i'm so in love with you both

I.       You first knew you loved him when you were sixteen. He had war in his bones and a wildfire in his throat where you had none. You kissed him, then, when you were sixteen, savoring the feel of this chapped lips against yours, and trying to burn yourself alive.
II.    You both moved away when you were eighteen. You missed him when it was 3am and snowing and you couldn’t remember what he tasted like. You could feel something ache inside you and you wished he would crack open your chest and restart your heart.
III. You were twenty when you met back up again. Two years was a long time, and children had grown up to be adults. There was no desperation when he kissed you, and you worried that his fire had gone out. The forests that grew in your stomach and curled around your skeleton withered when you realized that you didn’t recognize the feel of his hand on your waist or tangled in your hair.
IV. You were twenty-two when he asked you to bleed yourself dry for him. You did it, too, slicing up your arms in long motions, letting your bed sheets stain red. He lapped up your blood, and afterwards, you couldn’t get rid of the metallic taste he left in your mouth, no matter how hard you scrubbed. You wondered if love was supposed to hurt this much.
V. He told you he was leaving when you were twenty-five (he cried when he told you, but oceans never notice a little extra saltwater). You were a broken vase, sharp edged and hollow. You cut him as he crawled out of you, not caring that you were letting his flames seep through the scrapes.
VI. You were almost twenty-six when the fire he started inside your gut finally went out. You were barren and desolate and the forests inside of you had been burned to the ground. When you were sixteen, he was the one with war inside of him, but sometime in those ten years, the battlefield changed.
—  Sometimes forests need fire to thrive and to be renewed. (m.h)

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I LOVE HOW THIS IS LOOKING SO FAR!!! This style is so so niceee, both the way you’ve arranged the card, and painted Tao’s face! I really love your shading style aaaaah it’s so neat and pretty. I’m sad you want to stay on anon and I don’t get to know who the person behind this amazing art is, but I can honestly understand where you’re coming from so I won’t push. BUT I LOVE THIS!!! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT FINISHED!

Introducing the Castiel Dress Up Game!
Dress up Castiel like on the show, your favorite fic or headcanon!

This game has been over a year under way. It was lots of hard work and a great learning experience for me, having never used Flash before. About 6 months ago, I abandoned the game and forgot about it until someone reminded me very recently. I didn’t have the motivation to keep working on it, having moved onto other projects, so instead I decided to make it playable as it is. There aren’t as many features as I had originally wanted for the finished game (including a lack of shoes, sorry!), but there’s still enough content in the game that I hope you guys will still be able to enjoy it!

All in all, I spent over 150 hours working on this game, writing over 2000 lines of code!

To play, click the image above, or use this link. The game requires Adobe Flash to run. If you have questions or need help, feel free to message me.

yesterday at mother nicki’s concert she said “i want you to promise me that you’ll continue to chase your dreams and you will never give up on yourselves….. now is the time to start living…. you don’t get another chance, you don’t get a do over so put all that negative shit to the side and live your life” and now it’s making me think of zayn and how he’s getting a second chance to be happy with both his life and his career this is him not giving up on himself and starting a new chapter and i have never been more proud of him i’ll be by his side supporting his happiness until the end

I’m in need of pre-relationship iwaois catching feelings so imagine that Iwaizumi gives out compliments so easily to literally everyone who is not Oikawa and Oikawa definitely notices this which both frustrates him and motivates him to work even harder. One day during practice Iwaizumi compliments Yahaba on a good serve and Oikawa has finally had enough so he asks him “Iwa-chan, why don’t you ever say anything nice about my serves?” and Iwaizumi tells him to shut up but but later when Oikawa is practicing his serves alone while the rest of the team is discussing strategy he looks over at them and sees Iwaizumi mouth good job and Oikawa just gives him the biggest, happiest grin in return because Iwa-chan’s words and approval mean more to him than anyone’s and Iwaizumi can practically feel his face going red to the tips of his ears and doesn’t know how to tell Oikawa that the reason he has a hard time giving him compliments is because Oikawa’s reactions always make him feel so warm and flustered and tingly inside.


Happy Birthday Dear Erin aka snufflesblacks


W’s 900 Followers Gifts [Part 1]
♦ Layerable Yoga Pants

I always figured that these leggings that came with Spa Day would be categorised as, well… leggings. They were not, and were set as Skin Tight Bottoms, so I made accessory versions for both genders. Sadly, the leggings/tights section isn’t available for men, so these are categorised as socks for men. For ladies, they show up as leggings/tights as expected. You don’t need The Sims 4: Spa Day for these to work. They are designed to be a kind of base layer, so if you don’t choose any bottoms the default underwear options will be visible over the top.

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  • Me, on a date:So what do you think about the whole Nicki/Taylor drama on twitter?
  • Them:I think it's really stupid tbh, like Taylor was just trying to stand up for herself and Nicki was being so aggressive. It wasn't very feminist of Nicki to talk about Taylor like that.
  • Me, shoving breadsticks into my purse:I have to go home now, immediately.

Hey guys me and Jessi ( 0ur-her0es-with0ut-capes ) have decided to make a halsey network in celebration of her hitting 4k so if you love halsey then keep reading!!! 


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✨  If there are any questions you can just leave them in me or Jessi’s ask box  :)


“Excuse me, do you have the Communist Manifesto here?” - Jacob butnotexactly to an employee at a bookstore. ❤

So now I can tell the actual story behind this photograph.

