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i’m not saying karen is investigating about frank’s past and what happened when he was in the military and then everything goes to shit and frank shows up ! but karen is investigating about frank’s past and what happened when he was in the military and then everything goes to shit and frank shows up


It’s 6 AM here, haaahaaa. I’m gonna go cuddle with my waifu and get some much needed sleep. I was up at 8 AM for N-nana and stayed up for this. *eye roll* NCT, tsk.


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exo win a hundred times: those awards don't mean anything anyway; another artist wins a few times: exo are over and nobody cares about them (sorry I'll shut up now it just drives me crazy because I see people saying things that are straight up lies and it's so frustrating)

I understand tbh and it makes me so angry to see ppl discredit them and act as if they had it all from the beginning they literally had 12 ppl coming to their fansigns and ppl called them flops and sm’s biggest mistake which was horrible because they trained for YEARS and it didn’t come easily for them it’s their hard work and us supporting them always we been through a lot yet we still on top and that makes me feel happy and them happy and that’s all that matters

You know, I’ve only watched Ten’s last two episodes maybe… twice?  Because it’s just so damn heartbreaking.  Such a lonely regeneration.  It killed me to watch.  Nine was easier because he wasn’t alone, and there was so much love there.  But Ten was alone, and everyone he loved had either been taken from him, or moved on, and he fought so hard to do the right thing, and he just ended up being punished for it.  It’s just so sad.

  • Me: I've been nauseous every morning for a week and my appetite is higher than usual.
  • Every woman on Facebook that I maybe had a class with in 10th grade: oooo....mmmm...gggg....girl....are....you...p-p-p-p-p-
  • Me: No, I'm on birth control-
  • Facebook women I vaguely know from somewhere: YOU'RE SOOOO ppppprrrreeeegggggNNNNNAAAANNNNNNNNTTTTTTT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH q(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)p GIRL NOW WE CAN BE MILFS TOGETHER OMG AND IF YOU HAVE A DAUGHTER MY SON CAN BE HER BOYFRIEND OMG AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE BABIES AAAAAAAHHHHHH q(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)pq(❂‿❂)p
  • Me: ....

I am literally overwhelmed by all of the good that happened today. 

I can’t believe it’s happening, that this dream is coming true. My heart feels like it’s bursting with love.  


Looks like I’m playing the very popular game “let’s see in how many different ways I can have these two end up together”


Also I overheard the person at the register talk about how Turf Wars has practically been selling out at all the comic retailers.

Dark Horse and the distributors severely underestimated the demand, and as a result, there aren’t enough books to meet all of the demand for them.

So the book has now sold out of the first print, and is on the second printing now.

And you know what that means? It’s a very good thing, because it means the book is selling really, really well.

And that is just a great thing, especially since the book features a bisexual romance.

So I’m proud of the Korra and more specifically, the Korrasami fandom for making this an all around success.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws get over excited when they talk about things they’re passionate about. It’s they kind of excitement where people either get very annoyed by it very quickly, or become so enraptured by what Ravenclaw is saying that they forget how much time has passed.

When my friend tells me it doesn't make sense to ship my ship since it'll never get canon.

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