i'm so hard for mikasa

A Ring for a Scarf:  A Jeankasa story.
Summary: —Mikasa looses her scarf. — Jean centered.  This is a bit angsty on Jean’s part, but hopefully in character.  A bit action heavy.  Slow build up of Jeankasa.  On-going.  Sweet and also a bit tragic.  Meant to fit the style of the show (except for all the romance-y parts).

Chapter One ||  Chapter Two  ||  Chapter Three ||  Chapter Four  ||  Chapter Five || Chapter Six || Chapter Seven || Chapter Eight  ||  Chapter Nine  || Chapter Ten || Chapter Eleven ||  Epilogue ||  Bonus Deleted Scene

Edit: Epilogue and Bonus Deleted Scene now added. 



Happy birthday Armin by 00:20(旧のすけ)

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