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the 2017 ver. of hello is something us LOVEs will forever cherish. no lie, i’m actually crying right now because they’ve worked so hard and went through hell and back, dealing with the possibility of disbandment and rumors that almost ruined them. ajskdkos thank u nu'est for such a beautiful gift and all the work you have done for us. we truly missed you guys so much.

teensy high school au excerpt:

After lunch, Glinda wasn’t brought up again. Crope and Tibbett spent study hall describing the parts they were auditioning for in the fall play, and Glinda herself stayed on the other side of the library, her attention focused on the sketchbook in front of her.

But Elphaba couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened.

She was quiet when she packed her things at the end of the day. As she changed and went out to stretch with the other cross country kids, she couldn’t help but search every crowd of exiting students for Glinda’s face.

Day 1: Snow


I’m gonna try to draw something for every day, and I’m gonna randomly generate the couples so that some rarepairs get some love too! Ahh I’m so pumped for this!!

Friends cancelled plans for the third weekend in a row…

Heathers the Musical: The Summary
  • Beautiful: High school sucks. Oh look I'm popular, maybe this isn't so bad.
  • Candy Store: Dump Martha, she's a baby. Let's actually do stuff that's not watching Sesame Street.
  • Holy Shit!/Fight for Me: Daaaaamn this trench coat kid can fight, how bout you date me?
  • Candy Store (Reprise): More singing.
  • Freeze Your Brain: I come to 7/11 to escape my troubles.
  • Big Fun: Parents are away, so we'll get drunk and make fun of Martha. Pig Piñata.
  • Dead Girl Walking: The Heathers threw me out of their group, lemme get in your pants.
  • Veronica's Chandler Nightmare: Good morning slut. I'm gonna tell everyone you slept with trench coat kid. 3-D glasses.
  • Pain in My Path: Lol Heather died. She died because she was having her period.
  • The Me Inside of Me: Chandler died. Let's get out of school early. No one thinks a pretty girl has feelings.
  • Blue: Friends help friends get raped.
  • Blue (Reprise): We didn't actually have sex with you, but we'll spread rumors that we did anyway. Sword-Fighting.
  • Blue Reprise Playoff (Freak! Slut!): Blue Reprise Reprise. Name calling. JD punches Ram.
  • Our Love is God: I love you, so I'm gonna kill Kurt and Ram for spreading rumors about you. Ich Luge Bullets.
  • Prom or Hell?: My teen angst bullshit has a body count.
  • My Dead Gay Son: Kurt and Ram killed themselves because they were gay. Guess what? We're gay too!
  • Seventeen: Let's stop killing people JD. Kissing.
  • Fight for Me (Reprise): JD is gonna hurt more people if he doesn't stop. Song that should have been in the show but wasn't.
  • Shine a Light: What the fuck is wrong with you Ms. Fleming? TV Cameras.
  • Lifeboat: Surpise! McNamara is a cinnamon roll.
  • Shine a Light (Reprise): lol go kill yourself McNamara.
  • Cheerleader Transition: Foreshadowing Dead Girl Walking (Reprise).
  • Kindergarten Boyfriend: My crush died and my best friend abandoned me. Very sad.
  • Yo Girl: Veronica is going to hell.
  • Meant to Be Yours: I was gonna kill you, but let's blow up the school instead.
  • Dead Girl Walking (Reprise): Veronica didn't kill herself and she tries to stop JD from blowing up the school.
  • I am Damaged: I love you Veronica. *audience crying*
  • Seventeen (Reprise): Okay let's stop doing stupid stuff and just be seventeen. Red scrunchie.
Shit I've Heard In Class (Part Four):
  • "I feel like we're about to die or something."
  • "He's trying to make me put my hand down—do you see this right now?"
  • "I do actually still have feelings."
  • "You can't have non-binding promises."
  • "DO we know that Diet Pepsi exists?"
  • "Remember, I'm older than dirt."
  • "You better start loving them."
  • "Do dead people count?"
  • "You're a foolish hedonist."
  • "If you can't see me next week because you're dead then I get it, I understand."
  • "You can use them to open shit."
  • "Don't be fucking sexist."
  • "Enough of this natural crap."
  • "I'm not sure I'm not gonna kill you."
  • "You grew up differently than I did."
  • "Some days I'll get up and try to make you some food."
  • "I know you're not talking about jazz."
  • "I'm so sorry I ever said orgasm."
  • "You're still just a little kid just in big kid clothes."
  • "Maybe I'm not supposed to be eating apples."
  • "I have a high regard for myself, that's why i don't like this whole suffering thing."
  • "I'm just not gonna kill people."
  • "You wanna make meaningful eye contact and nod deceptively?"
  • "It either wasn't a promise or you're a crazy person."
  • "I can't read what I wrote."
  • "They don't care what we feel like—I'm scared."
  • "What if God just wanted to laugh at you?"
  • "You've been basically reliable."
  • "No one's ever died from a music class."
  • "What happens if I suck on this?"
  • "I'm not telling you to kill your husband."
  • "Are we supposed to include those in the plans for reproduction?"
  • "I'd rather be performing at the Rocky Horror Picture Show."

