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rescxeme  asked:

I'm so happy i found you omgg I live for tae x everyone it's just so cute and lovely and ahdkandi i'm so happy i finallt found a blog about it cause i need it and seeing it on my dash is curing my soul Also do you maybe have some tae x everyone fics you recomend? I don't know how to search for them and i really want some cute tae x everyone feels YOu're blog is reallyyy great i love it so much

thank you!! asdfgh i’m so glad so many people love tae x everyone as much as i do!! there are a few tae x everyone fics (no where near enough imo but let’s be happy with what we have) it’s kinda tricky to find them sometimes especially if they aren’t tagged properly but i know a few!! a few are super cute but most of them are pretty smutty so i hope that’s okay, i want to include them all! (if anyone else has suggestions feel free to let me know these are only the ones i’ve read)


chong! jojun! balsa! (point! aim! shoot!) by nutaella (this one is technically taekook but everyone loves tae and it’s so cute!! college au, texting fic, taegi are brothers and tae is the youngest. currently one of my faves! incomplete and i look forward to every update!)  

21st Century by  Darldarling (another college au with shy tae! very cute! teen complete)

A Little Back Pain by  puddlesofme (idol verse, tae hurts his back and everyone cares for him, really cute. general, complete) 

Cheer Up, Baby by foreheadhobi (arecipeforfeels) (bts cheer tae up when he’s sad aka tae gets the love he deserves, idol verse, incomplete 6/7 chapters, teen)

12 Days of Taehyung Christmas by SidneyFireBlood (incomplete and hasn’t been updated in a while, idol verse, very short but cute one shot chapters. teen)

The Taehyung Effect byIndigofingers (only one chapter and it’s dialogue only but pretty cute! idol verse, general) 


Attention by btstrashlmao_dabs_1 (not the most well written imo, bottom taexeveryone, pwp, idol verse, complete, explicit)

Butterfly by TheHalesNyx (historical au, tae is a prostitute (but like a rich prostitute, there’s no angst) and bts are his clients nice nice nice, pwp, bottom tae, complete, explicit) 

Six To One by miyukitsune (non idol au, pwp, bottom taexeveryone, the rest of bts have different jobs (teachers, doctors etc), incest (taejin are brothers), daddy kink, sir kink, little bit of slut shaming but overall very enjoyable, complete, explicit) 

i feel divine bygardeniahs (love this one! tae strips for the rest of bts :)))) daddy kink, slight smut but nothing too explicit, not rated (but i’d say maybe mature?) complete, very short (under 1k))   

Online shopping by hyunmin (this one hasn’t updated in a while and i want to cry it was so promising :’((( so far tae asks the rest of bts what lingerie he should buy, mature (no actual smut yet), incomplete (only 1 chap but i pray) i’ve been promised tae in cute clothes pls author, deliver) 

TaeKitty by Markisum (this one hasn’t updated in almost a year, it’s not the most well written but it’s super cute, hybrid tae adopted by bts, incomplete, not rated (and no smut yet)) 

Sharing is caring by an orphan account (everyone (except jimin :’^)) x tae, hobi and tae are a couple but everyone (except jimin :’^))) fucks tae, pwp, idol verse, complete, explicit, very good~) 

If your heart was full of love (could you give it up?) byDoeeyedmisfit (I love this one so much!! it’s incomplete and i honestly i can’t wait for the rest!! again this is technically taekook but it’s tagged taexeveryone and i’m excited to see what the author does with that! jk is a mafia leader and bts are his gang and tae is a nurse they kidnapped, be sure to read the tags, there’s mentions of suicide, domestic violence, noncon etc!! mature)

Solo Play (Tae/everyone) by buttwad (this is the only fic on this list aisianfanfic, the rest are on ao3, this one is part of a series of one shots of involving bottom tae and the rest of bts and this one in particular is about tae and everyone and it’s hella good, the whole series is great, seeing as it’s one shots idk if you could say it’s complete but it looks like the author might want to write more but i’m not sure, pwp, mature)

a little less sixteen candles, a little more touch me byteakookies (yooo this one is iconic in terms of taexeveryone fics it’s amazing, college au, vminkook are being initiated to the bts’ frat and tae suggests as the initiation they all fuck him :)))) pwp, gangbang, daddy kink etc, be sure to read the tags i’m not going to list it all out here, complete, explicit) 

All Tae’d Up [REQUESTS] bybwikoooks, miyukitsune (this one is a series of oneshots involving tae and the other members but it’s super good and i always look forward to the updates, pwp, a lot of kinks read the tags, still updating, explicit)  

Thank you!

So, it’s that time again!

I originally intended to wait longer with my next post like this, but then again I’d only have waited because I would want to avoid having to face my shyness by doing this here. So, instead of waiting, I decided to go ahead with this number.

I have reached another number, that will be mentioned once but only below the cut for those that don’t like people talking about their amount of followers.

This is incredibly hard for me, but I had big plans for my next post and I intend to stick to those plans. It will get very long below the cut, so be warned when you click.

Short version:

Thank you all for following me and thus being interested in my Star and/or my writing!

