i'm so in love with him playing ben


this love is o u r s

What I say: I’m fine.
What I mean: Ben Platt has suffered so much from his role as Evan Hansen, not only do all of the shows mess up his voice and health, he also has adapted harmful habits like nail biting and hunched posture and increased anxiety from having played Evan so often and so he has to go to physical therapy, not to mention all the times he has cried on stage, and yet people are rude to him when he is too tired to greet his ‘fans’ or whatever, wth is wrong with people, please be okay Ben Platt, I love you so much-

Um yes hi mark was only in LH for like two seconds and we have gotten like seven million chapters with ben and Leah. Please pixelberry give me more mark or I’m gonna scream lol k thx

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ben platt, accepting his tony award for best actor in a leading role in a musical: oh my i can’t believe this i’m so? i just? i’ve had such an incredible 3 years playing evan hansen–a really complex character who has social anxiety–in this really meaningful and life-changing musical that talks about the hyperconnectivity of social media. oh and also i’m super jewish (so jot that down). thank you for this award!!! 

unwanted thoughts on bare a pop opera la:

  • jason is played by ben platts brother and no one talks about it
  • also how are you supposed to be a popular lady killer when your brother is ben platt
  • peters not looking any better i love him but he looks like a goddamn parrot this isnt a joke
  • zach looks like james charles and i don’t even understand why he’s there
  • i know that the story is set up so nadia’s jabs at ivy seem less harmful than ivy’s insults to nadia because you know theres a social scale but also they’re are so little people in their graduating class/friend group that it really doesn’t matter if nadia’s emo she’s still hurting ivy’s feelings why doesn’t anyone care about ivy there was a whole song about it
  • why do i care about matt despite him being a nice guy trope. what gives him zest. these are genuine concerns.
  • i’m sorry but i can never take wonderland seriously if i watch the la version. it’s too funny. lucas is played by this like 30 year old white guy and we’re supposed to pretend that 1. he belongs in a catholic high school and 2. that he can rap. of course he can’t rap. am i supposed to sit through a solid minute of this idiot who thinks he can rap rapping without laughing? i think not
  • i like this version because the extras are very intent on being extra. 
  • matt’s character is hilarious to me, because like, he’s exactly what you’d expect from a catholic school student, except he’s this fancy ass weirdo in the group. i bet his parents thought he’d fit in perfectly, never considering he’d be the deadbeat dad to a Bunch Of Stoners Who Make Bad Decisions.
  • that moment when zach says “this is so arbitrary” like lol. zach. you’re straight you don’t know words.
  • i’ve seen peter and ivy are best friends headcanons and also peter and nadia are best friends headcanons. the best solution to this is that peter is the cleo to nadia and ivy’s ricky and emma. he’s the peacemaker. if nadia and ivy ever date, peter will be both relieved and terrified at the same time.
  • i’m sorry am i missing something?? the show makes it out to be like “matt just wants ivy but ivy’s like ‘get away from me’” but they kiss at the end of portrait of a girl??? are the they dating??? is this a ross rachel situation?? is matt one of The Boys and he just doesn’t know how to let go??
  • the passion in rory’s voice as she says ‘it’s a pinata matt’ is one of the few joys in life. like fuck you matt you have eyes. you know what it is you’re just too scared to see the truth.
  • i feel like ‘birthday, bitch’ just kind of incapacitates the characters and their dynamics perfectly. if i was to sum up bare a pop opera and why i love it i would just play that song. with the visuals, because everyone needs to see The Pinata and why jason’s needs to be That Big.
  • ‘are you there’ is great because you have a straight guy and a gay guy talking about love and *it’s equality* until the straight guy get’s a little bit gay and no one talks about it.
  • i know i said the dude looked like a parrot but like there have been several occasions where i just stare at payson lewis and his beautiful figure and wonder why jason’s supposed to be the hot one.
  • i can’t believe matt sang the line “they said things would get better but i guess they lied”. like i know he was the one singing it but i refuse to believe it. you’re a straighto mchetero buddy. lay off. 
  • matt’s “DRINK TO THAT” is so fucking funny to me. like ‘cheers bro we’re all alone here. also i know you’re gay and in love with jason but i’m gonna pretend i don’t until the end of this number’.
  • sister chantelle confirmed beyonce is gay culture
  • also the fact that they switched “diana ross” to “beyonce” to appeal to the teens is fine but “fuck me matt it’s diana ross” is still iconic
  • why the hell does matt suddenly decide to be homophobic to jason. boy you had your chance.
  • listen this just got serious so not a lot more jokes but i love how the band is in the background and looks genuinely concerned for peter and jason’s relationship and it’s hilarious.
  • spring really does not have to be in the show but that’s what makes it beautiful.
  • bare a pop opera except the plot and characters are expressed through a series of badly written diss tracks.
"Tell us a few things about your character."
  • Benedict Cumberbatch: Sherlock has regressed, but what's the most important thing here is his relationship with John Watson, played by Martin Freeman who is an absolute delight on set and I adore him, I mean, you know, in a completely platonic way, um, what was I saying?
  • Martin Freeman: We 're not fucking. John is the protagonist.
  • Amanda Abbington: Dude, I love that everyone thinks I am a villain, I am very villain, I am the biggest villain in the villainous history of villainy, see the black jumper I'm wearing?
  • Louise Brealey: Well I loved this scene when Ben had to kiss me, it was all so lovely, he was amazing, this hair ruffle, yes, so beautiful... I think... that's what you asked me, right?
  • Mark Gatiss: Well, obviously, Mycroft is the coolest character ever written in the history of humankind, therefore I was the only one who could play him.
  • Rupert Graves: Lestrade's a nice chap.
  • Andrew Scott: Well, I know people consider Moriarty somewhat evil, but I don't see him like that. I don't think he's a dark character, he's actually a very soft, sad, sensitive, calm, good, bright, smol and slightly flirtatious human being *go cries in a corner*

