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Do you know what’s so special about Isak and Even though? What pulls you in and doesn’t let go? What’s so impossible not to fall in love with? What it is that gives you butterflies, that makes your heart beat speed up, that takes your breath away, that effects you in all these REAL ways?

…How unbelievably real their love feels, it’s all in the tiniest details, the visible sparkles in their eyes when they look at each other, all  those delicate little touches, the way you see their skin ripple when they stroke each others faces, the way their whole faces light up in the biggest smile from the silly jokes and stupid statements they make, the way that their words are so softly uttered yet still so full of emotion.

The actors are so amazing, the directing, the scripts, the social media and texts…everything about it is so delicately done, with so much care and attention to detail that their world collides with ours and the characters become apart of our lives and apart of us.

I truly believe there with never be anything else quite like SKAM, it’s so rare and nothing else will ever come close, it’s a one time thing, a phenomenon that can never be replicated and I for one will always treasure it and look forward to season after season for as long as we have the pleasure of it being in our lives. 

I’ve always felt like white people were so super obsessed with banning abortion because they felt like they were going extinct. Which is ridiculous on its own but also like what a strange thing to be expressly aware of your status and impermanence as an animal while pretending you will individually live forever and are more civilized than anyone else.

I mean it starts to make sense if you hear them talk about preserving the ‘American Way’ which really isn’t anything at all and just seems like their catchall term for making sure they exist in the future lol.

Because on a ‘civilized’ note it makes no sense to have to manage your race like an endangered animal breeding program. There are plenty of you. 

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the signs as kpop boy bands
  • Aries: EXO
  • Taurus: B1A4
  • Gemini: Infinite
  • Cancer: Teen Top
  • Leo: Big Bang
  • Virgo: U-Kiss
  • Libra: Uniq
  • Scorpio: SUPER JUNIOR
  • Sagittarius: BTS
  • Capricorn: TVXQ!
  • Aquarius: B.A.P.
  • Pisces: NU'EST

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I'm glad you like my forwood otp tag I'm smiling so wide because I love your blog lmao I thought it was a good tag because I feel like Tyler gave his entirety to Caroline and it was never enough

I love that tag so damn much (otp: I broke my bones and you broke my heart). It completely broke my heart, because I kind of feel the same way. I do believe that Caroline loved Tyler very much, but he wasn’t always her number one priority. Not that Caroline owed Tyler anything, but her sleeping with That Guy just felt like this huge and unforgivable betrayal.

So what that Tyler left. That Guy still ruined his life and did so many awful things to not only Tyler, but to Caroline as well. It wasn’t about her being free to sleep with whomever she please, because yes, she had every right, but that didn’t mean she HAD to sleep with Him. Or even that it was okay just because Tyler walked away. 

Plus, it wasn’t like Tyler left to go on vacation, he left to get justice for his murdered mother (and himself). Fandom vilified him for it, and simplified it to him choosing revenge over Caroline. When it was the ONE time Tyler chose himself over someone else, even over his own happiness. His free will, his home, his friends, his family, and his girlfriend were all taken away from him. All he wanted was get justice for them, and himself, and try and gain his freedom back. It wasn’t as simple as revenge. 

After everything Tyler and Caroline had been through, all the sacrifices he made for her, for Caroline to sleep with the one person who ruined Tyler’s life was just so heartbreaking. Especially, when she begged for Tyler’s life and told Tyler how much she loved him. Then for her to turn around and sleep with That Guy, and tell Tyler to get over it (when he acted rudely towards her AFTER he told her to leave him alone and she wouldn’t) was just too fucking much.  I never forgave Caroline, and I never looked at her the same way. 

So yeah, that otp tag you have for them couldn’t be more perfect. And despite all that, I’m still a big sucker for them. I just never understood how Tyler and Caroline couldn’t be endgame with how they were setup and how their relationship progressed. When it became painfully clear that they wouldn’t be (by fanpandering and character assassination by the writers), it was so disheartening. They had everything going for them, and then it was taken all away.