there are so many fan artists for warrior cats that make character designs for entire clans that are unique and diverse in shape and color and imo it’s set the bar way too high for any potential film adaptation

  • Me in elementary school: boys eww
  • Me in Middle School: I'm not really interested in dating. I'm too young for kissing anyway
  • Me in high school: I want to date but I can't shake this feeling that I can't give what's expected of me so I'm just gonna focus on my studies. I don't really understand all the hype anyway
  • *reads about asexuality*
  • Me: shit
The Signs As Thoughts During School
  • Aries: If this bitch doesn't shut the fuck up this whole classroom is going to feel my wrath
  • Taurus: I wonder if I could sue the school for trying to poison me with this cardboard pizza
  • Gemini: I wonder when my teacher lost their virginity
  • Cancer: Whoever invented school needs a high five in the face with a fucking brick
  • Leo: I could just get up and leave right now, no one can stop me why the fuck am i still here?!?!
  • Virgo: There's only (random number) days left until summer
  • Libra: I can't wait to graduate so i never have to deal with these dumb fucks ever again
  • Scorpio: Fuck this shit i'm gonna be famous anyway
  • Sagittarius: Oh my god who the hell cares
  • Capricorn: I'm surrounded by idiots
  • Aquarius: How much trouble would i get in if i slapped a bitch? Probably a lot, but it's worth it.
  • Pisces: Do girls really think that wearing three pounds of makeup makes them look attractive? Or are they just going for the look that matches their personality
Sexual Forklift
  • Wildcat: *in a deep sexy voice* Evan, you wanna come take a ride on this forklift?
  • Basically: Ha! *trying not to laugh*
  • Vanoss: I do, actually.
  • Wildcat: Come on, you come over here an' we can pick some shit up and put some shit down.
  • Basically: *laughing intensifies slightly*
  • Vanoss: What the fuck? *awkward laugh*
  • Wildcat: I'll put you on top and lift you real high, *pauses so the guys can finish laughing*
  • Basically: Take you up there and let you down real slow
  • Wildcat: Take you up there, let you see the view
  • Basically: Back it up with a nice little, beep, (wildcat; yeah) Beep Beep Beep
  • Wildcat: That's what I'm talkin' bout - a beep beep motherfucker, I'm gonna send this bitch around with those two back wheels, lift up some pallets of shit full of love.
  • Vanoss: where the fuck are you at?
  • Wildcat: Pick up some barrels- some barrels full of dat love juice
  • Vanoss + Basically: *laughing*
  • Me: Hope you guys know that this is what fuels smut writers

i feel so blessed for the days when my depression lifts and allows me to be a happy, functioning person. today felt like a great day at work, after waking up feeling well-rested and optimistic, and i zoomed through my cooking AND baked a shit ton of cookies we needed, as well as manning the service counter for a bit.

gave my dog his weekly flea bath ( a couple days late bcuz it’s been hard to do anything lately ), then took him out to tractor supply where my dad works to pick up dog food & cat food. filled up my gas tank too! so i’m gonna try to knock out a couple drafts and put them in the queue and maybe even do another couple of muse pages. i’m gonna try to take advantage of my energy today while it’s here!

