i'm so happy with her actually :3


lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off - UK CD/digital by panic! at the disco (2006)


I’m feeling so happy that I was able to commission @kredous for draw  @cloakndgger ‘s spy and my Sniper!! This was a gift for her bd, Laurie and Cecil look so handsome if you ask me!. Honestly, I’m so impressed with the result! It’s just incredible!  Please, you should definitely get a commission from Kredous next time! It’s just so gorgeous!

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Acchan!!! What do you think about Amon and Touka's talk!?????!!!?

Hey Anon! Ah, well, so many things happened in just one talk somehow but since it’s linked to the rest of the chapter, it’s hard to speak about just that. xD 

I mean, when I initially read the chapter, I hadn’t slept in 24+ hours so in my head that was ‘lmao Amon/Touka + Akira/Kaneki wut” (+ Ayato/Hinami of course) but then I took a short nap before rereading it again and… Amon’s and Touka’s respective feelings are mainly what you conclude on when it comes to this talk (I insist that it doesn’t have to be seen as romantic even if it might be). 

Anyway, I’ll try to avoid rambling but, aside from what I already reblogged on the subject, clearly their talk indicates that we’re hopefully going to have a mini-arc centering around people talking:

  • Amon/Kaneki, which apparently was offscreened (?)
  • Amon/Touka which just happened -> Mado’s death is “solved” from Amon’s point of view
  • Akira/Kaneki which got delayed because Akira has a few understandable issues with her current situation but I think they should talk again later (again they have a deep emotional link + I don’t think Kaneki actually told her that he killed Arima but just that they fought, what’s the point of lying to her about this, especially when she’s not a ghoul?). 
  • Akira/Amon (and maybe Akira/Seidou, if Seidou is anywhere to be found?) -> as Touka urged Amon to do 
  • Akira/Hinami, as Hirako explained.
  • Akira/Touka, because Touka wants to + that’s important for Akira’s character development
  • maybe more Hinami/Ayato talking since Ayato is the one Hinami seeks comfort from for this situation?
  • Kaneki/Hinami and/or Hinami/Touka talking? Hinami doesn’t want to bother Kaneki about Akira because she’s important to him, but she has the right to tell someone besides Ayato about not feeling okay about this situation.
  • Kaneki/Touka at last, but probably once the matter with Akira will be solved (?)

So I’m personally very excited about that “mini-arc” and I hope they all get to talk :D Besides that though…

I’m 2000% proud of Touka at this part, because remember when she actually killed Kureo? Honestly, I knew she’d have to talk about it with Akira one day, but I wasn’t expecting her to want such a talk.

She grew up so much, I’m so proud of her! And also….

Amon had the coolest moment of the whole chapter and I’m proud of him too <3 I’m really glad that the two of them actually met up before this moment and that they manage to have such a good and positive relationship. 

I think that’s about it Anon, but I love the entire chapter actually, so I’m really happy right now! ^_^

I hope it answers your question, have a nice weekend! :D

The difference that is Yukari.

This week’s ep was so good that I had to go into discussion about it.

But I will try to keep this post short cuz I’m feeling under the weather.

*sigh* Now would be a great time to get a nice pat on the head from Yukarin. I bet my sinuses would clear right up like that. *snaps fingers*

In all my experience dealing with purple magical girls, they seldom deviate from being the cool, mysterious and/or extremely competent bishoujo. Even if they don’t possess those traits, you can expect them to take things so seriously that you’ll often have to revert to the use of the old trope, “Defrosting the Ice Queen”, before they mellow out and open themselves up to you.

Going as far back as Milky Rose (whom I do consider a legitimate Cure), the Precure line seems to have covered most, if not all, of those bases.

They’re strong, talented, incredibly book smart and some of them even come with an angsty backstory to highlight how much more interesting they are from the rest of the cast.

They’re pretty much one of the major things that keeps people hyped for this genre because that is the archetype we just love to see, y’know?

But unlike the purple Cures before her, unlike Milky Rose who was difficult to deal with at times, unlike Moonlight who deliberately kept her distance for a while, unlike Sword or Fortune who were so focused on their respective missions that they lashed out at those who interfered, and unlike Magical who tried to hide her insecurities behind a mask, Macaron/Yukari…is not trying to be unapproachable?

