i'm so in awe of this head stone

me: I’m reading stone ocean, so I might as well draw some of those characters-


I’m probably going to clean this up properly sometime tomorrow if I feel the urge to do so, but for now, have another Rohan Kishibe because i cannot get enough of this boy and his awful outfits

Head on over here to see the cleaned up new version.

A Lesson with Swords


Black Star Diopside had walked down the ancient stone steps into the arena, specifically, Pearl’s Arena.  Earlier she had asked the lighter colored gem if she could help her with her sword fighting techniques.  Although Black Star Diopside had basic skills, she knew she’d need to do better in the late, possibly near future due to impending threats from Homeworld.  

“Wow..” the smaller one gasped in awe, taking in the beautiful scenery around her.  It was just so amazing to her.  She took a few steps further into the arena, turning her head in Pearl’s direction.  “I’m ready when you are!”