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I just finished watching Haikyuu season 3 and I have SO MUCH Shiratorizawa feels, so can I ask you for your Shiratorizawa ships? And can you write a ficlet for any one? Preferably with Shirabu, because he needs more love. Thanks!

The thing about always winning is that it means you don’t know how to lose.

Not, Tendou thinks, that they always won; but they always won in Regionals and that seems to make a difference in the atmosphere. And while he’s sure that no one likes losing, he feels like it is slightly different when it’s a school like Shiratorizawa. Because it’s never just a loss, when you’re champions. It’s the fact that you’ve failed everyone who came to support you (and there’s an awful lot of people who come to support you, when you’re champions). It’s the fact that you failed your own history—you carry the weight of every team of winners that came before you to know you broke that tradition of excellence. You haven’t just failed this team, you’ve failed the whole school.

And the worst thing about losing when you always won before is that everyone else is incredibly happy to watch you fall.

So yes, Tendou thinks, it is by far worse to lose when you are a championship team.

It must be so much worse to lose when you are a champion.


“Has anyone talked to Ushijima?” Shirabu asks.

The others, they’ve spent a great deal crying, either with each other or when they think no one is looking.

“We let him down, I don’t think I can face him,” Goshiki says.

It’s hard on the First Years, because they can’t help but think Shiratorizawa always won before they became starters. It’s hard for the Third Years too, Tendou thinks. For obvious reasons. The Second Years will probably make it out OK.

“And besides, these kinds of things wouldn’t keep him down for long,” Ohira says. “It’s Ushijima we’re talking about. Nothing keeps that guy down for long.”

“Still…” Shirabu says.

“You could go talk to him,” Semi points out.

“It’s the Captain,” Goshiki says. “That’s not—we couldn’t—”

That was the weird thing about Ushijima. People were in awe of him, so they didn’t like talking to him. Tendou always thought that was slightly odd, since they called him a monster, and didn’t like talking to him either. It’s seems it doesn’t matter if people like you or hate you, if you’re a monster or a champion—if you’re too different you’re on your own.


“So how are you holding up in your first loss?” Tendou asks. Because he’s the only one who can ask. Not because they’re close, but because he’s the only one who would dare.

(Tendou kind of likes being the only one who dares).

“It was not my first loss,” Ushijima replies, almost by rote, as if he is speaking the logical and memorized lines.

“But it was different,” Tendou says. “This time.”

“Losing is never pleasant,” Ushijima says.

Less, when you’re a champion, Tendou thinks. Less when everyone can look at you and whisper, I guess he’s only human after all or He’s not that great or I’m kind of glad he lost.

He’s heard the whispers. Surely Ushijima has too.

Impulsively, Tendou leans in and kisses him. He presses his lips against Ushijima’s and leaves them there for a good long while before pulling away.

“What was that for?” Ushijima asks, looking no different than he had five seconds before the kiss took place.

“For comfort,” Tendou says.

“I do not need comforting,” Ushijima says.

“Oh, I meant for me,” Tendou says cheerfully. “I lost too, you know? I needed the comfort.”

“I see,” Ushijima says. And they leave it at that.

A/N: Sorry for how long this took, anon-friend!! For the longest time I was stalled on, “But I’m not sure I have any Shiratorizawa ships…” and then I realized I sorta loosely ship UshiTen but you specifically wanted Shirabu but then all I came up with in the end was this, so sorry about that! Although, in writing this, I have come to the realization that I’m kinda super on board for UshiTen, so that’s fun to know…

Thanks again and hope you enjoyed!!


Summary: Traveling really isn’t Baze’s thing

Rating: G

Genre: Modern AU, Road Trip, Fluff & Frustration

Words: 777

A/N: Dedicated to @panzertorte!!! The seasonal prompt for this story was Road Tripping




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just let this man write season 5, he’ll fix everything


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I’m emotionally unstable waiting for this next clip (probably on friday) so here’s some pictures of Iman looking beautiful and slaying us all with her dimples and gorgeous cheekbones!