i'm so happy with the final product

My (low-res version) cover entry for @mchanzo‘s #mchanzine is finally here! I had a lot of fun with this one and can’t wait for the final product ^w^

Second Chances (m)

Word Count: 8,833

Warning: Yoongi smut

A/N: I decided to write something a little less serious for a change! The smut turned out a little longer than I expected it to, which is also why the story turned out so close to 9k :) I am so thankful for minyoongiish who proofread this entire piece <3 Hope you enjoy~

If you had the ability to turn back time, you wouldn’t even hesitate to use it in this moment.

“Y/N?” The voice on the other end of the telephone asks. “Something the matter?”

“Oh no,” you mumble. “Fuck.” With one finger, you frantically tap the screen, desperately clinging to the hope that this is still in your hands, that you can still turns this around for the better.

Jimin’s voice sounds both curious and irritated at the same time when he speaks again. “What did you do this time? Did you put your keys in the freezer again?”

You can’t even be mad at his terribly timed comment that you’d normally be very offended about. All you do is curse softly, reading the simple message you sent like it’s a death wish.

You: Hey :) [sent 11:27am]

“Jimin!“ you exclaim, and are rewarded with a startled gasp.

"Yeesh, don’t scare me like that!” He lets out a sigh. “Stop acting all mysterious and just tell me what’s going on.”

You tap the screen again, despite knowing that it won’t help now if it didn’t help last time. A nervous gasp leaves your mouth as you turn your attention to the call. “How the fuck do I delete a message?”

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“But I love your hair, Yona. It’s a beautiful red, like the sky at dawn.”

g-ayj  asked:

What's it like being an animator for your career? *someone currently working towards a degree in animation*

Oh gosh, the infamous “what’s it like” question… where do I even start?

First of all, it’s a lot of work.  Don’t let the whole “art career” thing fool you – it’s easily as much work as, say, a career in law, but the workload is of a much, MUCH different nature.  If you genuinely enjoy animation, it’s a dream, ‘cuz that’s LITERALLY ALL YOU DO all day.  If you’re only halfheartedly into it, though… it’s a nightmare.

I’ve said this to people before, but I’ll reiterate it here: a career in animation is only for you if animation is literally your life.  It’ll drive you nuts if it’s any less than the thing you enjoy the absolute most, because I won’t lie to you – it’s INCREDIBLY tedious, and again, it’s A LOT of work.

Not to mention, you do have to be careful – there are some studios and clients out there who will take advantage of you, especially if you’re fresh in the industry or just out of college.  Always do your research on a studio or client first, see if they have any history with other employees in the industry, and know the value of your work.  Never work for any less.  (There’s a studio right in this area that’s notorious for underpaying its employees, and I’ll be happy to name it to people privately – just not publicly.)

Now, that all aside?  If you really do love animation, this job is a dream.  The pay isn’t exactly the highest, but it’s the work that makes it worthwhile.  At the end of the day, no matter how infuriating the shots you’ve been given, you’ve spent the whole day bringing something to life, and you get paid to do it.

The studio is full of like-minded people, and though interests and personalities vary widely, you’re all here for the same reasons, and you’re all on the same team making one final product, and when you get to see what you’ve made all put together… the screening days are my favorites, man.  Everybody’s so happy to see the episode done, and we’re all laughing our asses off at the jokes we’ve already heard a million times, just trying to get the lipsync just so.  And good gravy, when That One Shot comes on screen and it turned out so perfect, people cheer.  It’s surreal.

It’s wild, and I love it so so much.



Another week has passed and the first class tests had to be written again! I’m afraid that i messed up math - so this week has been very turbulent But besides that it is finally over for now and i have school vacation for a week! 

Also today’s weather is very sunny and it really feels like spring has finally arrived! That cheers me up a lot and I’m really looking forward to all the flowers blooming again (especially the cherry blossoms) 🌸


Inktober + Gift Print - City Boy

This one was another one for Francesca, and I’ve always shared the stuff I give her so she can keep it on her blog too, so here we go! 

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8.4.17 (14/52 weeks of productivity)

Wow just realised that a quarter of the year has gone by already! Time is flying by 😅
I have finally finished my essay (which is due tomorrow midnight!) and am editing it. I hope it’s good 😊
Here’s my lil Einstein toy that my high school physics teacher gave me when I graduated. It’s really cute so I have it sitting on my desk giving me smart vibes 👌🏼


Kiss Cam - collab prompt

From Lauren’s 1d artist/writer collab that I put my name down for. I apologize for how long it took me to get  to it, but now it’s finally here!

*As a side note to those who aren’t so on board with the OT5 train anymore - I actually started this work before Zayn left.  It was one of the contributing factors as to why it took so long, and after the twitter drama it was a real struggle to finish this.

I am happy with the finished product though, and I hope you’re all able to enjoy it too :)

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mamorukagami  asked:

Hi, marcia, (can i call you marcia?) I saw your post about your old art compilation. Is that really you who draw that? I mean, from 2011, You really improve so much...! I'm bad at drawing. I cant even make a perfect circle, triangle, square, or a perfect single line! I want to be better at it, and your post really inspired me, thank you. :)

I’m really happy it inspired you to go forward!

However, I can’t help but notice one funky thing about your attitude and mindset. What you saw in that progress post are just stages. Completely taken out of context. They show nothing about how much work I put in these, how hard I studied or how many hours I spent on putting it all together. What you see is the final product. Only, at all times, it’s just the final product

Let’s say that I draw something every 5 days. That means that between each of those stages there are at least 70 drawings that you’re not seeing! Isn’t that a lot?

Besides…. my dude….. 2011 was 6 years ago!! 6 entire years!!! It’d have been really strange if nothing had changed since then!!