She’s fairly aloof, alright, and can be intimidating with that celebrity status of hers. But it’s not in a way where Yukari actually has any ill intention to drive you off for good because she doesn’t want to deal with you (at least that’s the way I see it).

Sure, she declined her classmates’ offer to go to the new macaron shop but if you watch that part again, she visibly sighs a bit at how they just gave up so easily after getting rejected.

To me, it looked like she was putting them through a test to see if they can convince her to join them and obviously, they failed. They got frightened and backed out immediately, stuttering words about “next time” and all that.

It’s definitely a very awkward scenario and most people would sympathize with the rejected and think of Yukari as haughty.

But when you realize that the problem lies more in people’s fervent admiration of Yukari and less in Yukari’s standoffish attitude, you start to understand her a little better.

People are always telling Yukari “You’re so amazing! You’re so great! You can do everything, there’s nothing you can’t do!” that it just gets old very fast.

Yukari knows all these things already and yet people keep raining down praises on her. Putting her on a pedestal over and over again. It’s just plain boring.

So if that was what those girls were planning to do during the entire time they were there at the macaron shop, then it’s better for Yukari to spare herself the annoyance of having everyone worshiping her feet the moment she walks in and being bored again.

Yukari is in search for something she hasn’t come across before. She’s looking for something to actually spark her interest for once. Something new, something that can possibly excite her. And she won’t invest in those whose efforts she can already tell are half-assed. That’s just a waste of time.

And her second (er, third actually) encounter with Ichika more or less supports that argument.

Ichika isn’t deterred when Yukari says she doesn’t remember her from the other day. She doesn’t scare off so quickly in Yukari’s presence and when Yukari asks her why she’s so persistent on petting the lucky neko, Ichika responds with “because it’s a challenge!” and that word alone resonates within Yukari.

Yep, Yukari wants a challenge. But since she’s so good at so many things, she really doesn’t know where to look for one she hasn’t done yet. She doesn’t know what it is that she’s looking for.

However, maybe this genki bunny girl does…

I mean, Ichika succeeded in getting Yukari’s attention so it’s worth a shot, right? Maybe hanging out with her will let Yukari have some much needed fun.

And so Ms. Kotozume ‘Kidnapping-you-as-my-imouto-for-the-day’ Yukari proceeds to drag Ichika all over town.

But even Ichika reacts like everyone else does. She says the words Yukari was hoping not to hear. Those same old words that have been repeated to Yukari countless times.

However, unlike everyone else, Ichika does notice how Yukari isn’t happy with the compliments she gives. She doesn’t put a name to it but simply remarks “You don’t seem to be enjoying yourself at all, Yukari-san”.

And I love that because too often do people just accept the “perfect” characters as they are without question. Which is weird because no one can be that perfect or that close to immaculate perfection without knowing that some form of negativity or hardship comes with that impossible level of skill. Yet Yukari’s situation is presented to us as an issue. For her.

It’s because she’s so capable and talented that it creates a wall between her and others. Nobody’s willing to take the chance to jump over it in order to get to know Yukari cuz they’re so preoccupied with the thought that “she’s way too out of our league!”. And Yukari has been pushed so far up from the ground by her fans that it’s a hassle just to look for a conversation that doesn’t go in circles about her.

Yukari doesn’t need to hear about Yukari.

What she needs to know is if you are worth her goddamn friggin’ time.

Luckily, Ichika really is that persistent and really does want, for Yukari’s sake, to do something interesting. So she proposes they make macarons together at the cafe and since macarons are really tricky to make no kidding! I have trouble just holding onto one without it crumbling Yukari all but latches onto the idea like a cat cuz she’s so tired of being bored.

Of course, the initial results aren’t as kanpeki as they hoped it would be (even Yukari is in mild shock cuz she’s never come short before, I suspect) but that’s wonderful (and hilarious, lol) because…

The girls get to see this side of Yukari that nobody else has seen.

Perfectionist Yukari.

Yukari who is already perfect but wants to challenge herself. Yukari who won’t take anything less than an A+. Yukari who is determined not to settle for “just good” but to go beyond that.

