i'm so jealous of both of them

cursed child spoilers below

imagine you’re reading a story about two characters who have been inseparable since they first met three years ago. 

imagine one gets jealous when the other talks to someone of a different sex.

imagine they both cry when they’re forcibly separated. imagine the text calling them “heartbroken”

imagine other characters saying things like  “they need you. that’s a wonderful thing.” and “find him. you two - you belong together.” and “your son needs my son”.

are you shipping it yet? me too.

imagine one character waxing on for 9 lines about how wonderful the other person is, highlights including “you’re probably the best person i know” and “you make me stronger” and a choked up sentence about how being forced apart was awful. 

imagine the other saying “I didn’t much like my life without you in it either”

then shit happens and one of them is in danger - the only way to be safe is to think happy thoughts so they think of their best friend. imagine someone else compare this to how they think of their canonical love during times like this. 

imagine a villain torturing one boy in order to make the other do something.

imagine one character telling the other that if this is the end of the world, they’d chose the other to spend it together 

and then imagine jk rowling jack thorne and john tiffany wrote act 4 scene 14 and pulled the biggest no homo of the year. 

Going back to what Arima actually said in response to Eto’s reasoning (”lucky you”/ “must be nice”, etc), I started thinking about whether he was always jealous of ghouls’ “freedom”. So I went back to read Jack to see if I could find any indication and holy shit this story makes more sense than ever.

It’s a shame that Ishida couldn’t fit it into the main plot line better, because it really shows how both Fura and Minami shaped who he became. The ending conversation between the two of them is painful, because it placed Arima right in the middle of everything, listening to himself be pulled apart from all angles unbeknownst to the two speakers. 

He understands Minami’s feelings, having a taste of how humans his age are supposed to live, but he can’t fully accept her actions when he sees how it effects people like Fura. He tried to keep them both as his friends by faking the Lantern investigation, and leaving Minami out of it to keep her safe. But now he’s being forced to secretly see himself from an outside perspective, and it doesn’t look good. 

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