i'm so in love with you both

Spoiler alert for fuller house but like can you believe dj was actually gonna pick Steve but she was too late and thought he moved on so she started dating Matt and she was literally given an opportunity by Steve himself to stop him from proposing to cj but she just wants him happy and they both know they’re still in love with each other but think the other isn’t and their lives are just gonna continue on until this all comes to a head next season in some big moment where they finally tell each other their feelings like I’m already crying about it tbh

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hEY I LOVE YOU HOPE YOUR DAY IS GOING WELL!!♡ do you do au's? If ya do, then howzabout guardian angel au headcanons, where the MC is a guardian angel assigned to watch over their s/o? For the RFA+V+Saeran. If not, tell me how your day was! Or both ^^

Aaaah, thank you so much anon! My day’s been pretty awesome, I hope yours has been too! Spoilers about the secret endings.


- it’s not much work keeping him from danger

- but this poor man has some deep internal struggles

- you often appear in his dreams just to hug him and give him a brief moment of peace and a sense of safety

- those dreams are his favorite

- he has no idea who you are of course, doesn’t know why he always has dreams about you, but they’re the best thing for him

- if he’s had a really bad he’ll go to bed early hoping to see you

- you almost always show up when he does that, and you two end forming a really quiet and trusting relationship

- he doesn’t know who you are, but when he needs you he can go to sleep knowing you’ll come and he can just hug you and you’ll be there for him


- you were so relieved when he grew out of his delinquent phase

- keeping him safe was nearly impossible

- it got significantly easier for you when he stopped riding his motorcycle and running around at night

- you actually agree with him that god made a mistake making him

- other guardian angels joke that you’re the one who heals him so quickly and keeps him from getting sick

- but you’re not

- he’s just a really weird human

- you can’t help but admire him though

- after everything he’s been through, all the family struggles, his own issues with his image, he’s doing really well for himself and getting more and more popular

- sometimes you let him get mildly hurt though, to remind him that he’s not completely invincible


- you try really hard with him

- after Rika dies, you keep trying to get him to stop gaming and try to help him move on

- he’s not having it though

- usually you can influence him enough to go to one club meeting, but he generally doesn’t go back

- you want to scream sometimes

- you keep pushing him along though, every now and then appearing in his dreams to encourage him to try something new

- he doesn’t usually remember those dreams but he does wake up feeling excited to go out and do something


- please go to sleep early, just this one night

- it’s easy keeping her from getting into accidents and stuff, but she needs to take better care of herself

- sometimes, when she’s stubbornly staying up way too late again for work, you force her to fall asleep

- she’s so annoyed when that happens because she was working come on

- actually doesn’t mind it that much, she just doesn’t enjoy waking up on top of a bunch of wrinkled papers with a stiff neck


- he’s so difficult

- he needs to take care of himself and it can be a challenge to keep him safe when he goes out on missions

- and his emotional state is a wreck

- you personally think he’s one of the hardest humans to be a guardian angel for

- you try so hard to give him breaks, to make him fall asleep, to get him to eat something healthy for once, to have him look in the mirror and be genuinely happy with his reflection

- he’s incredibly stubborn though and when he drinks caffeine it’s a lot harder to make him sleep

- you do keep his dreams clear of nightmares though, you believe it’s the least you can do

- every now and then you manage to give him complete peace and just rest, and when that happens you are utterly relieved and super proud

- like “finally, sleep, be happy, calm down,” and also “damn right, look what I just did, hell yeah”

- you really worry about him though, and hope that one day he’ll be able to come to peace with all of his regrets and deal with his plethora of emotions


- he’s worse than Seven

- you have your work cut out for you just keeping him alive, so you’re not able to be the most helpful with his mental health

- you’re run ragged trying to keep him as safe as possible

- but you don’t slack or anything, you genuinely want him to be happy

- you used to try to give him dreams of when he was still with Saeyoung, but that quickly started making him feel worse

- so when he sleeps, you make sure he doesn’t dream and can sleep deeply, without worrying about anything

- there are multiple times you want to hug him, but that’s not possible, so you make do by giving him a few seconds where he can feel completely calm


- you hate Rika

- you want her out of his life as soon as you see what kind of person she is

- but V loves her, too deeply for you to be able to do anything

- watching him is incredibly hard

- you want to help and give him a break from all the blame and struggle he takes on

- but it’s very hard

- so you keep him surrounded by people who care about him and keep him physically safe for as long as possible

seriously fuck Rika though


I never needed you like I do right now.
(Also let me just thank Henrik and Tarjei for not just showing us emotion but making us feel that emotion in a scene. They both managed to portray so much during this season and perform perfectly with each other. From love, to pain, to heart wrenching vulnerability. I truly believe they are destined for great things. I truly do.)

