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(Same anon) A headcanon for Dramione I have is that it's 15 years after the war on an early Sunday morning. Draco is still asleep and Hermione is using his arm as her pillow, his left arm to be more precise. She's awake before him, old habit from school and war days, and all she does is start tracing his mark. It's never moved since the war, but she sometimes thinks that she sees a glint in the snakes eye. Even though it was a mark that most people feared, she was one of the few in his life -

that didn’t. Every time Draco asks her why he can’t go and get it removed, she always remind him that it was one of the reasons they got together. That his mark was what made her step up her efforts during the war to not lose him. It was his mark that made him step up his efforts to be the best spy he could be for her. Even though the mark doesn’t mean anything really to them, it reminds them of the struggles they went through just to get to this point in their life.


oh don’t mind me, i’m just sobbing my eyes out while clutching my chest cause my heart aches…. that is so beautiful! thank you so much for sharing lovely!