i'm so inspired by this image lmao

anonymous asked:

Just out of curiosity, how would you react if you got fanart that involved a self-insert of yet another person with you and Papyrus? Would that be acceptable? (By the way, I wish I could do the same thing you did by having a self-insert blog. I'm honestly jealous! However, I don't want to copy your idea, so I'll just enjoy your blog instead.)

* I think I have at least four images on my fridge in which Pap and I are depicted with the picture’s artist! I’d most likely react all the same - with glee! <:

* And I highly doubt you’d be copying “my idea” of you had your ask blog, self inserts are far from new and unique lmao. Taking inspiration and copying are two quite different things.

* You can always make some sort of a gimmick to make your blog more recognizable among others, like for me I think some of mine are that I quite strictly stick with positive, “everyday life” sort of content, canon depiction of characters, that I pretty much want to platonically marry Papyrus, and somewhat more recently, that I have with my ‘inner thoughts’ appear written out in my soul.
I chose to do that last one because I tend to think a lot of cool and funny things that I’d be too anxious to say face to face, so I figured this could be a great way to still have them in the comic AND keep myself in-character around other characters.
If someone would copy this for their ask blog, then I’d find that a lil bit shifty since I came up with it due to my personal anxiety issues, but someone just making an Undertale self insert comic or ask blog? 

* I am FAR from being the first one to have that idea. Probably.