So I was thinking back to when Marius cleared out of his apartment in a day to avoid Javert, and I just--
  • Marius: *Bursts into Courfeyrac's apartment with a cart full of books and random belongings* "COURFEYRAC I NEED TO MOVE IN WITH YOU"
  • Courfeyrac: "Marius, what's happening!?"
  • Coufeyrac: "LOL NICE" *high fives*
  • Marius: ???
  • Courfeyrac: "I'm gonna buy you a drink, buddy"
  • Courfeyrac: "Holy shit, make it two drinks!"
Random Lyric Starters (Part Two)
  • "They don't want me to know."
  • "Lately I just wonder where you're at."
  • "You and I are young."
  • "The streets are talking."
  • "Don't outsmart your common sense."
  • "I'm 'bout to rock your world."
  • "You tell me I'm a wreck,"
  • "Now you're just a memory."
  • "She wants to make every stray a pet."
  • "Jesse's gettin' ready."
  • "I gave some guy my car."
  • "My kids think I'm a joke."
  • "Been my best friend since I was sixteen."
  • "I'm crazy for you."
  • "Break out your dancin' shoes."
  • "Somebody's gotta wanna hold his hand."
  • "Every time I ran, I ran to you."
  • "I prayed real hard."
  • "Would you love me if I was crazy?"
  • "You got a big mouth, and you should've shut it."
  • "Just friends."
  • "I'll do anything that you want me to."
  • "We're just alike,"
  • "I miss you being here."
  • "We were seventeen and invincible,"
  • "I got a shiver down to the bone."
  • "I know your name."
  • "I just wanna blow your mind."
  • "You know I don't think before I talk when I got a good buzz."
  • "Please help me help my stupid self."
  • "There's no need to complicate it."
  • "I can't take another second of this god damn town."
  • "You can't say that I never tried."
  • "It'll only take a minute to tell you everything."
  • "Somebody's gotta be the one to flirt."
  • "We can stay this way forever,"
  • "I tried my best to care about you."
  • "If you wanna know what I'm made of, just look at my truck."
  • "I keep you in my heart, in my own way."
  • "I wish that I could press rewind somehow."
  • "She wants a cabin in the woods."
  • "Just breathe."
  • "I'm gonna hook up with your mom."
  • "I can't stand to hear her heartbreak."
  • "Can I marry you?"
  • "I'm 23 and invincible."
  • "I just wanna be alone with you."
  • "I still believe in you."
  • "Tequila makes me do dumb things."
  • "I knew this wouldn't last."
  • "I don't know why you don't take me downtown anymore."
  • "I need a saving grace."
  • "You're all talk."
  • "This is what brothers are for."
  • "You're still here, and I'm still here."
  • "High school can be so rough, can be so mean."
  • "I blacked his eye the night after our daddy died."
  • "Have a nice life."
  • "I don't have to meet your mother."
  • "I miss our pillow fights."
  • "No matter what you'll never be alone."
  • "We're never gonna be as young as we are tonight."
  • "I meant it every time I said I loved you."
  • "Baby, come give me a kiss."
  • "I'm sorry if I upset you."
  • "That's all she wrote."
  • "I'm gonna put your shit out on the lawn."
  • "I feel a sin coming on."
  • "I've never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch."
  • "I don't have to take your heart."
  • "As long as I'm breathing I'll love you to death."
  • "If I told you I loved you, would it make you wanna stay?"
  • "Sister's got a boyfriend daddy doesn't like,"
  • "The highway don't know you're alive."
  • "We're really not that far apart."
  • "I couldn't do a damn thing."
  • "Now she's got a boyfriend, and I've got a rock band."
  • "You say that I'm a mess."
  • "Time is running out."
  • "Take me into your loving arms."
  • "I've been watchin' you."
  • "Guess nothing really ever goes the way it's planned"
  • "Hold onto your innocence."
  • "I can feel you breathe."
  • "I don't wanna wreck your Friday."
  • "You come back, ya hear?"
  • "At least I made you laugh."
  • "I can't live without you, baby."
  • "A little messed up but we're all alright."
  • "It started with a pointless argument."
  • "You know I say a lot of things when I've been drinking."
  • "We're up when the rooster crows."
  • "I'd sell my soul just to see your face."
  • "Everything was gonna be alright"
  • "Everybody in here knows your name."
  • "I was just too far gone and all alone."
  • "I know I wasn't fair."
  • "There were so many things I wanted to say."
  • "I've taken a ride in the devil's Cadillac."
  • "I guess you never knew me at all."
  • "Tomorrow we'll do it all over again."
  • "Do you think of me at night?"
  • "It's always been you."
  • "I wanna do everything you do."
  • "When it's all said and done you can walk instead of run."
  • "I don't wanna change your mind."
  • "I just don't get it."
  • "I was a little out of my mind."
  • "I still wish we could've made it right."
  • "I just wanna take your time."
  • "We don't have anywhere to go but up."
  • "At least I could be honest about that."
  • "We all know why we're here."
YG Fam's reaction to Ravi's diss
  • B.I: You know you have to diss back right? I'M SO FUCKING HYPED! *starts writing his own diss track hoping someone would diss him too*
  • MINO: Thats my son! *gently pats Bobby's shoulder*
  • Junhoe: Why is Bobby hyung getting all the attention again? His diss was basic as fuck.
  • Jinhwan: *cries in a corner* Bobby-yah, I'm sorry. I wish I could protect you.
  • Chanwoo: ........ so is Mix&Match over? Who is the 7th member?
  • Epik High: Just leave it be, want me to buy you chicken? How about another rolex?
  • CL: *texts Bobby* Bobby annyeong! You know we have to fuck him up right?
  • GD: I full on dissed MAMA and your basic diss managed to steal the spotlight. Good job.
  • Dok2/TheQ: *calls Bobby* YAH! You better represent!
  • YG: You better clean this shit up, I already have my hands full with your sunbae's...but yeah good job for making us look more hephap.
  • Bobby: *calls his mom for advice*
One night, after a few drinks
  • Paruru: Look y'all
  • Paruru: I was legit gonna just say fuck it and leave this shit right behind
  • Paruru: BUT THAT BITCH *Points to Yuihan*
  • Paruru: WOULDN'T. LET. ME.
  • Paruru: So yeah here I am :/