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any SFW and NSFW headcanons for Tomura? :) (Love your blog by the way I'm always getting excited seeing your icon appear on my dash~)

I very much hope I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it! (And thank you so very much for your kind words, reading that makes me very happy <3)

- One of the things he enjoys when he’s in a tactile mood is to rest back with his back against his partner’s chest while they run their hands through his hair. This position allows him to get up at any time, to check the phone if something happens or he can just lean back as well and enjoy the feel of their fingers along his scalp.

- Tomura tries to return favors like the petting of his hair, though he tends to be a bit awkward about it. Instigating physical contact is something he always has to be careful with and even though he has lived with his powers for almost all his life, he can’t afford a moment of carelessness.

- He enjoys movie evenings with his partner, rare as they tend to be with him researching heroes or plotting with his fellow villains. However, when he does get around to it, he sits close to his partner, most of the time their legs and arms are touching as they catch up on movies or shows.

- He doesn’t hesitate to tell his partner to stop doing something that he’s not okay with and he expects them to do the same. If they have trouble with telling him off, he finds it confusing, at times even frustrating, but he does his best to be patient and let them learn that he’s not going to be pissed just because they’re not up for something.

- Most of all, Tomura loves the easy, relaxed time they spend together, talking and grinning or snorting at something funny or amusing the other said, just simply at ease with each other.


Hello, mates! I’ve decived to make my first Follow Forever in honour that a year ago today I started watching this ridiculous show called Once Upon a Time (cheesy reason, I know).

When I started watching, I never imagined that it would mean so much to me, that two of its characters (and the wonderful people who play them) would do so much for me and that they’d give me the chance to meet such amazing people. Thank you for a great year.

  • Mutuals in bold.
  • Absolute favs in italics.

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BLOG RATES cuz I'm 8 from my next hundred

and kind of close to my first 1k omg

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anonymous asked:

I am so sorry about the art theft! D: That's terrible! But I'm really sorry if this sounds insensitive? It's just that I'm wondering if it was okay to reblog the art you post on tumblr? If it's not, then I'm really sorry that I reblogged your art on tumblr before! Just tell me and I'll delete all of them! I'm so sorry that it never occurred to me to ask before! I just stupidly assumed that it would be okay since it was on tumblr and you seemed fine with your work being reblogged?

Thank you for messaging me Nonnie, and I’m not mad at you at all and it’s wonderful that you’re making sure! BUT, it’s stupid and a fault of Tumblr’s that so many people are confused about the difference between reblogs and reposts. @staff, you should really explain this difference when people make their accounts.

I’ve answered this question many times before and it’s also outlined in my FAQ, but to reword:



A reblog is where you see a post on your dash, or on someone’s blog, or in the tags and you hit that icon circled in red, with the two arrows. This puts the post on your blog and lets you comment on it if you want. IT IS A VERY, VERY GOOD THING TO DO if you want to support an artist or spread the message of a post. When you hit that good reblog button, the original is still the post of the op (original poster). See those notes to the left? You are contributing to increasing that number. Everyone who reblogs that post from you also contributes to that number. That number is on the op’s post, and it encourages us so much. See those two eye icons, 2nd and 3rd from the left on the icons on the right side? Those are from x-kit, and let me read all the tags and comments people have left. This is my No. 1 favorite thing to do, and I read over tags endlessly when my thoughts head in very dark directions.

Some people have very personal posts that they prefer people not reblog, but they usually state this on the post. Most posts on Tumblr are meant to be reblog.

If you want to support me and show me that you like my art, even if you’re too shy to say anything, please consider hitting that reblog button. I love it, appreciate it, and it gets my art on your blog too. It helps spread my art to others by showing it to people who see your blog, and all of it gets back to me. It’s one of my most favorite things about Tumblr, and why I continue to prefer it over other social media platforms.


A REPOST, or in other words “art theft,” occurs when you do not reblog from the op, but instead make your own brand new post. You might save my images onto your computer, or find pictures on some other site, and you use that button on top of your dash to create your own brand new post. You might think to add a link with credit where you found it, or you might not.

THIS IS VERY, VERY BAD AND HARMFUL. With this new post, YOU, not the artist, is the “op.” The artist does not get any notes, tags, comments, followers, asks. The artist gets nothing. In fact, unless the artist finds it or someone tells them, the artist doesn’t even know. Meanwhile, people who see the post on your blog but don’t bother to check for the source think, “neat!” and will spread it. And maybe someone who sees it through one of the reblogs will think, “neat!” and put it onto some other social media site. All without the artist knowing.

All the comments, all the likes, all the “this is so cool!”s that could have made the artist smile, and could have encouraged them to draw more and feel more confident now have the opposite effect. Someone who did not put in the effort to draw the art is now getting all of that attention. I don’t see why anyone would be happy getting attention for something that isn’t theirs, but it’s done, and it hurts.

I hope this clarifies ^ ^ If you’ve reblogged from me, I’m so happy, and thank you so much. There is nothing wrong with reblogging. Reblogs encourage, reposts discourage. Reblogs tell the artist that people like their art, reposts tell the artist that no one cares about them. I hope more people can understand this difference, because if everyone who reposted reblogged instead, the world would be filled with a lot more art made by happy artists instead of artists who no longer want to draw because they feel worthless.