No wonder why she sticks to Ichika longer than she has with anyone else. Like her, Ichika is not the type to give up and will keep trying and trying until she reaches her goal. Their personalities are different but they are on the same wavelength on their approach to challenges.

In other words, Yukari is drawn to that type of person and has been, unknowingly, looking for them all along.

Then there’s this moment which is pretty awesome in and of itself (and yes, funny too xD). 

Yukari is so obsessed with making her macarons perfect that she doesn’t realize she’s no longer bored! She’s enjoying herself, albeit in a very focused way.

And if I may, I’m pretty sure Ichika didn’t say she likes the macarons more but that she likes Yukari more (go listen to it again).

Because seeing Yukari doing her best is quite a sight and Ichika can’t help but be so thrilled to witness this side of Yukari that no one else has seen till now. To Yukari’s ears, this is certainly a different kind of compliment than the ones she usually gets. This one is not concerned about her results or how she’s generally so competent in whatever. This one is actually about her hard work at something she is notably not perfect at (yet) and that must be very refreshing to hear.

Y’know, I gotta to hand it to Ichika. She’s happy-go-lucky and hyperactive alright but her natural ability to win people over with that… quality of hers is pretty amazing, too.

It’s not the case where she knows exactly what to say or what to do in these situations but more like she has a knack for the simple, but right, words and gestures (sometimes anyway).

How she’s been going around technically recruiting the other Cures that way, it reminded me of how Nozomi earned the respect and love from her friends when they were starting out as Precure. Not because she is particularly smart or clever or the strongest of them all but that she is utterly sincere and earnest about wanting to spend time with them.

And to no one’s surprise, it’s clear that they all reciprocate Ichika’s feelings and would gladly follow her as their leader. Ichika practically cured Himari’s anxiety, she inspired Aoi to keep going with her song and here she let Yukari have the most fun she’s had in a while.

Not everyone can do that.

And not everyone can actually get Yukari to say she likes them back either. But when you’re as resilient as Ichika in defending people’s happiness and such, you can’t help but grow to like them. Hee~ :3

(On another note, I think we should bring out the champagne cuz OMGAWD, Yukari, fickle gorgeous cat lady, actually said “suki”! 8DDD)

So yea, I realize I went off a little bit from my original point but it’s really not hard to see what separates Yukari/Macaron from the other purple Cures. And that’s what I really like about her.

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Hey! I just wanted to say that you draw such precious Akihams and Akihikos!!! I can really feel your love and devotion towards them it's really inspiring for me. It makes me want to try harder for what I like too! >:3 Plus I was wondering how you thought Hamuko would look with her hair down? I like her hair as is but I'm so curious as to how she'd look. > 3 < Thanks for reading. I hope you can always draw what you like because it makes me happy to see an artist drawing what makes them happy. <3

WAAA THANK YOU SO MUCH THIS IS VERY SWEET!! ToT i’m always happy to hear that my art brings joy to you all!! it’s the best thing i can hope to give ^q^ her hair is a DISASTER and she probably doesn’t feel too confident about that but akihiko loves it anyway

Tsunade is all done (almost I need to hem the pants and add a waist band and another iron, her short fabric wrinkles so easily) and ahhhh I’m so happy with her! I didn’t actually know how happy it would make me to cosplay her until I put it on.

Naruto was my second manga, the first one to make me cry, and will always hold a special place to me. Tsunade was always my favorite but I never thought I could pull her off. I said screw it and did it anyway and I love it :3 Best booby ninja ❤️



*incoherent screeches*

Welp another week’s passed and I’m here once again with my dump of drawing’s I’ve done XD NONE OF THEM ARE REVOLTALE but I have something in the works thanks to an anonymous ask
(also shamelessly gonna remind y’all that I’m perfectly open for random asks at any time, I may just be slow because I always wanna draw stuff for them and I’m a slow artist XD)

BUT YES, TODAY’S ART HAUL (the rest of my spiel is gonna be under a cut, this is long enough already)

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Another icon collab between me and @fonbella, this time I did the coloring and she did the sketches<33 And I loved coloring her adorable doodles, not to mention how excited we are for Sun&Moon and seeing our fave gay trainers again!!<33 (Please note these were made for us, so do not use~)


My fiancé surprised me with a custom D-3!! It belongs to my OC, Niccy!! We’re actually visiting her hometown in two weeks(San Francisco, California)so I’m taking this and Lopmon with me!! It looks so perfect, I love it so much ;-;

Now I can see her and Ken’s digivices together ❤ I adore them. I’m so happy, yay!

