i'm so in love with the red uniform

I hope I don’t regret choosing these hair and uniform colors in a few weeks.

[See in Full Resolution to appreciate the watercolor effect.]

I love how this is the only canon picture of Red Leader that we have in his uniform. All of the Red Leader fanart is so intense and dark, but then in canon you just have him casually glaring into a camera like he’s done with life.

superwhaaaaat-deactivated201608  asked:

10 and 12 for Kuroken! (I'm curious how you're going to take this... it can be seen in a multitude of ways)

10. That’s what happens when you wear red.

12. Please don’t wear that dress.

“I look kinda fat in the school tracksuits, Kenma.” 

“Do you?” 

“Yeah. And in the volleyball uniforms, too!” 

Kenma hums, pulling the curling iron from the strip of hair they’d been working on. Through the cracked bathroom door, Tetsurou complains. “I guess that’s what happens when you wear red. You don’t look fat in any other clothes.” 

“So I do look fat?!” Kuroo gasps. “I thought you loved me!” 

“I love you very much,” Kenma says with a roll of their eyes. 

“But you just called me fat!” 

Kenma can basically hear the pout Kuroo is directing at them. “I love you even if you are fat; which you aren’t.” 

“I still think the uniforms make me look fat…You think it’s the color?” 

“You look fine in them, they’re just a bit big on you is all…” Kenma finishes their hair and unplugs the iron, setting it on the sink and stepping out of the bathroom. Kuroo frowns when he sees them. 

“Please don’t wear that dress, kitten,” He says with a slight whine in his voice. Kenma cocks their head to the side. 

“This is my only dress..? Do you want me to go put on pants?..” 

“No, no! Wear this one instead,” Kuroo pulls a bag out from behind the bed, and Kenma’s eyes widen. 

“Kuro, what–?” 

“I got you a new dress! I figured you’d want another one, since whenever we go out you have to wear the same one…” Kuroo mumbles, cheeks flushed. Kenma steps carefully over to Kuroo, and peeks into the paper bag holding their new dress. It’s a soft blue, with floral patterns, and it looks soft. Kenma feels a smile tug at their lips. 

“I love it, Kuro. I’ll go change.” 


For all that he’s dressed as one, Mangaworu certainly does not possess the grace of a cat…

These five and many more of Kaworu’s past lives are teaming up to finally rid the world of Seele! Or, well, they hope to. They don’t have a very successful track record so far.

Follow their adventures in the fanfic The Happy Red Planet, the author of which was the person to commission this drawing - literaryeagle Also, the fanfic is now available on AO3 as well!