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I doubted a lot to change it but finally I decided to do it, although it gives me a little pity for the another one but I hope to keep this one for a longer time!

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I’ve always felt like white people were so super obsessed with banning abortion because they felt like they were going extinct. Which is ridiculous on its own but also like what a strange thing to be expressly aware of your status and impermanence as an animal while pretending you will individually live forever and are more civilized than anyone else.

I mean it starts to make sense if you hear them talk about preserving the ‘American Way’ which really isn’t anything at all and just seems like their catchall term for making sure they exist in the future lol.

Because on a ‘civilized’ note it makes no sense to have to manage your race like an endangered animal breeding program. There are plenty of you. 

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OH MY FUCKING GOD, I'M DYING WITH THE UNDERBEAR STORY LOL Jensen showed to you guys his underwear? I'M SO JEALOUS LOL Now, I need to know and I hope that I don't sound like a creepy stalker, but did you managed to see the outline of his dick? I need details, for science 😏

so here’s the details of how the photo op and underwear showing sitch happened

in terms of dickage, uhm, n-no. i mean it’s not like he stood up and took OFF his jeans at us. but honestly even if he had, that’s totally not where my mind was at the time. like i was super exhausted and punch drunk and dying over the photo op and then got really amused and honestly mostly just happy for @amazinmango that jensen is sitting there having this discussion with him about underwear. while admittedly also kind of thinking that boys have weird weird conversations about what’s under their trousers. 

so then when we got flashed, for me i immediately went I KNOW THOSE and told jensen that i had considered buying that same print for mango and mango asking if they were the ones with the jellyfish, which then led to us seeing more of jensen’s underwear. 

i mean i would go straight for jensen in a hot second but that’s kind of not what that moment was about. it was like 30 seconds after we’d walked away from the autograph table that i was like, … DAMN SON what the fuck just happennnnnned that whole interaction was very flirty and attractive. 

also, just to say, not necessarily directed at you, nonny, but just to put it out there in public. i think one of the reasons jensen talked to us a lot longer and gave us a short strip tease is because we did try REALLY REALLY HARD to make sure he (and misha during the op) was comfortable and okay with it and we weren’t violating any boundaries and we weren’t objectifying anyone. which i gotta pass credit for most of that to @amazinmango because i am DEFINITELY the asshole between the two of us and he really helped keep the focus on positive, safe, consensual experience for us and for the cast. which i think because we had that going, maybe that made jensen feel more relaxed around us and therefore more open??? like with his flies idk i just think that’s an important point. it was really important to me and mango to treat fellow fans, and the cast and crew at the con as PEOPLE and not objects, even objects we admired or found attractive or wanted a moment with. i think that’s generally hella important in fandom and fannish space. 

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Do you know what’s so special about Isak and Even though? What pulls you in and doesn’t let go? What’s so impossible not to fall in love with? What it is that gives you butterflies, that makes your heart beat speed up, that takes your breath away, that effects you in all these REAL ways?

…How unbelievably real their love feels, it’s all in the tiniest details, the visible sparkles in their eyes when they look at each other, all  those delicate little touches, the way you see their skin ripple when they stroke each others faces, the way their whole faces light up in the biggest smile from the silly jokes and stupid statements they make, the way that their words are so softly uttered yet still so full of emotion.

The actors are so amazing, the directing, the scripts, the social media and texts…everything about it is so delicately done, with so much care and attention to detail that their world collides with ours and the characters become apart of our lives and apart of us.

I truly believe there with never be anything else quite like SKAM, it’s so rare and nothing else will ever come close, it’s a one time thing, a phenomenon that can never be replicated and I for one will always treasure it and look forward to season after season for as long as we have the pleasure of it being in our lives.