robbstvrks  asked:

you should share more of your bob coffee headcanons if you have any, bc i'm in love with speirs + venti caramel frappucino

yo i am so here for this

okay so:

winters: would totally just take his coffee simple, one cream, one sugar, no fuss, really he’d be fine if he had to take it black but if there is sugar and cream he’ll take it. very chill and not picky. he’s also a really big fan of tea but he needs a good cup of coffee to get him going first thing in the morning

nix: probs drinks it black with a shot of whiskey but is also honestly a huge fucking coffee snob. rich kid nix can’t stand the cheep shit that Dick buys from the store and he is unafraid to drop twenty bucks on a pound of coffee. he is offended when dick claims he can’t tell the difference between the $8 tub of coffee that comes in a plastic container and the $25 thing that was freshly ground in the grocery store

speirs: is actually a basic white girl rolling into starbucks on the hunt for a venti frappuccino. ron speirs loves himself and is unafraid to treat himself to the delicious goodness of a frapp or a macchiato. also no one in their right mind calls him out for it because ron speirs manages to look like a fucking badass even while sipping an orange mocha frappuccino through a straw. he also probably has like a keurig coffee maker and has the little starbucks k-cups because he needs coffee before he can go out into the world to get more coffee

lip: takes his coffee two creams, one sugar. he’s a little picky about his coffee but not super. like unless it’s his last choice, he won’t drink gas station coffee but he doesn’t really get why there are people who drop twenty dollars on coffee; he doesn’t taste the difference (sideeyes @ nix). 

harry: takes it with either a cream and sugar or black with a nice shot of bailey’s in it. he swears up and down to anyone who will listen (also the ones who aren’t) that kitty makes the best coffee anywhere. probably takes a thermos into work with coffee made by kitty; she tells harry the secret ingredient in her coffee is love

buck: my california son sipping on iced coffees 24/7 in the sunshine. definitely loads it up with sugar or flavor shots because hell he’s paying money for this shit, he’s gonna make it taste good

web: that ho at starbucks who needs his latte with soy, an extra shot of espresso, extra foam, and he can fucking tell when the barista fucks up his order. would also get high key upset inside when the barista writes the wrong name on his drink and it hurts because it’s been like a whole month since he posted a photo of his name on a coffee cup on insta and today was gonna be the day but no. it’ll have to wait for another day. he is also that ho sitting in starbucks writing a novel or something for six hours

liebgott: would drink black coffee around people and act like he hates lattes and shit like that but low key loves them. hates starbucks with a passion because they overran all the chill coffee shops he used to go to in his neighborhood. would probably still go to a starbucks and bitch loudly about how it’s shit but drinks it anyways

babe: would love the shit out of seasonal drinks. he gets the pumpkin spiced lattes and the peppermint mochas and all the fun drinks and he would be upset everytime one gets discontinued but would get over it soon after he had one of the new seasonal drinks. also, my proud eastcoast son, dunkin donuts 4 life

roe: drinks it black, almost definitely with an extra shot of espresso, would drink the shittiest coffee from the sketchiest gas station if he had to because coffee runs through his blood. as long as there’s caffeine in it he doesn’t care where it came from or if it’s got the consistency of sludge 

luz: drinks it regularly with cream and sugar and accidental cigarette ashes because it’s hard first thing in the morning to tell the difference between his coffee cup and his ashtray. he definitely splurges every now and again and gets a frap or an iced latte because he too loves himself and is unfraid to order “girly” drinks. more than once he’s bumped into speirs while they’re both getting fraps and they almost def chill together in starbucks for a bit

smokey: my little barista son, would take his coffee depending on the coffee brand. if it was shit coffee he’d load it up with sugar and cream to hide the gas station coffee taste but if it’s like some high brow shit he’s gonna enjoy that coffee black and be all up in it. probably has the knowledge of coffee to be snotty af if he wanted but he is too good for that so would take whatever coffee he could get his hands on.