn back to Mick.

“Now that nonsense is out of the way, I need to talk to you.”

Mick gestures behind you but not fast enough. The woman grabs you by the hair and pulls you to the ground. Len moves in to intercept the two of you but Mick holds him back.

“We all know she can handle this herself.” Mick sips from his goblet.

You had straddled the woman’s chest and was delivering punch after punch. You had broken her nose and fractured her jaw. You were just so mad.

The sad thing was it wasn’t the woman’s fault. You stop and start panting. This was all Mick’s fault. You look up and stare at him. He is grinning. The little shit was grinning. He was clearly enjoying this.

You stood up and spit the blood from your mouth.

“If you are done being prince of thieves. I’m gonna be back on the ship.” You storm out of there as fast as possible.


You had been reading one of the old books from the shelf in Rip’s office when you felt the bed dip.

“Spill it. What was that back there.”

You look up from your book. Mick was looks back with mild concern.

“Why are you here? You were clearly happier being with those people.” You go back to reading.

He takes the book out of your hands. You start after it but he has it just out of your reach. You sit back and fold your arms over your chest.

“Let’s just say Len knocked some sense into me.” He rubs the back of his head. You smirk. “Anyway you said we needed to talk. So spill it.”

“I was just gonna say that you didn’t belong there and we needed you back on the team. Also that fur coat was horrible.”

“First that fur coat was amazing and you know it. Secondly you mind explaining why you went bat shit on Trixie.”

“Oh wow if that isn’t the best whores name out there.” You look away muttering under your breath.

“Hey, look at me (y/n).” He touches your leg lightly.

You scrunch your eyes shut.


Silence filled the room. You open one eye to look at Mick. He is looking at the floor, clearly thinking.

Fuck he doesn’t like you that way. You thought.

Wait is he laughing.

Mick is throwing his head back in fits of laughter.

“Hey don’t be a dick about it.”

He wipes his eyes and turns to you.

“(y/n) were you jealous of her?”

“Yes.” You huff.

“(y/n) I had no idea you liked me. I would never have let her near me if I knew that.”

“What are you trying to say?” You look at him quizzically.

“I think it is pretty obvious that I like you too.”

Your eyes go wide.

“Then why didn’t you say anything about it before?” You punctuate each word with a thump to his arm. He takes your arms in his.

“Because I didn’t think you would see me as anything other than a thug.”

You melt into his touch.

“Mick that is one of the many reasons I like you. Not to mention you have an amazing ass.” You chuckle. He joins in.

“Come here (y/n)” He opens his arm for you. You slide up to him and snuggle into his side. He kisses your temple. “I suppose I should buy you a drink.”

“Make it a nice bar and you’re on.”


My inbox is still open for Mick Rory x Reader prompts

anonymous asked:

aaaahhh do you think that Seidou liked Akira in a romantic way? I had that feeling at first, but many people said that he was just very jealous and hated her, so I thought that maybe I got the wrong idea reading the manga (i actually read it very fast, I'm sure I overlooked many things, like the tarot numbers). But do you have solid "proof" that he liked her or is it just an overall feeling? I've been reading some of your stuff (specially Kuroshitsuji) and I really really like it :)

Hi Anon, thank you for sticking around and for the nice words! I really appreciate it! :3 Yes I think Seidou liked Akira in a romantic way and I do have “proof”. :)

This begins to become apparent after Akira finally started “fitting in” the 20th ward team, which is when she went out with Amon and Takizawa and became drunk (ch110). She finally was able to speak up about why she was acting so harshly towards Amon (which is a fact, she was rude, but thank God, Ishida knows something called “character development”) and as a result, things changed, not only with Amon but also with Takizawa.
Same for Takizawa, he got drunk and was able to say everything he wanted to tell her and after that, they never really argued again.

Small digression: just to make things clear, I believe Seidou was probably the one who started the hostility between them back on Academy days but I totally admit that Akira’s cold attitude most of the time wasn’t helping which is why Takizawa’s grudge stayed for a long time.

“It’s your fault that I was always 2nd place, you were always ahead of me.”

As you see, it’s not rational. Seidou’s main problem is his inferiority complex, but I disagree with people who says it’s Akira’s fault he started developing one. In my opinion, it started way before he even entered the Academy, and actually he probably wanted to become a ghoul investigator in order to “feel useful” and to “achieve more than anyone else” because he had the impression he was utter shit (I think it probably all started when, as a child, he saw his mother being very afraid of ghouls but he realized that he couldn’t protect her and he started to feel useless from that moment. It’s a common thing for children or young teens, psychology-wise, and we know it’s exactly for that reason that Seidou became a dove (ch123)).

The panol above and his initial attitude towards Juuzou prove that the inferiority complex is just eating him from the inside often, especially when it comes to people younger than him, or initially ‘equal’ to him, but who get more chances than he does to show their worth (like Akira going to battle in Kanou’s lab even though they’re of the same year and rank while he stays behind an office desk, or Juuzou not going through the Academy and being younger but managing to gain ranks quickly).