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Hi Bonney!! So I've read pretty much all of your Gruvia fanfiction a million times and I'm a huge fan! :3 I was kind of wondering what your favorite Gruvia moment is in the manga! Maybe a moment that stood out to you as something special?

Hello, honey! Thank you so much for the support. It always makes me very happy to know my stories are appreciated! I hope I keep bringing you good stories. :3

Favorite moment… well, that’s a tough one because I love so many of those, but if I had to choose…

Juvia telling Gray about her role in Silver’s death and him thanking her.

I actually had predicted that happening and imagine my surprise when I saw it become canon! xD But it isn’t just for this reason I like this moment so much.

It’s been a few days already and all that time she didn’t see him, she chose not to face him yet. She was battling inside with what she did, why, the consequences of her actions. But then she finally gets the nerve to talk to him.

Juvia gets there fully prepared to get Gray’s wrath. She thinks he’ll hate her, shun her and sever their bond. Hell, she’s even willing to do that herself by saying she had no longer the right to love him.

The thing is: she can’t and won’t lie to him, no matter if it will sever their bond, if it will make her lose any chance she might have with him. She just can’t go on with that big secret and she’s willing to be hated.

I mean, how strong can someone be to do that?

And then Gray absolutely break and thanks her. He is so grateful she did it, that she took that big burden away from him, that he didn’t have to choose his father’s death over defeating Avatar.

Imagine how would he be if he had to defeat Keith and his father died by consequence? All the fears of when Ur died would come back and it could actually break him to the point of no return and she didn’t let him, even without knowing his internal debate.

He trusts her enough to fall apart in front of her, to seek her comfort and to just cry and sob the loss of his family.

That was freaking beautiful!

Headcanon for today:

“What if Percy actually loves Industrial Metal music while Drift loves Bubblegum Pop music”

Meanwhile in Drift’s favorite concert…

It actually starts that me and herzspalter has very opposite taste in music, she was into dark metal while I was into cuter and light side (^∀^;) =3 

Since I call her too as my Perceptor, that could also fit that Percy might really like dark since his color scheme and his name is pretty much dark look, while Drift’s been into more brighter side, he loves being in ‘happy/positive’ aura, so he’s probably most about me who loves happy songs ww


Happy birthday Ruth Elizabeth Davis aka Bette Davis

(April 5, 1908 - October 6, 1989)

“If Hollywood didn’t work out I was prepared to be the best secretary in the world.”

“I think men have got to change an awful lot. I think somehow they still prefer the little woman. They’re just staying way, way behind. And so as a rule I think millions of women are very happy to be by themselves, they’re so bored with the whole business of trying to be the little woman when no such thing really exists anymore, it just simply doesn’t. The world has gone way beyond it. The real female should be partly male and the real male should be partly female anyway. So if you ever run into that in either sex, you’ve run into something very, very fine, I think. There is a new sex starting, I think that is neither man or woman.”

“I was always terribly outspoken. I just always said what I thought in as much as I know about it. They say that in Hollywood one can’t do that but I think honesty counts in Hollywood just as much as it does anywhere else. I think it’s just too much trouble to be dishonest and keep up with yourself. There’s simpler roads to say what you think. Then you haven’t got to always check as to what you said to one person and what you said to another. I think this would be exhausting actually. One can be respected with the truth in Hollywood just as much as anywhere else. Or else I wouldn’t have had a career.” 

I’ve been feeling restless the last few weeks so I thought that maybe I’ve reached the stage where I can do a bit of exercise and it won’t send me into another full-blown relapse, so long as I’m very careful about it.