There are a lot of people who hate Dear Evan Hansen for whatever reason, but I just want to say that Dear Evan Hansen had much such an intense impact on my life. The characters and plot line and messages have made me cry and smile and everything else. There have been nights where all I want to do is end my life, but I hold on, I listen to you will be found and let my favourite people tell me that I’m gonna be okay. I hold on hope that, one day, I can be loved, despite my illnesses. It’s a beacon of hope for me and so many other people. It’s made me realize that, no matter what I’ve done, if I were to die, people would miss me. It’s made me realize that I can and will be loved, even when I can’t get through a sentence without stammering. It’s made me think that, despite the abuse I’ve gone through from my brother, who reminds me so much of Connor, I can move on and learn to love him. The fact that a play with such diversely unique characters was recognized tonight means the world to me. I don’t know what I’d be without this show. So, please, don’t hate Dear Evan Hansen for the sake of hating it. Don’t say that it didn’t deserve the Tony. Realize that it’s helped so many people. Realize how much it means for a show full of mentally ill people to be recognized.

#28 - Parenting Series (Children) - Bonding Moments
  • Louis: Quincy walked up and sat down next to you with a long sigh. "What's up, Quin?" You ask softly, pulling her to your chest. "There's this boy..." She mumbles. You smile and kiss her head, "And?" You ask softly. "I think I like him, mummy." She says softly. "What's he like?" You smile. "He's really funny and he always talks to me and I think he like likes me." She grins. You smile and sit her up so you're looking at her directly. "Then talk to him back and show him what a wonderful girl you are." You smile. She nods with a shy grin, "Thanks mummy! You're the best!" She grins, hopping down and running off.
  • Niall: Niall held Sophie on his hip as she stared down into the small crib that contained her new baby sister. "She's so tiny, daddy." She whispers. He nods as you watch her. "Why don't you tell her who you are, Soph?" Niall says softly. She nods, "Hi sissy...I'm your big sister....I can't wait until you're big and healthy and then you'll come home with us and we can play." She grins, "You're going to be so pretty. I just know it. I love you." Niall smiles and kisses her head, "She's going to love you, Sophie. I just know it." He whispers.
  • Liam: Ben had witnessed you bleeding before you went to the hopsital, so naturally, he was curious about what happened. "So...there's no more baby?" He asks softly. "No more baby, buddy." Liam says sadly. He nods and moves across Liam's lap to yours. "I'm sorry mummy." He whispers, hugging you unexpectedly. You smile weakly and hug him back. "You'll have a baby soon. Don't be sad. The baby is okay now." He whispers before pulling away. You nod, looking down at him as you started to cry, "Thanks buddy. I needed to hear that." You whisper, kissing his cheek.
  • Zayn: "So, there's like two babies in there?" Caroline asks in shock, pointing to your small rounded stomach. "That's right." You nod, looking at her. "How're they going to fit in there?" You asks in awe. "My belly will stretch every time they grow. I'm going to start getting pretty big soon." You say softly, brushing her hair out with your fingers. "You know you'll still be pretty, right mummy?" She smiles. You smile and raise your eyebrows, "What do you mean?" You ask. "No matter how big your belly gets, you'll still be beautiful!" She grins, kissing your small belly. "Thanks Car, but I'll never be as beautiful as you."
  • Harry: You sat next to Harry, curled up to his side with Olivia on his lap. She suddenly leaned down and patted your belly carefully before smiling. "Hi bubby." She says softly. "Daddy told me today that you're going to be here soon and I just wanted to tell you that I can't wait and that I love you." She says softly, kissing it right on the peak before pulling away. You looked at Harry with a small smile and he grinned, shrugging. You both stayed silent and watched as she turned her attention back to the TV like nothing had just happened.