Back to your question, as I was saying after getting drunk together, Akira’s attitude to Amon changed and same for Akira and Takizawa’s relationship.

Here (ch114) he’s worried because it’s the first time Akira invited Amon to lunch. I wouldn’t exactly call that jealousy because it’s not clear if he feels strange about Amon getting on better terms with Akira (since Seidou and him were getting along well before she became close to him) or about Akira starting to be nicer to Amon which definitely indicates that something between them is changing. And he doesn’t look happy with the idea.  

And after that, there is the Anteiku raid arc in which all the proofs you wanted can be found.

First, Amon fights Kaneki but gets hurt in the process but Akira doesn’t know that, and yet…

…She has the feeling something happened to Amon. From the very beginning, Seidou had said to be very skeptical of her “intuition” and always disagreed with her on whatever reasoning that was triggered by it.

But this time…

He decided to trust her.

Amon is important to him as a friend and mentor, but he knows Amon is important to her as well (he noticed the change in their relationship, that’s what this moment of ch114 is all about) which is why he goes to search for Amon for himself but also for Akira, because he saw she was worried (but as a squad leader she just couldn’t leave her post in the middle of the mission to go look for Amon).

It gets better after.

That’s all the proof you need to know that he went to search for Amon for her sake (even if Amon is also his friend) and that he’s been crushing on her for a long time, since their Academy days maybe, but with the inferiority complex it took for Amon and Akira to get closer in front of his eyes for him to start noticing his own feelings. 

And finally, the last proof: he found Amon but Aogiri passed by and attacked them. He fought them but Tatara threw him at Noro who bit him harshly and as he was losing consciousness…

Look into his eyes, you can distinguish Akira, probably because he’s thinking of her, realizing he might never see her again since he was injured very severely. Here’s a bigger picture:

Some people who hate Akira believe it’s the image of Seidou’s sister, but it makes no sense considering we’ve seen the girl only once (the picture doesn’t even fit, it’s definitely Akira’s hairdo) and that many things happen between Akira and Seidou during this arc, whether you think Seidou had feelings for her or not.

Even if you don’t see it romantically, the thing is that he still decided to follow her intuiton, even though he always refused to believe in it before, and he also went to look for Amon not only for himself but for her as well

And then we have their small meeting in :Re chapter 30 (my thoughts here).

So, to me it’s obvious he had feelings for her, but take the time to make your own opinion with all the panels I just gave you Anon. 

There you have it, I hope it will be useful, take care and thanks again for the nice words! :3

this will finally expose me as the asshole that i am as a person. but whenever i see girls with like 3 hairs being “body positive!! girls don’t need to shave!!” i go like um. goodbye. because like, they are naturally hairless basically or they have 3 hairs in their armpits and that’s IT……you have no idea what it is like to have so much hair everywhere… you are so lucky…. goodbye…. 

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Ya so I saw your date thing and I crave attention so.. I'm 18, female, I live in Australia and I travel between 2 cities every weeks which is a pain. I have pink hair but everyone thinks it's red (it's that kinda in between colour, v bright) and I'm very little at 5'2 and I'm pretty slim but mega mermaid curves. I haven't been on a date before so I kinda have no idea what my ideal date would be but I would fall for anyone who does any cheesy fan fic style dates (stargazing, road trip, sunrise)

Hmu and I can give you all the attention you need 😎

The signs as things my mom has said
  • Aries: I'm gonna shove my foot so far up his ass it's gonna break off I stg
  • Taurus: "Have fun at you lesbian festival!" "Mom it's a thespian festival" "Whatever homo"
  • Gemini: The cat says you suck
  • Cancer: What is pinterest? Is it a porn site?
  • Leo: You're such a nerd, you get that from your father
  • Virgo: What kind of drugs was I on when I though having 4 kids was a good idea
  • Libra: You're just jealous because I'm so much cuter than you ;P
  • Scorpio: Why are you looking up Harry Potter? Is he naked?
  • Sagittarius: That cat is fat. Fat cat. Fatty McCatty. I still love him tho
  • Capricorn: Okay I bought you something now never ask me for anything ever again
  • Aquarius: Why do you always want to go over to your friends house? Is it because you're a lesbian? Are you in a lesbian cult?
  • Pisces: Nice shirt now where's the rest to it?
5 Things Tag

I was tagged by @amistillmyself, thank you love! So we’re gonna give this a go. (p.s. I’m beyond jealous that you have a mermaid blanket)


  • poetry books
  • headphones
  • phone charger
  • gum
  • protein bars


  • candles 
  • lots of blankets
  • my cat
  • fairy garden
  • guitar and ukulele


  • figure out what I want to do with my life (ha. ha.)
  • marry the love of my life
  • foster animals
  • adopt a child (maybe multiple)
  • make a name for myself


  • Chris Evans
  • Sebastian Stan
  • NASA (space as a whole)
  • spoken word poetry
  • baseball hats


  • figure out my major
  • talk to this boi in my math class (ha as if)
  • write (writers block is a bitch)
  • spend time with my niece
  • read all the books I’ve bought and haven’t read yet


  • I write songs
  • I don’t know how to talk to people (like at all)
  • I have a hard time finishing anything
  • I was on swim team in high school (lol)
  • my best friend is my cat (how sad does that sound? lmao)

I tag: @2boysandnewyork @lilcherrybxmb @lolololkuopmb @hiitsgalaxykat 

idk how many people I’m supposed to tag, feel free to ignore lol

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I'm all aboard the 'taking advantage of Stanley's amnesia' thing, but how would that be? Like a scenario when they don't figure out about the scrapbook until later and the first day he's still blank and there's where Ford makes his move?