My parents have been taking the doggus out for a walk every other day. Problem is, she drags like hell and nobody has bothered her to actually train her out of this. (We’re all ADHD as hell and are generally pretty bad when it comes to training our animals. I was the only one who trained our old dog to sit and stay and so on, too.) She drags so hard that she’ll yank me off my feet – and she weighs half as much as our dog who passed away six years ago, who dragged like hell but I could still handle.

So I figured, oh what the hell, may as well knock out two birds with one stone and train the dog.

Thankfully, she is a very smart dog! She dragged me about 30-40 metres down the road yesterday before she started realising what I was doing, and toned the dragging down quite a bit. I only took her about 200 metres up the road before I started getting pinged by my body it was time to stop, but we made a ton of progress for such a short outing.

Today she was much better right out of the gate. I went about half of the distance today to be on the safe side with my illness, but the dog was much better behaved overall.

If you give her an inch, she takes a mile – if I’m so much as the tiniest bit slack on enforcing the training, she goes back to pulling, but so long as I’m vigilant and patient, she gets the hang of things very quickly. 

Now it’s just a matter of getting it to be enough of a habit she forgets to push her luck. The test will be if she gets walked by someone else, will she immediately go back to dragging them or will my training stick?

For now, my parents are all “:D” because they’ve gotten tired of walking her (because, like I said, they won’t train her), and now they’re reassured I won’t blow my body up again doing this they’re like “Oh man we better let you do all the dog walking, so that we don’t give her mixed messages!”

“Well, if you like, I can show you how I do it – “

“Hahaha nope that won’t be necessary don’t worry about it we’re sure you’ve got it handled :D”

Wendy upgraded her halloween skills by adding in her girlfriend this year. and yes, she’s probably standing on a box right now. 

illu’s lgbtq week day 1 - Chendy

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🤦🏽‍♀️ , 🏕 ??


Anyway, what up anon? Thank you for giving me questions (and these look fun as hell)! :3

🤦🏽‍♀️/ Gwen’s Regret and Anxiety: Who’s your least favorite character?


Okay, that’s not fair. I actually think Cute Waitress is adorable and would be happy if she became a bigger character to an extent the writers better not shit on my Gwenvid I stg 

*deep breath* 

All right! We’ve shoved the shipping monster back into its bag, and now to the actual question. So I actually really don’t dislike any character in a “I don’t wanna see any more of them” way; even characters we’re supposed to dislike, like Daniel or Mr. Campbell, are fun as hell. 

I guess, considering his controversy and how uncomfortable he makes people, I’d have to go with Dolph. He doesn’t bother me – I love James and his beautiful accent too much – and I even have an immature enough sense of humor to laugh at some of the Hitler jokes (I know, je suis garbage), but I totally get why so many people hate him, and if he hadn’t been in the show I don’t think a great deal would’ve been lost.

🏕/ Camp: If you went to Camp Campbell, which Camp did you go there for? (I.e: Extreme Sports camp, Theatre Camp, etc)

Oh, easy. Fanfiction Writing Camp all the fucking way. I’d set myself up in the least-sunny, least-buggy place with like 10 different notebooks full of all the research I stockpiled before coming up, since the internet there sucks. And I’d refuse to move the entire summer, I’d just sit there and craft … theories. And headcanons. I’d make one of those mind-map things like conspiracy theorists have, only it’d be all about shipping.

Like, actually me writing. It’s a mess.


It’s been ages since I made a decent sim! And she even looks alright o.o I’ve been making this one for @shipofsims’ DA inspired legacy, this would be my take on DA:O Leliana (I used some casual ref but she looks nothing like her, still cute tho) and I’m actually pretty happy? I guess? So I hope you are as well!

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I love Amy and Mark! They are so cute, and I love that he isn't keeping her a secret anymore! (I can understand why he would) I'm glad they're happy together they deserve it!


i’m proud so of him for having the guts to tell that, even though every now and then he showed amy, but he didn’t say anything about her being his GF, so people wouldn’t know.

Originally posted by kareynolds

so for me, seeing them together, and mark posting pics about them being together is so nice and adorable <3 i’m proud of those two! 

and he actually stated that Amy Nelson is confirm! Mark Edward Fischbach Girlfriend! :D on the last undertale live stream!!