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I saw [this] and [THIS] on twitter by @forgingmeanings and felt many things and Lady Vex’ahlia of Whitestone, Wife of Lord Julius de Rolo. It then bled into a story about Cassandra, because I love her.

(Mostly copy-pasted from my frantic typing at @actual-empress-peixes​ over facebook, with edits for clarity)

Ok but imagine Percy and Vex and Cassandra who escape the Briarwoods together.

Vex and Percy are friends in any universe. He’s trying to skip on dinner to tinker and she’s pretending to convince him to come up but really she’s just avoiding awkward small talk. Then suddenly there’s crashing and screaming and they run out into the hall and collide with Silas or Anders or Ripley

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。*★*。Strifehart Week 。*★*。

                                               We did it!

We made it through the week and had a bigger turn out then either @onettgirl​ or I thought. I was scared that we’d be the only ones participating but so many lovely artists and writers participated in it this year. I couldn’t be happier!

I had fun getting to know everyone and fangirling over all of your designs. I feel like I got to make close friends with this week and I hope you all did too. I kinda wish it was longer now only because I was having so much fun but I don’t know what more else I could have written XD

I was toying with the idea of making a small strifehart secret santa for christmas. If I get enough people I can do it, maybe 10 would be good.

Anyway I’d love to get feedback from everyone. Let me know what you think would have been easier or what I could change for next year. I want to host this again and make it even bigger for next year!

*PS I am still taking in submissions and will be checking the tag for the next week still so don’t worry about being late still!*

@thunderstonereject replied to your post:Reda Recommends GoChi Fics

omg I’ll have to check these out I love a good GoChi fic, have you ever read When Worlds Collide, by gue22? It’s a trip, but one of my favorite GoChi fics


funny you mention that fic…

See, the main reason I started writing GoChi was because of that fic.

I don’t normally rant on a fic; and I try to avoid pointing fics out specifically but since you did it for me…

I’m sure you’ve realized by now, that yes, I have read it (mostly - it’s not even complete yet as far as I know, either). And I can’t stand it. “When Worlds Collide” seems to be one of the most commonly recommended fics for GoChi fans and I can’t see why as it’s so ANTI-GoChi. 

Chi-Chi’s character is so off to me, I can’t stand it. She’s far too bitter and crazy and downright psychotic at times. And it shows no signs of getting better. 

I don’t mind a good angst fic (if that is what this is supposed to be) but this isn’t the kind of thing I look for in fics at all. It’s constantly hitting my “nope” buttons and I’m sure I’ll eventually get to the point in my fanfic binge and rating adventure where I’ll have to read every word to make a truly fair judgement instead of running for the hills….

Maybe people are easily swayed because it’s pretty well written. And there’s so many fics in the DragonBall fandom (under GoChi specifically) that are terribly written as far as I’ve come across. But I ain’t buying it. 

What I’ve recommended are short, fluffy things. (They’re not even my highly recommended stuff because I haven’t found one I’d highly recommend yet). Because that’s how I feel this couple works. I trust that they have communication between each other, that they reconcile through their problems, and that whatever bitterness builds is forgiven away. Because that’s how good couples work. That’s how relationships work. It’s not about “always being there” (heck - my husband I shove each other away for our own entertainment because we are attracted to different things). If all it took for a good relationship was to BE there, then there’d be a lot more happy families in the world. It’s deeper than that. And I think fics that focus on the idea of Chi-Chi being bitter about Goku leaving completely miss the point.

But, hey, that’s just my opinion. You’re free to enjoy what you want for your own reasons. I just can’t

Let’s talk about the way they’re smiling at each other

Let’s talk about her hand on his cheek

Let’s talk about the way Lucas tilts his chin up when Maya leans in to kiss him.

Let’s talk about how he closes his eyes, ready to enjoy the moment

I mean, let’s just talk about this beautiful scene

(It was pretty hot too right!)

(also, not my gif)