I’ve always assumed that it’d be like this: the scrap book brings very vague memories back. Sorta like muscle memory? Pig belongs to the small girl, that hat on the small boy wasn’t always with him, he got it here. He has a hard time figuring out simple motions like changing. All he knows is when he looks in the mirror, he looks similar to Ford

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t-asuna2000  asked:

hi im back again ;))) one of the anon requests gave me an idea: how would each of the members of SEVENTEEN react to you doing the speed Q&A and the question was "who's your favorite member" and you just kinda hesitated and weren't sure what to say or you just said "i dont have one"? Like if they kinda had a little crush on you or you guys were just really good friends, would they get jealous if you said another member's name, etc. I'm so sorry if it sounds too complicated OTL

Seungcheol/S.Coups: It doesn’t matter what you say, the moment the question is asked of you, he would stand up and point to himself and be like “Obviously, I’m their favorite”. Would probably shoot some hearts in your direction.

Jeonghan: Wouldn’t get jealous if you said another members name, would let it go, but if you said “I don’t know” he’d clear his throat in order to perhaps remind you that he is very well an option. 

Joshua: Saying another members name might sadden him, but if you said “I don’t know” he’d overthink it and wonder if maybe you were to shy to say the name because this was a live broadcast - or maybe you had a crush you were to shy to reveal?!!?

Jun: If you named another member he’d pout a little, but if you said “I don’t know” he would shout his name out in Chinese as a little joke to get you flustered.

Hoshi: If you said another member, he’d correct you jokingly like “Oh, don’t you mean - me?” and if you said “I don’t know” he’d go with “What they really mean is it’s me - I’m everyone’s favorite.”

Wonwoo: Wouldn’t say anything if you said another member or “I don’t know.”, but would be secretly a little upset that you didn’t at least chose him. If the camera focuses on him in that moment you might see his little frown.

Woozi: If you said “I don’t know”, he’d be revealed, but if you said another member, he’d cast a look at that member like “What- seriously? Him?” Would just squirm in his seat for a while.

Mingyu: Whatever you answered, you’d just see Mingyu pointing to himself in the back with a knowing nod of his head, sort of like a “You all know it’s me.”

DK: If you just said “I don’t know” he’d just laugh, but if you said another member he might literally say “Whaa-?” outloud and cause everyone to ask him if he objects. He’d be like; “Of course I object! They told me I was their favorite before!” 

the8/Minghao: If you said “I don’t know” he’d be a little sullen and would probably get a sad look on his face. If you said another member the only thing on his face would be confusion like - wait, that’s not my name?

Seungkwan: Since he’s the MC with Hoshi, he’d read the question and just stop midway and be like; “I don’t need to ask them this. The answer is : Their favorite is me; Seungkwan.” if you tried to deny it, Seungkwan would just hush your lips and say that it’s ok, he knows how you feel.

Vernon: If you said “I don’t know” he would be sad, but would try to hide his disappointment. If you said another member, he’d grit his teeth and narrow his eyes like he disapproves.

Dino: If you said “I don’t know” he’d be so cute and would say something like; “I think we are all their favorite!”, if you said another member, he’d still clap and be like “ooh!” but in reality he might be just a tiny bit upset you didn’t choose him.

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Ship? I'm a girl, 5'5, I have dark brown hair and greenish-gold eyes, pale skin and freckles. I'm a Ravenclaw. as far as good traits, I'm intelligent, imaginative, compassionate, overly ambitious and I'm a hard worker. on the other hand, I'm dishonest, jealous, and extremely sarcastic, cynical, and skeptical. I don't let anybody get close to me, I'd rather be alone. I'm ridiculously protective of people I love, even though I tend to let them down and make them mad.


-You have no idea of how much I love you- he said

-I know Draco I love you too, but…

-But what? - he said looking at you, his eyes filled with pain.

You loved him… so much, but you knew that with all that was happening you guys could never be together, it was impossible

-This will never work Draco…- you said looking down at your feet, never making eye contact with him, because you knew that those icy beautiful eyes would disarm you.

-Please look at me, yes it can work- he said, you could feel the pain through his voice.

you couldn’t, you wouldn’t lookat him

he then grabs you face in order for you to look at him, his cold hands against your blush warmed cheeks felt so good, he was so close to you.

when you finally looked at him, his beautiful eyes piercing yours, those eyes were like daggers; 

he was getting closer and closer, until your lips connected, and his tongue entered your mouth and his hands gripped you strongly.