My boyfriend was planning on proposing to me. It wasn’t a secret. It was something we had discussed. I’m super into Daredevil, my boyfriend tolerates it/will do anything to impress me. So that Tuesday I found out Daredevil was filming in East Harlem via Twitter and I ran there as fast as I could. They were doing a shoot where Matt and Foggy walk four blocks, starting at the Rite Aid on 113th and then go up, stopping at some point to talk. They’d been doing the same shot all day. I watched it a couple times - you couldn’t get close enough to hear them talking - and then I asked who was the highest level guy I could talk to on set. They said they were filming a movie called “Ringside” and even had fliers for it, and I was like, “Yeah, um, that’s great, can my boyfriend propose to me on the set of Daredevil? I really really really want this to happen.”

So they said no. It wasn’t a huge surprise, but come on? This is a special thing. People do all kinds of crazy things for proposals and everyone gets in on it and it’s fun. Anyway they wouldn’t answer questions about who I would possibly speak to about getting permission from someone to do this, so I was like, “Screw it, I’ll beg.” So I waited until they were on break between shots (that’s why Charlie’s eating) and ran up to Charlie Cox an Elden Henson and said, “Okay, I know this is gonna get me kicked out, but can my boyfriend please please please propose to me on the set of Ringside? Please?” And they both laughed. And then the security person ran up to me, and I was like, “Yeah, I know, I’m going.” In the end my boyfriend did propose to me the following week, and it was very nice and special and sweet, and I am very happily engaged, but I swear, had they said yes I would have called him up and said, “Leave work and get down here, I need you to propose, no I don’t care if you don’t have the ring yet, freakin’ Daredevil’s down the street! I think he’s eating Pad Thai!”

So crush my dreams, why don’t you Marvel. Even after I offered to invite everyone on set that day to the wedding. And we’re probably going to have an open bar! So you’ll be missing out. And we’ll be saving a fortune because there were a lot of people there for the filming, as I later realized when I was busy making wild promises.

But the main cast, you guys are still invited. It’ll probably be in New York, it’ll probably be in 2016, and the food will be really, really good. And also it will really impress my rabbi, who is a massive Daredevil fan, and that’s important too.

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For the Drabble... #15 and #28 rowan and aelin?

oh my god i like you. i like you a lot

“So, I found this waterfall…” + “Marry me?”

Aelin tapped Rowan on his nose three times to wake him up. She had a giddy, mischievous smile on her face that he had come to both love and fear at the same time in the many months they had spent together.

“What?” he growled. “It’s barely dawn.”

She crawled over his body and straddled him on the bed. “Okay, you might think it’s a bad idea, but I, personally, think it’s wonderful.”

“Then I’m definitely going to say no,” he scoffed.

She pressed her hands on his chest, eyes livid and clear blue as she said, “So, I found this waterfall…”

“Is that it?” he asked annoyedly, pretending not to enjoy every moment of skin touching between them.

“Yes. But we need to go. I swear it’ll be fun.”

Rowan doubted it, yet he rolled over anyways and pulled on his clothes.

A few hours later they stood over a rushing, dangerous cascading waterfall and an assortment of sharp rocks. Aelin still had that same damned look on her face; the one that said she could walk through hell and come out laughing, but Rowan wasn’t sure anymore. Sure, he would have dived in under any normal circumstances, but for fun? And with the new Queen of Terrasen, no less? He couldn’t risk it.

“I don’t think so,” he said, looking at her golden hair waving in the wind like wildfire.

She pouted her lips and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Please? You know you want to.”

“You could get hurt.”

“So? I’ll heal.”

“Aelin, I’m going to have to vote no on this one—”

—but suddenly they were falling through the air at an alarming speed, and Rowan realized much too late that she had ‘accidentally’ leaned and fallen off of the cliff and into the hundred foot dive. She screamed through the air, an undiluted sense of total adrenaline.

They crashed through the surface, burning his arms and legs in the process. When she resurfaced she was still laughing, still clinging to his body like a lifeline. “See?” she grinned, eyes sparkling. “I told you it’d be fun.”

He pulled her closer, tried not to let his own smile get the best of him. “You told me we’d go see a waterfall, not that we’d jump off of one.”

Her body was now pressed completely against his, their faces only an inch away. Rowan scrutinized the sharpness of her jaw, the curve in her cheekbone, the fullness to her lips, the beautiful set to her eyebrows. He looked at every inch of her, an overwhelming sense of belonging taking him down. He searched those Ashryver eyes ringed in gold, and before he changed his mind, he said something really, really reckless. “Marry me.”

“Wh-what?” she stammered.

Rowan could hear her heart lurch in a race. Her whole body tensed against his. “Marry me,” he repeated.

Aelin looked into his eyes, looked at every inch of him through his wet clothes and stringy silver hair, and breathed, “Yes.”

Rowan’s heart beat even stronger than before. “Yes?”

She nodded disbelievingly, droplets of water running down her face. “Yes, Rowan Whitethorn, I’ll marry you.”

And then Rowan did another idiotic, reckless thing that day. He kissed her. Fiercely. And they did so for hours on end, the emotion, bond, and love between them eating up every second of it. 

Rowan suddenly realized that he didn’t care. He didn’t care what the people would think, or what kinds of rules existed between Wendlyn and Terrasen. The only thing he’d been sure of off-late was that he loved Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. Loved her with every aching, gods forsaken bone in his body. And to hell with it if he couldn’t marry the girl he loved simply because she was a queen. No one would ever know or understand Rowan like she did. And that simple fact made a bond so strong snap into place between them at that moment, that he never, not once, questioned their position again.

I’ll never be over how in the season 6 finale, Stefan just completely dropped all the pretenses of “falling for you” “falling for me” etc. and he’s just straight up “how loving me has ruined your life” and “how loving you has changed mine”.  He’s just like, look, we both know we love each other and let’s be adults about this.

I was SO proud of him. <3

*whispers* all my friends/followers are amazing and I love u all so freaking much