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Okay so i am very torn about who to ship you with. Noranb?? Or Pansy??? I is very confused.

omg HAHAHAHAHA kyu and i have a v cute ship name and i love puppy eyed pansy a lot too ❤️

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if you had to ship bts with your mutuals who would you ship and why?

@mytaeddy with tae (obviously). idk how sara didn’t notice a lot of their similarities but. they’re both such mood makers. and people persons. they have their own demons and their own sorrows, but they’ll be damned if they watch someone else struggle in the same ways they have. they’re warmth that you didn’t know you needed, or a hug that brings you to tears and makes you feel loved. they’re secret santas that stay hidden for ages. they’re christmas lights and youthful laughter. the sun. idk.
@seofawn with jimin. listen. my mochi. they’re both awfully adorable and loving. even when they themselves have something they’re going through, they’ll want to put you first, if they can. they’re there when you need them. they’re there to talk to until one of you falls asleep. they’re cute messages you wake up to, or receive in the middle of the day, just checking in on you.
@minysuga (lol i feel like writing one with seokjin, too, because i highkey ship you two, too. but…) jungkook. but tbh. like lil baby jungkook. you know? idk. like you seem so soft and tender. with an underlining meme side lol. before jungkook got so damn rUDE. anyways. but yeah. you give off such a soft vibe, i cry,,,, (i could say this with jin, too, though, so… 👀)
@y0ngsin and @milktu with yoongi. first. i would like to point out. both of you (and yoongi) have such tortured souls. like the moon with its craters and all its perfect imperfections. you two are starlight and vivid words with heartbreaking musings. you’re late night calls and cheesy messages. you’re hearts beating fast and feverish confessions. you’re small galaxies and beautiful love.
@yioong with yoongi, also (maybe a smidge of joon, too, but anYWays). we haven’t talked that much yet, and i don’t wish to make assumptions of things that aren’t quite distinct about you to me…yet. but. i will say this. like i said to jess and fi above. there is a bit of cliché woven into your words, but it’s not the kind where you giggle with embarrassment. you blush because they were said to you. and i don’t think i can ever say this enough but. i don’t deserve, i don’t deserve. you or anything else that brings a smile to my face. you and your words of comfort (which are some of the most beautiful words i’ve ever heard from another human being, btw).

Introducing the Castiel Dress Up Game!
Dress up Castiel like on the show, your favorite fic or headcanon!

This game has been over a year under way. It was lots of hard work and a great learning experience for me, having never used Flash before. About 6 months ago, I abandoned the game and forgot about it until someone reminded me very recently. I didn’t have the motivation to keep working on it, having moved onto other projects, so instead I decided to make it playable as it is. There aren’t as many features as I had originally wanted for the finished game (including a lack of shoes, sorry!), but there’s still enough content in the game that I hope you guys will still be able to enjoy it!

All in all, I spent over 150 hours working on this game, writing over 2000 lines of code!

To play, click the image above, or use this link. The game requires Adobe Flash to run. If you have questions or need help, feel free to message me.


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“Ooji isn’t coming. A while ago i met with him. He said he’s heading to Tokyo, he has decided he’s going to change schools. (…) If you hurry, you’ll reach him.”


The fortunes of the world will rise and fall but here in this kingdom we will endure.


Big Hero 6, the Brit Awards, millions of subscribers, I could go on and on… Dan, you’ve come so far and deserve so much happiness. You and Phil. :)

- Kar

(In response to the prompt: “phil convinces dan that the video he just finished editing is good enough to put on his channel because dan thought he was being boring”)

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