So don’t stress my dude, you’ve got all the time in the world to improve :D!! Go forward!! Never stop drawing!!!!!

And on a less serious note:

Have you ever tried these things? I’ve heard they’re great for drawing geometric figures 

hellansmess  asked:

Not an ask, for I found everything I needed using the search tool. I just wanna say that I've been paying close attention to this game's development since forever and I'm really happy and glad to finally be able to play it! (Even in Pre-Alpha) You guys did/are doing an AMAZING job on all your researches! One of my favourite games already, thank you so much! :)

Thank you so much! We really appreciate people taking the time to leave comments, suggestions, bug reports and encouraging words. 
Our fans and followers are literally the reason we’ve made it this far and we love every single one of you. We know that the game is far from done and we still have a lot of work to do. We promise we’re working hard to make a product we can ALL be proud of and are looking forward to the journey ahead of us. We hope you stick around and celebrate with us once we hit final release.

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(I ran out of happy emu GIFs so have this happy stego instead)

anonymous asked:

So for your Final Fantasy/Crystal Gems fan art what brushes did you use? I have been trying to do my own Yoshitaka fan art but I don't know what does it justice.

For the lines, something like this:

The lines should look kinda rough and sketchy, since they’re pencil. Also, draw it big and size it down for posting–that hides some of the artificialness of the digital lines.

For the color, something like this:

You want a watercolor effect, which means the most important parts of making that look genuine are the layer effects and the fuzzy brush shape. Play around with density and size as you fill it in to do detail… remember that watercolor can be both really light and blurry or very vivid and Amano uses both to make all that amazing detail work.

Some other tips:

  • The most opaque/vivid colors he would use were usually bright red, black, and sometimes dark blue. I often use a brush that’s 90%+ density for those.
  • He also uses colors in a very specific way. I always had 3+ images open as reference while I colored my style emulations.
  • You can find really high res images of his work online–great for examining the underlying pencil lines.
  • Keep in mind the limitations of the watercolor medium–you can’t place a light color directly on top of a dark color. Look closely at the rosettes and other little details against the opaque red in this image. Instead of drawing details on top with a separate layer like you would with digital art, color around the edges and erase things out by hand. If the edge looks kinda wobbly or weird or has spots of white visible–great! It’s more authentic.
  • If you’re emulating Amano, you’ll probably be thinking “ugh, this looks like crap” right up until you put the finishing touches on. Everything looks MUCH more authentic after you add the vivid red/black and all the stripes and rosettes. Even if the final product isn’t totally style-authentic, it’s probably still gonna be cool as hell. So hang in there if you’re not happy with how the drawing looks!
  • For Pokemon fans, the water color + pencil effect is also good for style emulating Ken Sugimori’s older work. Here’s an (old as balls) Sugimori emulation I did. Very similar brush settings, but used a little differently.

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anonymous asked:

Peridot crying :0c

why is she crying…someone give her a hug and a spoon to play with…

Okay so I just found your new blog and I'm happy

It isn’t art but I hope you like this little thing I thought of on the spot

The Creation of A1-3X

Alfred was the scientist behind the creation of A1-3X. He worked day and night coming up with his designs; going through many prototypes much smaller than his final product. Despite his colleagues, and even his brother, asked to help on such a large and strenuous project, he declined. This was something he wanted to finish himself.
Think of it as a final project for my engineering classes back in college. Was always his excuse.
Everyone watched in awe as he work constantly on his android. Many weeks later, he was finally finished. Alfred typed a few more codes into his computer before hitting enter. The screen blinked and let out high-pitched chirps as it transferred its information to the slumped figure in the chair beside his mass of cables.
Alfred watched with baited breath as he watched the loading bar slowly fill.

“C'mon….” Alfred urged softly



After a few more agonizing minutes, the bar was completely filled. It soon gave the spinning wheel, the word processing underneath. Alfred jumped at the sound of a robotic male voice.

“Processing…..Processing….” The emotionless voice said.

The figure soon sat up, coming to life. His synthetic red hair brightened along with the power button in the middle of his chest, slowly blinking. His eyes opened and his head whirred, causing him to stare at Alfred with muted red eyes. They soon filled with color, glowing as they looked around before settling back on the human.

“Android A1-3X Version 3.0 is online.“ The android said, his mouth forming a small smile
"Hello Dr. Jones. Are you in need of assistance?”
Alfred let out a long, loud whoop; his arms raised in triumph. His brother, Matthew, rushed into the lab.
“Al?! I heard you yelp, what happened?!”
Alfred hugged his brother tightly, jumping up and down with childish glee.
“He works, Mattie! Alex works!”
Matthew cocked his head with a raised eyebrow as his attention turned to the naked android standing in the middle of the room.
“Um, Al? He’s gonna need clothes, ya know.”


Fakiru week 2016: Burning

Everyone (me included) is always drawing Fakir and Ahiru dancing, and I got to thinking. There’s a lot of work that goes into having that effortless, flowing final product. Endless hours of practice, sore muscles, private lessons from someone who’s actually competent at dancing… So, here are some burning muscles, and very sweaty and tired dancers. Exhausted as Ahiru is, she’s actually making progress, and Fakir is complimenting her on it (after a fair amount of yelling for dumb mistakes in the middle of practice).

Part 2 of small everyday headcanons?

Sorry for the sketchy quality, I’ll have some nicer stuff for the end of the week!


Day 6/ 100 days of productivity 29.10.2017
Finally something I can call a productive day 💛💛 finished writing and catching up with my notes on physiopathology. Also read a lil pharmacology on the nervous system and started writing notes on the next set of parasytes. And learned some new Korean words, too!