i'm so in love with you both

Everyone should go give @tonyspepper some love because Tumblr is so toxic and whenever she’s on, it seems like all she gets is hate, and whenever she’s not, she loses followers.  

I don’t know how people could unfollow her because she’s such a wonderful person and an amazing friend.  She deserves all the love and all of you should give that to her <3

Maybe send her an amazing, heartfelt message or a follow?  Or both??? She’s great, okay?  She deserves it!

Introducing the Castiel Dress Up Game!
Dress up Castiel like on the show, your favorite fic or headcanon!

This game has been over a year under way. It was lots of hard work and a great learning experience for me, having never used Flash before. About 6 months ago, I abandoned the game and forgot about it until someone reminded me very recently. I didn’t have the motivation to keep working on it, having moved onto other projects, so instead I decided to make it playable as it is. There aren’t as many features as I had originally wanted for the finished game (including a lack of shoes, sorry!), but there’s still enough content in the game that I hope you guys will still be able to enjoy it!

All in all, I spent over 150 hours working on this game, writing over 2000 lines of code!

To play, click the image above, or use this link. The game requires Adobe Flash to run. If you have questions or need help, feel free to message me.

  • partner:I love you
  • me, thinking:I love you more than anything you're my whole world you've lived in both my heart and my thoughts ever since we first met and every day I think wow how lucky am I to love someone as wonderful and dazzling and amazing and beautiful as you you simply take my breath away whenever you walk into a room with me your presence is so comforting and I literally want to kiss you and hold your hand all the time and I'm so excited to spend forever with you
  • me:that's gay


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“Ooji isn’t coming. A while ago i met with him. He said he’s heading to Tokyo, he has decided he’s going to change schools. (…) If you hurry, you’ll reach him.”


The fortunes of the world will rise and fall but here in this kingdom we will endure.


Big Hero 6, the Brit Awards, millions of subscribers, I could go on and on… Dan, you’ve come so far and deserve so much happiness. You and Phil. :)

- Kar

(In response to the prompt: “phil convinces dan that the video he just finished editing is good enough to put on his channel because dan thought he was being boring”)

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Reason to love VIXX #69

hongbin + guitar