i'm so jealous lol


messy little OotP meeting doodle
((cuz @asktheboywholived got striped pants and a long jacket))

Shinsou Hitoshi // BNHA

Just a random sketch I did this evening. I exaggerated it a little bit here, but I never realized how long Hitoshi’s hair really is. I mean… he’s honestly just got the best hair ever and I’m completely jealous.

Basically a redraw of this panel… 

Yes, his shirt is inspired by that adorable ghost shirt Phil Lester owns.



I doubted a lot to change it but finally I decided to do it, although it gives me a little pity for the another one but I hope to keep this one for a longer time!

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OUaT Recap “A Bitter Draught” 6x02

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I want someone...

To look at me

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The same way 

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I’ve always felt like white people were so super obsessed with banning abortion because they felt like they were going extinct. Which is ridiculous on its own but also like what a strange thing to be expressly aware of your status and impermanence as an animal while pretending you will individually live forever and are more civilized than anyone else.

I mean it starts to make sense if you hear them talk about preserving the ‘American Way’ which really isn’t anything at all and just seems like their catchall term for making sure they exist in the future lol.

Because on a ‘civilized’ note it makes no sense to have to manage your race like an endangered animal breeding program. There are plenty of you.